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E-less Spike is best Spike

He's gonna spike her good!!!

Comment posted by Mark is awesome deleted Aug 23rd, 2014

I noticed a few grammar errors, other than that a great fic :twilightsmile: would like to see more chapters though

It's been a few weeks, (Four weeks to be exact) seen Spike and his lover the Mane-iac seen each-other, and finally they seen each-other again.

From the mini text. Not one of those 'seen's is right. In order it should be-
since(It's been a few weeks since),
saw(Spike and Mane-iac saw),
see(finally they see each other).

Spike could do anything to Mane-iac even if it's extremely dirty.

That last section is screaming foreshadowing of something bad about to happen.:derpyderp2:

Sorry if this is taking to long, I just want to catch up on one of my stories.:twilightblush: I hope you ll understand. Don't worry, I'll write the latest chapter, just hang on, alright?:twilightsmile:

still getting exhausted after just one song, Spike? I thought you'd at least get a second one in before you drop this time

I just edited the newest chapter, and I hope you really like it:twilightblush:. I just wanted to make it a little longer if that's alright with all of you:twilightsmile:

Spike began to have a wet dream about the Mane-iac. At midnight, he cummed into the bed sheets, and gave out little sounds of pleasure out of his mouth.

Ah, there it is

I want to see spike go villain for mane-iac... EVIL SPIKE GO:pinkiecrazy:

This is all well and good. Though I'm wondering when Spike and Mane-iac is actually going to go all this way?

5146109 What do you mean "All the way?"

5198470 The key going inside the keyhole. That is what I mean.

5198688 Don't worry, I'll do that later on.

She just got spiked!!!

Now I get it! Spike's afraid to be more rough on Mane-iac without permission.

Is this written in another language and then translated or something? If it is, the translation is not successful. :fluttershysad: Not only that, there are many grammar errors that need to be fixed.

I somewhat understand how this will help the characters grow and mature....and yet here I am patiently waiting for their wedding....

I would like another run in with the power ponies

I bet you that they are sharing body heat with each other.

If her dark side try to sprout out then there's always Plan B.

Knowing those two lovebirds, non-stop sex on Hearth's Warming.

5578852 hahhaahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahah

hurry up and propose to her already Spike~!!

After a fun in the snow they really want to warm each other up.

Oh Chrysalis, you're in for it now...

"We'll, an evil creature named Chrysalis, came to Ponyville and abducted him." Rainbow Dash answered
"What exactly is a... Changeling?" Said Mane-iac

um... she didn't say "changeling", she said "creature"

The wedding will be magical but the honeymoon will be extremely sexy.

A would love the next sequal to this amazing series! We got love, we got marriage, now it'll be time for the next step...Parenthood~!!

I remember reading some of the past chapters where Mane-i-ac is talking to herself and some of her past self is not fond with her being with Spike, Hopefully that might lead to some bigger conflicts within her especially since she's now married to Spike and meaning her criminal days might be over.

parenthood feels like a good idea for a sequel.

I was touched by this story as it was just as sweet as its previous version.

Just a suggestion for the next sequel, if there will be one. You should have it be Spike being much older and with the mane-iac pregnant with a half pony half dragon, all crazy child.

Continue writing good author, knowing that many will be reading.

7506901 We'll see later on in the future. Just let life carry, okay?:raritywink:

I'm just surprised that after being together for so long and being apart from each other for so long, that they only had vaginal sex once and they are contented with making out alone.

Would have loved to see a showdown between the Mare 6 and the Power Ponies. Oh well, maybe another time then.

5217824 I really hope so. It is WAY overdue.

It warms my heart to see Spike and Mane-iac reunited after 4 whole weeks :raritystarry:

Wow, Spike's thinking about marriage already? That's just so sweet

The ending was just so precious. I just hope the Mane-iac will be okay. I've got a bad feeling the Power Ponies are going to plan an attack and take Spike away from her

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