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Taking a girl to the movies has got to be the most cliche way to ask her out, but that didn't stop you.

WARNING: Contains an M. Night Shyamalololo level twist.

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>Human in Equestira
Dammit, why does at least one person make this mistake in each story?

5066418 oh Prince Autumn you made such a spectacular story honestly if I got the chance to ask flutters out I would do it in a millisecond..so you would imagine how much this story represents my not so secret fantasy so anyway the story was short and sweet and a fabulous story to read so I thank you my good sir and may your royalty serve you in the courts


Would anyone here have the guts to ask someone as innocent and pure as Fluttershy would be to date them? (me no) Probably not, you (or me) would more likely stand on the sidelines and act as a friend or protector. Stopping unsavory people from corrupting her (because it's easier to fight than love) until the time she finds someone you would deem worthy of her. Unless she ends up hating said guts you didn't have to ask here out then she just blows you off, but it's fluttershy she wouldn't do that... I think?

5068097 My friend your joking right? the question is who wouldn't date her? she is shy adorable and sweet I read many stories of the Maine 6 that I can't count them anymore any who flutters would never blow you off because she is the element of kindness if she didn't even like you in that way she would still be a good friend and say yes to going out on a date with you

I know those feels in his lament quite well, even right now.

Resolution felt way too easy, though.

To be honest, it kind of... Let me be blunt here, but, blew.
Actually it felt really interesting until the ending where it is revealed that it was an "Open relationship" between Dash and Fluttershy. I mean, what girlfriend will let you be with someone else? The twist felt really odd, considering that no one would want a relationship like that unless it was in complete turmoil. If that was the case, then it would've been better if it was established.
I'm sorry, but that twist just threw me off.

Yeah, it was one of my earlier stories, before I really got into the groove of things.

Well, in all honesty, it was a good attempt. It was nicely written until the ending.
So, I will no longer say that it blew. It's just anti-climactic.:twilightsmile:

5077992 You done a marvelous job Prince autumn
5079750 my Friend a open relationship is no more then rainbow dash and fluttershy still being friends its just that rainbow dash keeps a close eye on who ever flutters likes so this whole open relationship stuff is no more then rainbow dash being a great friend :twilightsmile::twilightblush:

It's said that they are a couple. She never said that they were best friends.

The beginning reminds me of my love life!:rainbowlaugh: Wait a tick, that's not funny :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: where did i go wrong???

5099369 Sounds like you need a drink. A strong one.:moustache:

5152021 I need vodka!!! *turns into nikolai*

Psht! Lol, this fic is so true!

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