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Big thanks to Princess Glitzy for editing.

A few days after Tirek's defeat, Twilight went into the Library of her new castle and didn't come out of it for days. Now, her reason for spending so long inside is revealed. She was working on a special Regression Spell so that her friends wouldn't all die too soon before her.

However, it is yet to be perfected to work on ponies... or dragons.

Spike startles Twilight while she performs the spell on a plant, it hits Spike, turning him into a hatchling, like when Twilight was a filly. What's more, the spell reacted badly to Spike's dragon biology, causing it to become permanent, meaning he must grow up all over again.

Now Twilight has become the unexpected mother of the hatchling dragon. But... maybe she was already like his mother?

Rated teen just to be safe, but probably will bring it down to Everyone later

Featured 23/8/2014 shortly a hour after it was released! Thanks, eveypony!

Another idea given to me by PartyponyXD

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Awww, you actually took my idea!!! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: And I wasn't even planning on finding it, I saw the word daw. :yay::yay:

I like it, be waitin for the next chapter

She was working on a special Regression Spell so that her friends wouldn't all die too soon before her

That sounds pretty selfish

I don't like the fact about Twilight being immortal.

I personally like this idea better than the Shy one, not because I don't like it Shy is my fave pony, but I've just always wanted to see a Spike regression story. :yay::moustache:

This should be fun.:pinkiesmile:

I love this, especially because Spike didn't lose his mind completely. This will make it much MUCH more interesting. *sorry for the caps*
According to comic Canon, Princess Cadence was a princess for a while, but she was in a sort of high school when Shining Armor was there. I'm not assuming everyone applies comic canon to show canon, but they fit together well enough to be the same.

4896037 If I had a friend that represented an element of harmony who wanted me to stay in Equestria with them for longer than my original lifespan, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would sorely miss everyone around me that departed, but I wouldn't want my friend to feel that kind of loneliness either. If I didn't have to leave them alone, I wouldn't.
Princess Celestia could be a nice friend.

Nice start hope to see more soon! :twilightsmile:

Please update soon your faithful fan ihatehaters1994

D'awwwww indeed!

Hmmm, this is interesting don't see this kind of regression story often... Also I want to see more of this, nice going Autumn Breeze.

i need MORE!

Phew for a second there I thought this was an actual chapter xD

That was just a little to close to the mark for my taste.


Not cool literally thought she did it still good chapter hope
for more

I'd love to read the rest of the original story. I enjoy your writing quite a lot.


that's exactly why I advocate experiments on people, and not just mice

And what's wrong with being so selfish?

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