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There are a lot of things this show has taught me. When I started watching, I never expected it to affect me as much as it has. But now that I'm here, I don't know what I'd do without you all!

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Those breasts are really shiny, just saying.

4978863 They can be used as a weapon to blind their enemies, but only if you say the words 'Solar Flare'. Some say if you stare into the boobs long enough, the boobs stare back.

I never thought this could happen...

that's not trixie in the cover image is it?....

That's not Trixie on the cover image, it's Princess Luna. Hell, if you look at her heck regalia, you can see her crescent moon. If she's not going to be in the story, then I believe that finding a new cover image is in order.

I bet youre a greasy fuck IRL. It takes a reallll slimy fuck to write anthro, but you went a couple steps further and decided to add a few 'kinks'.

Remove yourself from the gene pool, shit author.

All is right in the world now...

4980282 mate, your doing it wrong. If you want fish you gotta waggle the bait from time to time, or just use a more colorfull lure. That's fishing 101 right there.

4980192 Then why is her hair light blue? And where are her wings? It's Trixie.

I'm not sure if its possible to be cute and erotic at the same time. But I have to admit this is a good try.

4980385 Umm... actually that is Luna.. you can see her crescent moon, Luna had light blue hair when she was younger, and she has wings.. they just look very bubbly :facehoof:

4980385 also the wings are on either side of her head

There, picture is changed. Happy?

cute, silly and sexy:rainbowderp:............nice:pinkiehappy:

4980282 Upvoted because Superflyingcookie is better than you.

Way to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

4981664 On my page, there is no denominator. There is only pizza. Pizza? Yeah, pizza.

Oh I'm so glad you wrote this, I've been hoping for a sequel. This was so adorable and cute!:twilightsmile: It seems Twilight may be a virgin, I hope they take it slow with her work up to sex over many sessions you know?

4981945 Marked as incomplete, so look forward to more chapters! :twilightsmile:

4981869 All I see is a feature box whore.

Get it together, pal.

4980194 gah he changed it now D: ....

4982080 I can't help it if people read my stories... Sorry.

4982080 That's not the author's fault lol.

That is the author's fault by definition.

How are your behavior and motivations not your fault? They are necessarily dictated by you.

I'm not saying anything about your story either way; their comment just didn't make any sense.


You are the one who puts giant boobs on the cover of every single one of your stories. That is literally the only 100% guaranteed way to get a story into the popular box and you cannot possibly be dim enough not to understand that on some level. Your stories are the equivalent of a celebrity vehicle film: excellent packaging with a pair of famous knockers on the front, and then nothing of substance inside. Oh, and the fact that all of your stories hit on at least three to five fandom cliches within the summary alone. What you write gets upvoted because it's easily digestible to masses of readers who want something even the dumbest of them can understand. It's McDonalds. You are the CEO of FIMFic McDonalds.

So yes, it's your fault people read your stories. Because they don't know any better.

Always love goo girls. You can blame Corruption of Champions for that.

~The Rift Walker

4983408 I just picked pictures I liked... I'll only get A cups from now on.

I clicked the story because I thought it was interesting. Didn't think I would see people attacking the author in the comments. :ajbemused:

Well, a minor pacing issue is the only real issue.

Bonus points for not having Twilight be a sex maniac

*Sees sequel.*
*Breaks fav and like buttons simultaneously. Goes to hospital for broken fingers.*
*Reads later with hand in a cast.*

Was wondering when the sequel would come. I can not, for the life of me, understand all the anthro hate. They're still ponies except they may or may not have hands and toes because some authors have their anthro with hooves in place of one or both. I'm not a fan of humanized myself mainly because all the pony in it is gone and is replaced by people that might be able to do magic, have wings and retain their colours in their clothes and hair as well as carry the name.

I enjoyed this just as much, if not more, as the first one. Keep it up!

Great first chapter for a sequel to a great story :pinkiehappy: I can't wait for the next chapter.

The dialogue (one line. one line. one line. etc.) could use some padding in a few places.

I said, motioning to Melody and I.

- Melody and me.
'cause, replace:
"ZZZZZ and I" = we (or they)
"ZZZZZ and me" = us (or them)
And test your sentence first with "we" then with "us".
(in the authors note too)

Is this a clopfic? Or a free to play mmo?

I love that, CEO of FiMfic McDonald's.

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