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Types of Love - TheGreatEater

[GoldenVerse side fic.] After Raindrops brings up some unsettling facts about Spike, Twilight and Rarity are forced to take a look at themselves and their treatment of a young Drake who has been a major part of their life.

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Conversations 2

Celestia watched her sister walk off to speak to her nephew. He wasn't related by blood, but she had taken him under her wing and raised him for a good portion of his life. Celestia was happy her subjects didn’t look to far into the ‘fifty-two generations’ lie she usually gave, after all, Celestia and Luna’s parents had ascended to a higher plane of existence centuries before Equestria was even founded.

Yet she was sad that he took the route of a trollish buffoon, rather than other, less disruptive means to disarm and manipulate the aristocracy. Looking at the maze where she last saw Spike heading towards when Luna and her started their talk gave a sad, nostalgic sigh before she trotted over to maze where Spike was meandering. She knew that her oversight had robbed many potential years of familial happiness from the poor whelp, and the first part of making amends was to actually talk to him, rather than her habit of talking at him.

Celestia lit up her horn, and with the magical ties connecting them together, followed the route to him. To think, on any ordinary day, I’d say mornings like these make me glad that the sun in all of its glory is my special talent. Yet it’s marred, in no small thanks to me finally opening my eyes to many things.

Spike, seeing me as a mother along with Twilight, Spike’s treatment that I never paid a second thought towards, Twilight’s feelings for me...Although, if that showmare starts something with Twilight, I won't exactly have a chance. Nonetheless, I shall make things right… I hope.

Spike was lost in thought. As much as he loved the maze, what with all the fun games Twilight and him would play when he was a much younger dragon, he couldn’t even admire the artfully crafted shrubberies, as his mind flitted through all the things that brought him here. And just look where that got me. I got part of the castle destroyed, and buried a fraction of my hometown in snow.

If everypony didn’t see me as an uncivilized brute of a dragon before, they sure as heck will now. Maybe if…

His thoughts were interrupted by a golden horseshoe placed upon his shoulder. Looking back, he saw Celestia’s serene smile gazing down upon him.

“I’m sorry for burying Canterlot in snow,” Spike mumbled, “And destroying part of the castle.”

“Oh Spike. If I happen to remember correctly, and being as old as I am. That might be the case. I am the one who’s hoof caused all that damage. Am I not?”

“But if it wasn’t for -”

“That’s quite enough, Spike. Something was going to trigger a monumental facehoof someday. It’s why Canterlot is so heavily enchanted. Although I don’t know if it’ll survive a headdesk, as what really created the Ghastly Gorge. But at least it didn’t cause the land formation that made Rainbow Falls… Or the mountain-destroying face palm of 52 CE, both of which were learning experiences for making Canterlot as alicorn-proof as possible in case me or another alicorn did any number of things our enhanced strength can cause.

“You have nothing to blame yourself for. Now that all that bull hockey is done with, it’s about time we seriously talked to one another. But first, two questions for you. Did you tell Twilight you were leaving, and would you like to send letters to her to keep her in the loop as we speak?”

Spike still felt a bit guilty, but chuckled at the thought of an alicorn breaking down a mountain with a facehoof. Feeling a little lighter, he gave a small smile as he answered, “Yeah, I told Twilight that I needed to come here to clear my head. And to, well… Think things through. There’s too much in Ponyville right now and it kind of hurts to be there. As for the letters, sure. If I know anything about Twilight, it’s that keeping her in the loop will be a good idea.”

Celestia nodded, “You said that it was painful there, why? Did anypony physically assault you?” she asked, a dangerous tone in her voice.

“No, nothing like that. Well, emotionally, but no. It’s... Well … Thinking about it now, I feel pretty stupid, kind of like when I ran away because I thought Twilight was replacing me with Owlicious.”

“Spike, you’re anything but stupid. This talk of ours is long overdue. So tell me. I’m here and I’m listening.” With that, Celestia plopped down and lowered her head to Spike's eye level.

“Well it all started when ....”

“So that’s what led up to me getting here,” Spike wrapped up.

“Oh, poor Spike,” Celestia said as she wrapped him in a feathery hug, “But don’t you think everypony’s going to miss you suddenly leaving?”

“Don’t you want me?” Spike whimpered.

“Nononono, not at all,” Celestia assured him, “But why don’t we write to Twilight now? I can teleport her letters from here, and we can make sure everypony knows you got here alright.”

Spike leaned into Celestia’s side and nodded. Celestia’s face scrunched up adorably in concentration. “Now let’s see if I can still pull off that spell.”

Spike was going to ask what spell was, when a bright flash nearly blinded him. After the bright spots faded from his eyes, standing before them was Celestia’s writing desk. “Yes!” Celestia exclaimed with a small hop and fluttering of her wings, “I haven’t done that spell in a decade since the last major negotiation with the Gryphons to raid the Liquor Cellar.”

“The what?” Spike asked.

“Oh! Well… You see, when big ponies need to take the edge off, they sometimes enjoy some of nature’s most magical nectar,” Celestia hesitantly explained.


“Ha! Not quite. Well, you know what alcohol is, right?”

“Oh, yes, I know what that is. So why do you have a cellar for it? Aren’t they kept in beakers called ‘Twilight’s Don’t Touch!’?”

“Oh, so that’s what she had in those... But yes, that was the last time I used the summoning spell. Now, let’s start to writing. Would you like me to write them out for you?”

“Nah! I’m used to writing stuff. Let’s see here… Hiya, Twilight! It’s me, Spike. Well, you just got this letter by dragonfire, so I guess that’s a given. I’m here with Celestia, if you noticed that massive avalanche that happened over here, nopony’s hurt. And it technically wasn’t my fault, just so you know.

“Wow… I’m bumbling like an idiot, aren’t I? Sorry for just up and leaving. I didn’t mean to hurt you or Rares. Scoots too, if my up and leaving hurt her. It was just too painful there, too many reminders of what happened, and I just needed to get over here. I think Celestia is going to be my mom, too. That’s what caused the avalanche. Oh! And Luna’s a pretty cool aunt. Love, Spike” Spike wrapped up his bumbling first letter and looked at Celestia, “Do you think that’s good?”

“It’s perfect. Now let’s send it on its way,” With that, Spike gave a puff of fire, sending the letter off to his other mother.

They sat there waiting for a reply for what felt like ages when a purple orb appeared before Celestia, bursting into a flash of glittery purple stars. Out of the smoke appeared a letter, floating in front of Celestia's muzzle.

Hi, Spike, and Celestia if you’re there. I’m glad you sent this letter! You have no idea how worried we all were worried about you! I let Rarity know, and I’ll tell Scootaloo after she recovers from her little bout of Magic Exhaustion-

“What! How’d that happen?!” Celestia shouted, interrupting Spike’s reading.

“Oh, you see, Scootaloo had a severe magic blockage in her wings. When Twilight undid the blocks, her core released a blast of magical energy kinda like what Twilight did during her school exam. Discord helped turn me and Raindrops back to normal, and also helped Twilight with Scootaloo’s outbursts until she could stop it.

Afterwards, she passed out. Don’t worry, she’ll be alright.” Spike explained.

“But… But… But that’s impossible! Pegasus spellcasters are just legends! Myths!” Celestia stated incredulously.

“Well, apparently not. Scoots is one,” Spike said, with a hint of pride for his new friend.

“This! Is! The! Best! Possible! Thing!” Celestia exclaimed in a burst of glee that would put Rarity to shame, “If we can-”

“Woah! Woah! Woah! Celestia, she just got awakened to magic, and trust me, being a non-unicorn in your school wouldn’t be the best thing for her.”

“But why not? CSFGU has the greatest teachers, facilities, and the greatest education anypony can ask for!” Celestia beamed at pride at her namesake school.

“True, but the U is for Unicorn. As a dragon who went there, trust me, if you’re not their race, things don’t go exactly well,” Spike reminded her.

“That’s true, but we can work on fixing that. But I guess it’s something Luna, Twilight, and I will have to speak to Scootaloo about. Still, a pegasus mage, I’m shocked. But sorry for interrupting, please continue.”

“Alright, from where we left off, and if Celestia interrupts tell her that we’ll talk about it later. So, I’ll admit that I freaked out when I saw you left, but I’m so happy to hear that you’re alright. Also, if you happened to see Diamond Tiara, I’d like to know. Filthy Rich was looking for her.

“We should let her know that Diamond Tiara is here, and Luna is looking after her while she’s working here.”

“Alright,” Spike replied. Picking up his quill, he started writing a response, making sure to let her know about Diamond Tiara and her new job as Luna's daytime assistant. With a burst of fire, he sent the letter on its way.

“So, Spike, after this, what would you like to do? I’ll admit, I haven’t been a real mother in quite a few centuries, and feel quite out of place.”

“It doesn’t matter that it took you this long to see it. All that matters is the time we spend together now. We can go to Doughnut Joe’s, and after that, we can just see what happens, if you’re not too busy. If you are, we can do something this Sunday and.”

“Of course I’m not too busy, I can always make time for family. It’s one of the perks of having a competent sister as a co-ruler, and a third princess up-and-ready if we need her to step into our horseshoes should we need a break.”

“Twilight would like that. She’s been feeling kind of down, like she isn’t really important, despite her title.”


“Yeah. But with her friends, we’ve been able help get her out of her funk until she finds her place as a princess. I keep telling her that you’re letting her acclimate to being a princess, but she’s still ill at ease.”

“I’ll talk to her after we get the next letter.”

“You know, it’d be awesome if we had some way to talk at a long distance without waiting for letters. It’d be so much easier than waiting it out.”

“I think there was something in the works, but with how big the parchment industry is, it was worried that it could put them out of business,” Celestia said, as Twilight’s magic sparkled in front of Celestia. This time, not only did a letter appear, but a tiny box landed beside it.

“Spike, the box is from Rarity,” the letter started, “She said it was a ‘friend doll’. Apparently it’s an old earth pony tradition, if a friend, family, or special somepony is going away or moving out for a time, the doll is made to remind that pony that they’re on that friend’s mind, and to keep them close to their heart. She’ll be collecting ones from your other friends, but this is to start your collection.

“Now, about Diamond. I think Filthy Rich would be happy to hear about her new job. After all, she's old enough to move out and live on her own. Not that I agree with it, but tradition is tradition. Of course, it's a tradition that let most of my friends find their cutie marks.

“Well, Spike, just know that no matter where you are, whatever you do, or wherever you go, I’ll be right there the second you need me. All of your friends here are waiting for you, so, well… Find yourself. Be safe, and make sure to write me… Or us, and keep us in the loop. Love you with all my heart, Twilight.”

Author's Note:

For those of you who didn't know this came out This fic shows the conversation Luna is going to in this chapter.

I recently got Stencyl. A 2-D free game maker, and I'm making a short RPG based off of Ogres and Obelisks. With 8 Playable Races [Gryphon, Minotaur, Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Zebra, Eld'Mare [based off of Eld'Mar [Light Elf on Elder Scrolls]], and Dun'Mare [Dun'Mar [TES inspired]].] An Additional 3 if I can figure out how to use button combos to activate a cheat code for 4 additional ones [Demony [Demon Pony], Dragon, and Ogre [I'm thinking either a War Ogre [Wogre], or a Troll-Ogre [Trogre]].

It's looking like it won't be Turn Based Battles like I was hoping, but I'll still make do. Either that or I'll Black Belt the programming engine.

But I will still be working on this and The Golden Crusade. Chapter 2 is in the middle of editing, and Chapter 3 is mostly written.

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