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God, I'm so sorry.

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U-unf... again, I'm really not sure what to think, but I like it. Plz more.

Shit was gay, homie. Good work.

Comment posted by The Synn Lofsvard deleted Aug 22nd, 2014

I'm sure there are other ponies who are needing either punishment or cuddling.

I...have these mixed feelings now...

Are they good feelings?

Probably. The problem is deciding who and why.

4891682 I don't know, I never felt like this before...it confounds me...

She drops that card and pulls out yet another. “Plenty of ponies need PUNISHING!”

Your head slowly turns back around, away from the window.

Some things in life are worth it.
The fuck it is :rainbowlaugh:
there need to be a sequel to sequel

Is your dick hard/vag wet? That's the easiest way to tell.

4891741 kinda semi hard soft.

You probably enjoyed it, then. Those feelings are good feelings.

4891780 gay feelings are good feelings?

Ugh umm I'm so confused I liked it but not sexually but I want more for some reason the fuck did u do to me :pinkiecrazy:

Love is never evil. And if everyone wants and enjoys the act done, it can't be bad. So in this case, yes, they're good feelings.
It originally wasn't going to have the handie, but the thread I wrote it for requested it.

4891808 does...that make me sorta gay?

4891808 ok but what did u do to my head ugh I'm craving more :pinkiecrazy: god I need help

Yeah, sorta.
Now I'm not gonna say I sprinkle crack all over my words to make them more addicting, but that doesn't mean I don't.

Well...... that was something............... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... If I ended up in equestria with a job like that I would kill my'self immediately. Or maybe not....idk

4891874 well buck...I like mares. I'm not a colt cuddler...am I?

No, just bi. A hole's a hole and an orgasm is an orgasm. Nothing wrong with liking both.
Why? You'd be doing a necessary and possibly fun job.

4891932 huh...I guess that makes sense, thank you for the clarity.

Well that just happened, it's a thing... I guess

4891874 hmmm well I'm good with crack I guess but since u got me hooked you better have another story :pinkiecrazy:

4891932 I am not a finatic for really anything of that nature. I fully understand the appeal of cuddling and shiz but that's not my thing, with either gender. Though I guess killing my'self would be a bit far. I would probably just try my hardest to get out of that stuff or muscle through it. I fI was forced to spend the rest of my life cuddling horses and occasionally going further I might just kill my'self after a few years, Unless Stockholm syndrome was to kick in.

4892221 well thank you my good sir I'm am satisfied for now though that won't be long :pinkiecrazy:

One of those stories is 1.6 million words long. If that doesn't occupy you for at least a few days, there's a problem.

4892328 yaaaaaaaaaaaa I have a lot of problems I think I also have pinkie senses:pinkiecrazy: and sometimes I can talk to animals like fluttershy:pinkiecrazy:

Even though I love your other stories, i figured for sure that these two latest one shots couldn't hold up under such a silly premise. I was sorely mistaken... I was laughing constantly while reading these, and enjoyed them immensely. Keep up the great work!

Yay, Shining getting spanked again!

It's hard to get sillier than Kung Pow Anon or turning Bon Bon into a pinata. Or getting raped by a bird. Hell, all of my oneshots are silly.

For the love of all that is rewarding and punishing: MOAR!!!

You are correct. And in retrospect I should not have been surprised. But it had been a while since I read your other oneshots and I had forgotten just how outlandish they tended to be.

If I wasn't in public I would've died laughing.

I felt less dirty reading AFTER the sex stuff happened.:rainbowhuh:

Man, this Anon is such a fucker. Enjoy that silky coat under your fingertips, dammit! You're ruining my fantasies!

I really really hope that you write yet another story in this universe, and that anon uses duct tape and lots of it :heart:

Duct tape doesn't seem very comfortable for cuddling. Unless you mean the old loophole around "It's only gay if balls touch."

4893642 I was under the impression that the Royal Punisher would make a comeback.

he sure got some interesting jobs lol

a Royal Punisher and a Royal Cuddler.

whats next Royal Animal Caretaker?:rainbowhuh:

Thanks, you just
made my day better and nothing has even ruined it yet.

I'm so confused, while I've read stories like this and they have never been my thing, but this, this is just confusing. :eeyup:




EEEEwWW! EEEEW! THis protag is some sort of perverted veterinarian?:raritycry:

Meh...this story is yours, i shouldnt w8 any more from it. :ajsmug:

I fucking died when cadence held up the "happy ending!" sign..:rainbowlaugh:

would like to see a cadance chapter

I find Cadence to be best troll.

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