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I'm just a pony with a story.


This is the story of my OC Gizmo Gearthrottle, and what he learns about the magic of friendship. He is a shut in that has been friends with Rainbow dash for a long time but never made any friends aside from her. Though she has put up with him since they were little, she decided she's had enough and comes up with a plan to help him.

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Dude, this is bloody awesome. Gizmo is a character that I can relate to, and that is exactly what you want. I'm really impressed by this, and I really want to read more. Keep up the good work buddy! :ajsmug:

Thanks. I just need to get off my DevArt and frikkin write stuff. I'm stuck half way through the next chapter and my inspiration has hit the dumps. So I'm working on another story on the side. It's going to be called. "Faithless"

710215 Ah, writer's block is a serious bitch. Well, that other story sounds rather intreging. I'm already looking forward to it.

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