• Published 16th Apr 2012
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It calls itself Nightmare - Slick Dash

Luna's diary entries from her final 13 days before she became the dreaded Nightmare Moon!

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Days: 1, 2 & 3

From the desk of the second princess of Equestria: Luna.

Day: 1

These entries are what I shall use from this day on to chronicle what is happening in my life besides the royal records. I will use these entries to inform whoever reads it of my innermost feelings and opinions of the past and coming events.

I suppose I should begin with what is bothering me the most these days. I’ve been getting these strange notions, ideas that I know I shouldn’t be thinking of, suggestions I would never voice for fear of complete exclusion from my sister.

They are dark and terrible thoughts that seep into my mind while I sleep and torture me in my dreams. There is a voice, loud and harsh, but it never gives me a name, it only tells me what I should think, what I should do! But I fight it, as best I can anyway. I find it tiring. It saps my energy; keeping my mind completely separate from that of this dark entity takes so much of my concentration and energy that I barely have enough power to go about my daily duties.

Tia has begun to notice, she keeps asking me if I’m alright. She asked me today, of course I told her I was fine, that I was just having some restless nights, but that’s all I told her. I don’t want her to know about the voice, not yet anyway.


From the desk of the second princess of Equestria: Luna.

Day: 2

Tia commented on how tired I look today. I said she was seeing things, but then I looked in the mirror when I returned to my chambers. My eyes look like those of a mare far older than I, I look demented, these unrelenting dreams are slowly draining me. I need to get a hold of myself before I truly let something slip during my watch over the night.

I may talk to Strafe (Our court physician) perhaps he can find something that will help. And if not, then maybe a spell to keep me more aware.


From the desk of the second princess of Equestria: Luna.

Day: 3

I spoke to Strafe, and he said that he would investigate any possible cure to my ‘ailment’ he called it. An ailment? This isn’t a disease! It’s my very mind, warping and shifting into this THING! I know it’s not my own thoughts. It’s as though there is another pony inside my mind, taunting my every decision. Laughing in the back of my mind every time I tell Tia I’m alright and don’t need any help.

This is no disease!

I asked Strafe to keep this a secret, I told him everything. The voice, the terrible thoughts, the nightmares EVERYTHING! He holds the key to my nobility now. He could tell Tia at any moment, and if he did, I would most likely be stripped of all my power until a time where I was fit to resume my duties. He could destroy me in a second if he wished.

Yet, I’m not worried. His eyes seem to brim with kindness, he listened to everything I said, and yet, he didn’t seem to condemn me. In fact, I believe him to understand me far more than any other being in this entire castle lately. He seems... nice.

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