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People are like liquids, flexible, quick and adaptive to what they're given. Most, are like water, others... well... others can be a bit dense... like mercury... Guess which I am?


Michael Schmidt is a new security officer at the Equestrian Eating Emporium, home of the famous animatronic ponies. Renowned across the city for family friendly vegetarian food, it's had overwhelming success. Michael just has to watch over the store, make sure that nothing goes wrong after dark. What's the worst that could happen?

It lives.

Crossover with Five Nights at Freddy's. This work of fiction will not strictly follow the story of the game. Things will break off quite heavily from what's expected, and I like to lie a lot, so nothing is really set in stone.
(Thanks to pshyzo on deviantArt for the previous cover image.)
(Thanks to brianxkaren on deviantArt for the current cover image. Note, it's still a work in progress.)
(Also, please give thanks to my dear friend, [or grammar mercenary, if you prefer,] JLB for assisting me in my pursuit for good Engrish! He is also the one that commissioned the new cover image, he's a generous person. I'd recommend checking out some of his work if you have a like of horror / grim things in general.)

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 602 )

I'm a security guard and I find this absolutely hilarious.

You gonna stop, then you are not REDDY4FREDDY.

4875052 The picture's a tad creepy I'll give it that.

4875030 If I may ask, what do you find so funny about this as a security guard?
4875050 Possibly...
4875052 No one is REDDY4FREDDY

Oh well.

4875102 Hah! I win! Take that you little bi-
err... what was I saying? Oh yeah, sorry about that mate. Ah well, if it makes you feel any better, you can still be a leader of the bandwagon. There are only two stories like this on the site, (to my knowledge,) and this is one of them.

I played the game, regardless of your warnings. The only time I got scared even a LITTLE was wen I lost for the first time. I'm basicly a rock if you try to scare me.

4875123 It's the screaming that gets me. The images, the concepts, I can handle that. But I have very sensitive ears... :fluttershyouch:

4875105 I'm part of the other.

4875129 Yes, I know, but you seemed a bit dissapointed with the fact I stole your waif-
err, story before you could write one of your own.
Also, your collaboration is pretty good. Didn't comment, but as I mentioned in the Author's notes I did favourite.

4875126 Shit, I have Sensory Proccesing Disorder which makes me feel emotions more severe than others and i didnt get scared.

4875142 Then you are a much braver person / pony than I, my friend. (Seriously though, it's the noise that freaks me out.) I was able to play through all of Amnesia, Slender and a good chunk of Outlast, (didn't finish it, went back to a Machine for Pigs,) without the sound. Everything else was fine.

4875136 Just read. Looks promising. I've got a few questions, but they can probably wait until next chapter, just to see how things unfold.
Also, you missed a thing:

“That’s great!” she yelled, “because I think I can hear own of them coming!”

"Own" should be "one".

4875155 Thanks, will edit that own now.

4875156 u lil shit lemme tell u a thign

4875099 I've been in some funny situations, working nights and all. But I find it funny because I can relate to our good friend. The protagonist acts how I would especially with confronting the employer about problems, I crack down hard on hazards.

4875162 What? What did I do wrong? I was just making a pun / terrible joke.

4875164 That was the joke.
You know how people usually groan at puns?
That's how I groan at them.

4875148 But, anyway, you seem like a good grimdark writer. And I love grimdark fics. Just look at my favorites list. I was wondering, though. I'm not a very good writer, and I am trying to write a story. Could you please be an editor for a story i'm writing?

4875181 Ah, I see. I must apologize, my humour detector has been on the fritz. Unless it's black humour, it just goes right over my head. Also, I'm Canadian, so I must check and see if I've offended anyone at all times.

4875213 I'd be honoured to! (Unfortunately, I do not have time to go online very often, but I'll try my best! If I'm unable to, I know a good couple guys that can help out!)

After night he is trying to quit. Boss says when he need to pay a fee for about 1000 dollars.
He stays, cause don't have money, and keeps working for 4$ per hour.
At least it more logic, than "It was pretty fun, to risk my life for four dollars per hour. LET'S DO THIS SHIT AGAIN!".

4875218 Thank you! I just need you to follow me, and then I'll pm you with a story chapter I need fleshed out in a few minutes after I get it written down!

4875163 I try making my work somewhat realistic. Granted the following chapters will not be realistic in the slightest, but still. Good to know that a legit Security Guard approves of my writing. If you wouldn't mind me asking, (again, and I must be very polite for I am Canadian,) what kind of funny encounters have you had as a guard? Just so I can throw a bit of humour in here and there.

4875220 Here, it's fifteen bucks an hour and a ridiculous amount of fine if you quit. Pretty much that except times twenty. (Must fill in a requirement of five days before quitting. Or that's what I'm going with. The game never explicitly explains why you don't run off after ten minutes.)

This is a very good story. I hope it gives me the same amount of fear as the game did.

Well, good luck with this the story.

Thank you both for the kind comments! I'll try to get a new chapter up and running as soon as I can!

This game is fun to watch people play so I am interested in this story! :raritywink:

I'll await the next chapter!

4875508 I'll be working on it tomorrow, so fingers crossed, it'll be good!

Thank you for actually making a story that's relatable to the game! The other crossover on the site is fine, but it quickly degenerated into a way off story to the game, plus the fact that it was turning into porn.

Please don't turn horror into porn. Please...

4875587 I don't write porn. Intentionally, anyways. Remember R34 and such, but I'll never touch the stuff myself. Nice, clean gore and murder for me. (Well psychological thriller too, in all fairness.)

As interesting as the game is to me, I don't think I will ever torment myself by playing it.

This looks like a really good read. Hope to see more.

4875641 Will be making more tomorrow, good sir!

“Yeah,” Applejack whispered into his ear, “sometimes at night, I see a pony walkin’ around real hurt. I mean, really hurt, like their leg’s all busted up and stuff. Sometimes their fur’s ripped off. Fluttershy fixes them up the best she can, but I still see one at least once a week.”

Given the context of the game, I suddenly have a very bad feeling...

So, will Twilight be playing the part of Foxy the Fox? Since she's been run over by a truck, I guess she's being repaired/out of order.

Anyhow, looking forward to the first night.

4875993 I cannot give away Twilight's exact role, (there isn't really an equivalent to any of the characters from the game, it's more just a conceptual crossover,) but she'll function in a similar role. As in scaring the bejeezus out of you very quickly, if you're familiar with the legit Foxy.

4875943 You do? Oh why ever would you do that? Sweet innocent Fluttershy would never hurt anyone intentionally.

4876008 Awesome. Now I'm really looking forward to it :twilightsmile:

4876027 I hope so, because this is going to be going from kind of confusing, to really confusing, to horribly horrifying.

Unlike the other 5NAF fic, this one stays true to the original, I do notice that everyone that has played it seem to be having heart attacks, but the only time I got scared in the game was during a few occasions, like The Duck jump scaring me after breaking the door right after I put down the tablet, Foxy bum rushing me for the first 3 times before it got annoying and the fifth and sixth night, either I'm really hard to scare or just VERY lucky

4876350 It's the sound. The accursed sound. The rasping screeches of the damned as they crawl from their filthy pits... They never leave us... Always screaming...
*ahem* Uh, yes. I do not handle pop up noises and sound effects very well. The graphics and designs themselves, although unsettling, are not as scary if you get a good look at them. Similarly to Amnesia and, like Slender, kind of silly.

To me, it's less scary and more "I hate this fucking sound"

4876788 To me it's both. Which is why I mute every horror game that I play now. Much more tolerable. Just play the soundtrack in the background off of YouTube. Granted it makes some of them much harder to play, but I like a challenge.

My favorite thing to do in horror games is to annoy the living hell out of monsters, running around trees In slender while his AI is having a mental breakdown, check, throwing every fucking object nearby at the Grunts in Amnesia, check, cherry tapping the las plagas in RE4 with the Chicago Type Writer, check, the closest thing I could do that annoyed the robots in 5NAF was being really damn good.


My guess is that that's (the fact that you can't annoy the robots) to make the game more frightening. As you said, fucking around with the A.I. can turn a horror game from scary to actually quite comedic. And how are you going to be scared if you're laughing your ass off?

By the way, for the author, good start for the story, can't wait for more.

When I played Slender and he killed me for the first time, I literally went "Ahhhhh, I guess"

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