• Published 22nd Aug 2014
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The Last of My Kind - Nicranger

Being the last human in existence is very taxing and very lonely. But maybe interacting with the planet's current populace will do some good? After all the last time I talked to someone was over a couple millenia ago.

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First off I'll say that this story isn't bad. Decent premise -- if not actually breaking much new ground.
I would like to say that as some others have said the pacing seems quite fast. I'm normally opposed to too much introduction "pussy-footing" around as some are wont to do but this is a bit quick. I'm hoping you slow it down a notch once we get past this introduction phase (should be soon?).

Also some spelling typos here:
Then with a clap of my heads I say in fake cheerfulness,
I'm assuming this is suppose to be hands, unless he went full on ettin on this guys, or he's *really* well endowed.

I still kept in tough with the girls through letters so there was no problem there.
Assuming "in touch" here.

Her skin was such a dark grey it was almost black and shinned with the residue her species produced naturally
Assuming "shined" here? like here skin is glossy? On a note, apparently "shinned" is in fact a word, means to climb up something using your arms and legs to grab it (think like a native climbing a palm tree or something).

Mores please? Also, where did the Idea for the armor come from? Sorry If I seem like an idiot.

No he's not. He actually thinks for himself he just wants to make a good impression.
He is actually pretty rebellious in some instances.

4900811 Last one should actually be 'gleamed' or 'shone'.

Shining got his ass handed to him on a silver flaming platter

4900915 Oh yeah, point.

Maybe glistened? As if her skin looks wet?

Love the story, I did notice some spelling errors however:

"It had been two days since my big reveal and now I found myself on my way towards Canterlot castle to start my new jobas captian of the royal guard."

Job as

"Yes that is all good but we think it is time for thou to meet thou's knew troops," said Luna as her and her sister got up and began to lead me to the guards training grounds.

New, not "Knew"

Can't wait for the next installment :pinkiehappy:

4901080 sir i asked for medium-rare not rare

4900812 Its from the Halo series, and I recognised it instantly from the picture.

Mm still needs a solid proofreader and the pacing is blindingly fast [large time-skips in there with little to no development before or afterwards] but other than that, it's an okay fic. Amusing enough for a quick read and I'll probably follow to to completion, but as is that will be the extent of it for myself.

EDIT: Shining Armory getting rolled on was incredibly satisfying and honestly nets a favorite completely on it's own, without the rest of the fic. ;O

4901689 I agree. "snaps beak back in to correct position"

Anyone willing to proofread let me know. I only want to get better.

4901893 I would love to proofread for you. And was actually going to ask if I could

Alright then Dark Tendencies I guess your my proofreader then.

Lemme know if you ever need another proof reader. Because I've got nothin else to do an I really like this story.

Wow, and here I thought last chapter was a massive time jump. You need to take your time with what you're writing, and not just advance to points where you already know what you want to write out. You're moving forward at such a ridiculous pace at the moment that you're excluding a lot of details that are needed to make a story wholesome and fulfilling plot wise.

Again, mind your pacing.

Get fucked shining, haha :pinkiehappy:

Oh y jeebus double H is a BAD ASS

Holy shit

I heard a commotion from the other room and now there is a collapsed shining armour and a broken sword

4901640 Well, I've never played halo, have I?

4903894 I'm sorry if that came off as mean. I'm kind of just really happy to see 2 of my favorite things, My Little Pony and Halo, come together kinda in a GOOD way.

4903915 Nah, It's cool, just never had an Xbox to play it on, and by the time I started buying new PC games myself, I was more into Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

4903919 Funny, I started Halo on my PC with their first game. I also really like those series. So whats up, Lone Wanderer? Or are you Courier 6?

4903927 More Courier 6 than Lone wanderer, but I still love Fallout 3. I really prefered the crafting system in new vegas over three, but I prefered the story and atmosphere of Three more.

All in all, some of the best games I've ever played.

You got a Steam? I'm The Jedi.

4903937 Yeah, I think mine is haxorus29. I just looked through your stories and saw you made one on the Inheritance Cycle. You like that series?

4903942 It's my favorite. Who's the best dragon besides Saphira?

4903944 Definately not Glaedr. He's pretty cool, though.

4903946 To be honest, Shurukan galbatorix's dragon seemed second coolest to me, dunno why.

Also, I tried to friend you over steam and it didn't work.

4903949 Hmm. I just logged on. I'll friend you.

4903956 i JUST fr'ed a level 4 person, who played oblivian yesterday. Have I found you?

4903955 it says you're offline.

4903966 Yes, also, apparently you are offline.

you're Jrxboxmaster?

4903967 My profile pic is Fluttershy, right? If not I'm also level 0. I don't have games on there, because I have an xbox.

4903971 Yeah. I think I got you.

4903972 I forgot I set myself to appear offline. There we go.

He clapped his heads together? How many does he have?

I wait a few minutes with none of them leaving. Then with a clap of my heads I say in fake cheerfulness, "well then. Let's get started!"

Just as I was thinking things were gonna go well Shinning Armor busted in already firing off a spell at the Changeling queen. Reacting on instinct I deployed my blade and jumped in front of the blast to deflect it.
Shinning's wife then rushed in trying to calm her husband down.
"Shinning please this is a meeting for peace! Don't ruin it with your own hatred!"
Shinning would have none of it though as he drew his own blade and rushed me to try and get at Chrysalis. He swung with an overhead strike meant to cleave me in two. Lighting my sword with flames I struck back with my own blade. When the blades met Shinning's blade was cleaved in two. As he stood there in surprise I swept his feet out from under him and when he hit the floor I delivered a kick to his head that sent him to dream land.

5171461 well since he is a guy I hope he has two "heads"

4901507 This is medium sort-of rare, Do i look like the "sort-of" kind of gentleman to you? I think not.

Holy ass I completely forgot about this.

When is the next update?

when will the next chapter be out?

when will the next chapter be out?

You have writers block for this story?

please update its a really good story

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