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I am a writer, an aritist, an aspiring voice actor, and a Christian.


"Your destiny's uncertain, and that's sometimes hard to take, but it will become much clearer, with every new choice you make." Celestia's song seems comforting to anyone on the outside, but anypony that knows the hidden history between teacher and student suddenly sees years of history go by in the blink of an eye.

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The stories seem somewhat off from Twilight's problems, but no writing errors caught my eye and this story deserves more eyes than it seems to be getting. :twilightsmile:

4867911 Thank you! I gave myself a thirty minute time period, just to practice my writing, so I apologize if the stories don't match Twilight's mental problems.:twilightblush:

While I suppose it was just practice, adding pictures is crucial to getting views.

4869825 Funny thing that, I tried to add a cover, and the site wouldn't accept it. I suppose I'll have to draw my own, and that will take some time.

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