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Wow, at first I thought it was like a long chapter thing but the WHOLE thing?! This is gonna take me some time... Also first sonce people are obsessed with it.

Comment posted by Sorren deleted Jan 24th, 2017

Nah, I like ramblers. Gives me something to read XD

None of that seemed likely at all but i could care less I came for blood.

This is how "NEW' fluttershy should've acted.

I remember this from fanfiction.net. This is a good story full of suspense!

Twilight where are you? RD is dead, Pinky Pies going Cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:. All the wile Flutter is on a killing spree that makes Jason Voorehees look amateur. Ponyvills is going to hell wile you are getting intoxicated in the Black Arts :twilightblush:.

Oh, I remember this story from Fanfiction. I remember a few little typos (mostly involving mixing up Blackthorn's first name as either Whisper Wind or Whisper Wing). I also remember it was creepy as all hell,but I couldn't help but enjoy it. I do wish I could see a picture of Blackthorn/Whisper Wind.

483807 DarkMasterofCupcakes

I'm working on pics for the characters. You can find them (eventually) at http://inkbunny.net/annonymouse . So far I only have Twilight's pic posted.

484024 Cool, thanks for telling me. Also, congratulations on writing a Grimdark story that wasn't toally plotless.

interesting but not very grim, just dark. if it was grim it would be sadder and maybe a little depressing but this fluttershy is nothing of the sort.

A few small spelling errors but overall I'm liking it so far.
Not crazy.....right? :pinkiecrazy:

Zecora is a female you silly pony you.:derpytongue2:

This is definitely a story that made me wonder what could have happened if certain events didn't occur. What if Pinkie had lived to conceieve and bear Blackthorn's children (mostly I wonder what the babies would look like and if she would have a normal gestation length or if she would give birth to little kittens a day after conception). What would have happened if Wintermint hadn't stumbled into Whisper Wing's cave and thus gotten killed by Fluttershy and fed to Whisper Wing, apparently triggering his love for pony flesh? And, most importantly, what if Fluttershy had told her friends about Whisper Wing as soon as he was born?

598342 Simply put, it would have been a VERY different story.

I am wondering if you are going to be writing up chapter 17


you can read the first five chapters here :)

but i wish he updated :D

Hmmm.... I wonder if Pinkie is just spying... :pinkiegasp:

And what will happen to Twilight? :twilightoops:

Will the random evil creature Corrupt futtershy to be its slave/caretaker? :yay: Corrupt fluttershy is better then DEAD fluttershy. :applejackunsure:

AWSUM. A corrupted Fluttershy caring for a monster? EVEN AWSOMER. Now make sure to corrupt Twilight to... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

TWILIGHTS BEING SLOWLY CORRUPTED! The monster shall slowly devour her soul and turn her into a SERVANT! :yay:

Umm, isn't Twilight's 'assistant's' name supposed to be Silent Graves? Not Silence Grave? :rainbowhuh:
Can't wait to see more of 'Deathsparkle'. :pinkiehappy:
And is it weird that I'm rooting for Slaughtershy? :twilightoops:

I know, right? Isn't it awesome?! :rainbowwild:

I would so love to see some quality pics of them. Hell, how bout a full-blown poster? :pinkiegasp:
Also, as much as I love the new badass Twilight, yea, she's a total bitch. :twilightsheepish:

Okay, I have read this story several times and there is one thing that has always confused me a bit. And that is...how is the creature that stung Fluttershy (and I assume impregnated her) connected to Blackthorn? I mean, I thought maybe the creature was Blackthorn in a weakened and possibly elderly state and when he impregnated Fluttershy, he was able to give himself more strength by beginning his life again. However, part of my mind goes against that theory by saying that the creature, from the little description we get, doesn't seem to look anything like Blackthorn, and why would he change species in his reincarnation, especially if he chose the time of reincarnation.

Also, little thing, but is his name Whisper Wing (like how it's spelled in the early chapters) or Whisper Wind?

1545215 First off, his last incarnation was destroyed, and he was able to recreate the one he impregnated Fluttershy with by making it out of wood fibers, some organic matter from another small creature and his own DNA. He injected all relevant DNA into Fluttershy and absorbed her own to form his reincarnated body.

Also.... I thought I caught all those? Gosh Darn it. It's Whisper Wing, not Whisper Wind. When I get a chance I'll hunt those errors down. Thank you :twilightblush:

That is quite a sizable tree isn't it?

1616736 Measurement, 1 length is about 5 feet, so yea, it's slightly larger than a shrub :rainbowlaugh:

Ha when I found that this was missing from fan fiction I was saddened. But I'm do glad I found it here. This still remained one or my favorite stories ever. Congratulations on your baby.

this story is just so beautiful

Not gonna lie im perfectly ok with Rarity dieing after all she just kept getting in the way of plot progression

........i don't even know what to say other then. this is best story..........

Ah, re-reading this... This was my second ever MLP fanfiction, after Cupcakes. Brings me back in all the best ways. Reading this again has inspired me to write. Thank you ~!

i'm wondering when CoRoNa will be posted

oh and thank u ever soooo..... much for posting this. i couldnt find this story again for the longest time. it was killing me.

I want Corona now XD:raritydespair:

hi i was wondering were your story CoRoNa is. i cant find it and when i go to look at your story list it says u have 13 stories,but it only list three. and i looked everywhere. but i cant find it. HELP...!!!! :trollestia:

Comment posted by Unused deleted May 18th, 2013

what happens to the CMC?

2615713 Applebloom was murdered by Applejack. Sweetie Belle got out of town with her mom and dad, and Scootaloo escaped with her parents (Lyra and Bon Bon in my new headcannon)

:rainbowhuh:What Is Flutter's species name? :raritycry:Any pony?:raritydespair: help?:applecry:

2733775 Flutter(shy) is a Pegasus who was corrupted by whatever demonic being Blackthorn was. :fluttercry:

2734174:twilightoops:No no no don't cry Fluttershy. :twilightblush:Let me rephrase the question: What is Blackthorn's species name?:twilightblush:Sorry about that I have an OC who is blacktorn's species.:pinkiesmile: I just need to know the name of said species and I'm set.

2735649 Blackthorn is part plant, part flesh and blood, part demon. He is a form of chimera or homonculous. He is a unique being created originally by Princess Luna and has no 'species' name.

2736173:rainbowderp::twilightoops::pinkiegasp:WHAT!!! :unsuresweetie:(maybe that is why I couldn't find it on Google.) :applejackunsure: Well my OC needs a species name, Her name Is a mix of the species and a typical name for a person. I named her "Dyreca":moustache: Thinking there was a name for blacthorn's species. :applejackunsure: I don't know if I Should keep the name or not.:duck: Any Idea's for a species name for her? :rainbowkiss:I would really appreciate it.

2736746 Well... in BlAcKtHoRn (a fic I am working on for an alternate reality), he comes back... There's going to be a lot more backstory on him, starting from his creation by Princess Luna to his defeat in fLutTeR... and then his return.

What he's made up of: Vile Mandragora (An evil sentient, mobile and carnivorous magical plant), Pony DNA (All 3), Dragon, Incubus (Male Succubus) and even has some of Luna's blood in him... Oh yea, and a CRAPLOAD of magic.

You could say his species is 'Blackthorn'.

2736887:rainbowderp: wow, dem attributes. :duck: And While I may not approve of the name in MY opinion, :twilightsmile: I will respect the fact that it is YOUR species that YOU created. So "Dyreca the blackthorn". :applejackunsure:... :pinkiesmile: Is there any way that I could call it an :moustache:"Ebospearian"? (Ebony+spear-ian) (Ebony is another word for black. and spear is both sharp and pointy) Thought It would work seem slightly more sciencey.:facehoof: QUIET TWI! So is "ebospearian" okay?:pinkiesmile: Which one is more intimidating? "Dyreca the blackthorn" or "Dyreca the ebospearian"? Comment which one you would like it to be. Please?

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