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Interesting concept, but the typos and poor grammar are off-putting.

I guess one could say the decision really

busted his balls

but seriously that was pretty hot

Awesome story. Castration is a very rarely explored topic, so I'm glad to see people interested in it.

The ending is a little bit too sugar-coated. "You'll never have sex" sounds much more fun. :pinkiecrazy: Or even "you'll never have sex on the giving end". :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Xibit deleted Oct 11th, 2018

I was kinda expecting them to knock Shining out completely.
I would think with that last forum they would be forced to make sure Shining reads it completely. Maybe that he even has to read it out loud to them.
One thing I was surprised by was that Shining was alone. He can't be much older than say 18 and this is a tremendous event in his life. I would expect that they would allow parents to come along. They likely don't want the whole family so maybe just 1 parent but they would still let a parent accompany them. To have something taken that is so physically and mentally critical is a very scary thing for a teenager.

I don't get that last blowjob though. Why was that?
Also the feeling of having a numbed crotch would feel extremely weird. Judging by how it feels to have your jaw numbed at the dentist I would think it would feel really weird.

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