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Yeah... after seeing the results of what happens when someone falls into one of them...
I cannot help but worry that this is gonna end tragically :applecry:

Said he'd gotten from his grandmother mere moments before the griffons had hauled her away to the camps for questioning, from which she'd never returned.

Hmm, that got dark... I like dark.

Also, I see that the alternative ending wasn't included after all...

I'd say "This can only end badly", but there's no "Gore" tag. Have you perchance read Cold in Gardez's The Trouble with Phoenixes? It also features a wood chipper.

Keep that chipper away from Angel. We can't have him getting mad at Fluttershy while it's in his possession.

I'm sorry that joke's old, but it it's not my fault bronies like driving tropes into the ground faster than the Harlem Shake.

Well... That was a story. Yep. Definitely was.

Woodchippers certainly are dangerous. I wouldn't let a little kid play with one.

Oh, you might be surprised by what one can get away with without a "Gore" tag. I was.

Funny, Fluttershy almost had a role in this fic. And yeah, so many of us love running gags and memes that we piledrive them right into the ground. Don't even need a shovel.

It does fit, doesn't it?

Most certainly.

Yeah, after I realized that the alternate endings double subvert back to legit Scootabuse, I tossed 'em. Could do a sequel where Scoots chips up her friends's stuff, though, and have it there, maybe.

5521025 I am curious though... seems that was a voodoo dool of DT. Did she turn into bloody DT chips right in front of Silver Spoon? :pinkiecrazy:

Suddenly, her friend just turns to mush. That would be one hell of a traumatic experience for Silver.

This is an accident waiting to happen

I recently watched Fargo. If you've seen it, you'll know why I just said that.

Also, I liked the story. Even though there was nothing storylike in it.

What the fuck.

Why didn't you let me pre-read this you magnificent bastard?! You know I love pre-reading your stuff! Oh well, this was still awesome.


What's with this fandom and wood chippers?

Biscuit did a story about chipping Flash Sentry. >.>

I actually haven't seen Fargo yet, but I do hear that it's indeed related. And thanks.


I'm sorry, but I felt a bit of a rush to get this out after Samey released a chapter that contained a reference to this. I was like, "Crap, nobody's gonna know that's a reference because the story doesn't really exist yet. Better fix that." So I blasted this out as fast as I was able. Also, I did kinda want it to be a bit of a surprise. I mean, we'd mentioned it on and off for months, but I hadn't actually written it yet, so nobody could see it coming like this.

Yup, I saw that pop up some months after I wrote this idea down. Considering what it was about, though, I wasn't worried.

Yeah. Though that'd be quite a mindfuck.

Also, a propos that reference... I think I know how to make you write that story faster... :trollestia:

Alright. I know what this is. This is a suicide pact! These foals are coming out here and killing themselves all over the lawn!

That was an enormous cock tease. SHAME

Tease? Wait, are you saying that you actually wanted to see a poor, innocent little filly get turned into mulch? You sick monster, you.


Yes. Yes I do want to see her mulched and then I want to see her come back as a hamburger zombie.

Hamburger zombie. If this isn't already a thing, it needs to be.

5529782 alternate end in Zombons to Scoots death? Escapes the friends she abandoned and accidentally hits a rock on the road as she got distracted by Tootsie only to fly through Hay Burgers windows and fall into the Hay Patty Maker?

Then the horror starts all over again as the ScootaBurger flows out of the restaurant and into the streets.

5536943 Zomburgers. Great. Now we got Zombie Ponyburgers devouring ponies from the inside out.

Actually, they did make a horror movie where the burgers ate you I believe. Pretty sure they made a horror movie for almost everything by now. xD

Scootaloo let the tiny fabric dolls drop from her tiny hooves.

Of course Scootaloo plays with dolls.

It was the most glorious package the little pegasus had ever received, and she squealed with joy at the mere sight of the commercial-grade woodchipper that was now hers.

Curious. Do go on.

Being poor, she jumped at the chance for a new anything, but still, what was she going to do with a woodchipper?

Scootafic. So, where are her parents?

Said he'd gotten it from his grandmother mere moments before the griffons had hauled her away to the camps for questioning, from which she'd never returned.


Scootaloo reached down into the chute, prodding the Spitfire doll and trying to coax it through the rubber teeth.

Are you trying to kill yourself Scoots?

She growled, ears flat against her head as she leaned into the machine, hind hooves leaving the grass.

Well, she's dead now.
This was grotesquely original. Good work.


Scootafic. So, where are her parents?

Probably out working.

Are you trying to kill yourself Scoots?

I seem to have this habit of writing Scoots as being really, really dumb.

This was grotesquely original. Good work.

Thanks, I do try.

5653270 Can we talk in a PM? It involves with this story.

5521232 Can I ask you something in a PM?

6134364 Sure? :rainbowhuh: Thanks for the follow I guess?

5520370 Hey can I speak to you in a PM?

:applecry: I really hoped she would fell into the woodchipper. Oh well.

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