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I'm a huge fan of some actually good cartoons, such as Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Tiny toons, Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Pinkie and The Brain, MLP, and all other good cartoons, back when tv was actually good


This is a sequel to of fears and tears and smiles and love

While trying to prove he is the greatest at digging, Krader accidently discovers Equestria, and brings all the Mixels over, where they are soon warmly welcomed by the mane six and their children. After taking a tour of Ponyville, the Mixels soon debate over whether they should go back to their home, or stay and live life, Nixel free. Takes place in Ultimate Crossoververse

If you haven't watched Mixels, the click here to view a more funnier episode, to get an idea of what the Mixels are. And only nine of the tribes are official, and the OC Mixels aren't mine, they all belong to their owners. Here's a link to one of the OC tribes, the fighters,, and here are the Electoons, another OC tribe, which once again, i do not own.

Chapters (7)
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Mixels the new ones the glowkies the orbitons and the infernite cousins in moon madness. Do a chapter about that.

4 week's ago I made a comment

I like to make a comment sometimes

I liked it! It's like Crash Tag Team Racing all over again!

6137999 And guess what happens in the next chapter

6138601 And, as Globert would say, it is going to be, FABULOUS!

6140556 yeah it's going to be awesome!!!

Can you please do my MLP OCs for the next chapter with the Glowkies? Their names are Spirit Angel and Spirit Devil. And they are a big fan of the moon, even their cutiemark has a moon on it. Spirit Angel likes the light side while Spirit Devil is sometimes a fan of the dark side. Spirit Angel can respect her older sister's opinion. After all, they both love Moon Mixels.
Note: I know the Fighters and Charmaniacs (which you misspelled them as Charmings).

Ooh! Try adding ZootyCutie's mixel oc's, the Nix Fixers!

I hope you do the quest for the lost mixamajig next and introduce the Nix Fixers I told you about!

Awesome chapter I love it could you include my oc in the next chapter? if you could

6516734 Could you remind me of your OC? Then I'll see what I can do

7122030 They'll be introduced in the next chapter

7122330 You don't have any ideas for the next chapter?

7123242 No, i know what I'm doing for the next chapter

7123729 Still working on An Unlikely Couple and Rise of the Titans

7123761 Can you get more people to read On the Run?

Hey darkmage is the next one is going to be the quest for the lost mixamajig chapter?

so, are you planing to continue anytime soon?

oh, wow, you replied already, um.... ERROR🤖
in anyway, do it soon, please:fluttershysad:

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