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"Inability" seems to imply there's something wrong with said status. And that's only so from a highly distorted perspective.

The implication is not inherent and can be seen as positive:

She's totally willing to simply give in, she has to hold on to the way things should be. Even though giving in would make for a very tempting choice, (being under the control of a minimally corrupted stallion who cares for her).

She is also too strong to simply break and retreat into being an unthinking beast in order to escape.

What's sad is that this story is slightly less depressing than the Rarity one, who is a red collar.

Or perhaps I am wrong, and the personal betrayal actually makes it worse than feeling generally unwanted and useless...


I think that I was a bit confused by the wording. She needs to retain things so she can return to the way things were. To give in is to admit that things are right. Sensbility would dictate that she have a lot of forms filled out to indicate she is completely obedient but always unavailable.

This was fucking super hot! I had what I like to call: the elusive fourgasm.:heart:
(I came four times)

Welp, in any case, you could do Cheerilee next! Or perhaps that won't be quite as interesting if you can't include her class because of FimFiction rules. Hmmm.

Oh, how about a day on Cherry Jubilee's farm? You could explore how she betrayed and captured Peachbottom^^

Please tell me it ends soon...

(edit): Then again I don't mind the AppleMac here...

Reading this one makes me appreciate the canon one all the more. :ajsmug:

I like the story,but in FoE, Mac is not like 'you don't accept being red, you sleep in the dirt cunt' because he is not under the influence of the Crystal Cock. (The power making the stallions enslave the mares)He knows it's his sister, and even in one pic, he says, 'sorry but I gotta do this AJ' because she's misbehaving. He is basically one of the more gentle stallions, who do not hurt their black collars that badly.

You do realize that foalcon is everywhere on this site?

Anthro foalcon is forbidden. Regular foalcon isn't. Them's the Rules, even if a story sometimes slips through the cracks.

6609419 That..is only stupid. Sowwy for ignorance.

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