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In the end, I hope you had the time of your life.

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Needs editing for grammar and flow.

4846827 This comment is for everybody! My editor is on vacation at the moment, but this WILL get edited when he gets back! :twilightsmile: Thank you.

4846868 You should have waited for your editor so you could have got more likes. But hey I thought it was a great story. Here have a upvote. :twilightsmile:

4847192 Thanks so much! Yea I agree with you, but he's been on vacation for like so long, and we didn't want to wait. We will make sure to post the next chapter after he gets back :twilightsmile:

this is bat-shit insane i love it

*Before reading* YES! You wrote this! I have always wanted someone to write something like this!

Good to hear. I was kind of expecting that was the case, otherwise I would have been more of a jerk about it.

Needs descriptions of the dresses. Detailed descriptions. And Spike needs stockings!

4850392 The stockings have been added! :yay:

Male and male clopfic... Huh so few of these it is almost seems like a foreign theme. I like and would like to read more. So keep up the good work and don't let me down. Darker Shadows will be watching:trixieshiftright:

the subjects are all my yes , but the character not so much , so im torn on whether to read or not....

4852138 That choice my friend is up to you. Good luck and may the force be with you... :trixieshiftright:

It's interestin idea :duck: but, i'll wait for moar before i decide on followin or upvotin or whatever :twilightsmile:

4852495 Oh course, friend :twilightsmile: Take all the time you need. This clop story train doesn't leave the station until all its passengers are on board. I think that makes since.... I don't know. I've been drinking for the past two hours :facehoof: So I'm kind of random right now and feel like typing.

4852198 you're very much making me not want to read anything by you ever with that....

4852753 Not a fan of Star Wars I suppose? :rainbowlaugh: Well there are always other story's, but still your choice.

4852854 correct....

incorrect , there is no other story that i know of with this combination of fetishes/elements , danm i loved brearburned's rendition of mac and hotitoiti , but with spike im not so enthusiastic....

4852928 I completely understand, dude. But I guess that there's only one way to find out. I just ship with Spike so that's why its a Spike x Hoity Toity story. But I do take subjection's for new story ideas. If you got one, then when I get the time I shall write something that you might enjoy more :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: i'm random all t time; so, it no biggie :pinkiehappy:. Altho, i'll probally hav my decision when t fic reachs ch4 or moar :applejackunsure:; til then this'll be in my read later list for now :twilightsmile:

Mr. Hoitys cock was full out of it's scaly sheathe


4855399 Sorry... but mixup's do happen from time to time :eeyup:

I finally decided to give this a read, because I was curious about the latest big M/M story, especially after it got featured. Apart from that, there really isn't enough Spike crossdressing stuff, and I thought it would be interesting.

That said, the grammar and spelling errors are almost unforgivably bad in places for me. Please promise to pass things to your editor next time. Apart from that, I didn't particularly care for the story flow. While this is porn, I feel like if you're going to bother to have any justification at all than you should really go more all out in the story department. To me, Spike gets way too in to it way too fast considering you establish him as still pining over Rarity. It's especially bad that they become an actual couple in chapter two.

Sorry for the lengthy rant, but I felt that I couldn't do less if I wanted to justify my downvote to you.

When and why is this canceled?!?

All the good clopfics die young.

4937705 Sorry dudes, but I just don't feel like continuing this story really. There's not really a reason for me not continuing it, but I just don't have that... feeling/motivation... to continue this story. This story just didn't have a kind of flow that I like to have for my story's.

But I do have the next chapter ready. The next chapter has not been edited yet, but its ready If you would want me to post it anyway. But after that, I'll probably not continue. So its up to you, do you want me to post the next chapter just for the heck of it? :twistnerd:

Well if you have no motivation then there's nothing to do. It was a good story though. Thank you.

4939308 Aw...that's too bad...:fluttershysad:

But if you don't have the motivation I understand.:twilightsmile:

what your fic is featured and then you cancel it?.....

Good story. Wish it wasn't cancelled

4939308 would you Mind if someone else took it over, since you don't feel motivated or like you could?

A real shame you couldn't continue. There really aren't enough gay Spike stories.

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