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My Little Hope: Caring is Magic - batman0889

fluttershy finds an abandoned colt and try to help him but is fluttershy capable of being a mother

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Chapter 3 A Dark Night with Pink Balloons

Chapter 3 - A Dark Night with Pink Balloons

The sun was melting into the horizon, the sky was turning a marvellous orange shade. Fluttershy looked at the setting sun and felt disappointed. She wanted to be at Twilight’s place before the sun was this low on the horizon. Even through the sun was setting it was still warm humid form earlier in day still hung in the air. Fluttershy continued her walk to Twilight’s house.
Fluttershy’s friends were gathered waiting for Fluttershy at Twilight Sparkle’s house. The five friends were gathered around the main table in Twilight’s library. They were sitting together, chatting excitedly about what their friend was going to reveal to them.
“Hoo hoo! What do you think Fluttershy asked us all here for?? Maybe she made a cake for us to celebrate our friendship. We have all been together of one year three months, two weeks, three days, eleven hours, forty-seven minutes and thirty-three seconds?”
Twilight Sparkle whips around from talking with Applejack, “Pinkie pie, that’s incredible! You can remember the exact time for how long you have known us”
Applejack smirked, “That’s nothing, Pinkie a mathematical genius when it comes friendship. I’ll prove it to yea, Twi. Hey Pinkie?”

Pinkie Pie turned around from describing to Rarity and Rainbow Dash what the best friendship cake would have in it. “That’s why only the most triangular of strawberries would be used. . What’s that Applejack?”
Applejack innocently asked, “Ah how many ponies have visited and/ or moved in and out of Ponyville since you came to ponyville?”
“Well, the first summer I was living here thirty- seven ponies moved it to town, fifty six ponies visted and .. .” Pinkie Pie rattled off the number of ponies going in and out of Ponyville.
“That’s ridiculous, she can remember all those ponies,” exclaimed Twilight.
Applejack playfully smiled, “That’s our Pinkie!”

“You all have it all wrong!” Rainbow excitedly exclaimed, “I think Fluttershy is really a secret ninja that hunts downs evil doers in the night. Fluttershy has now seen our skills and prowess in a tough situation and she wants to invite us into her super secret society of stealth ponies.”
“Rainbow my dear, you know this is our Fluttershy? Right? You know how gentle and caring she is with animals,” replied Rarity in disbelief and slight amusement.
Rainbow Dash slammed her hoof on the table, “What if that kind-hearted persona is all a façade for her cold-hearted killer alter ego? Did you think about that Rarity?”
“Fluttershy, the one who wouldn’t even harm a fly. Then the time she did accidentally hurt a fly she nursed it backed to health,” retorted Rarity.
“Well . . .what if . .but what about. . .. ok fine your right Rarity!” replied Rainbow Dash defeated.
“Well now that the sillyness is over, Rarity sighed “what is taking that addle brain so long to get here.”
“Rarity, we haven’t seen Fluttershy in a while, and it’ll be nice to see what she has been up to,'' scolded Twilight.
'' When is she even going to get here?! We’ve been here for ages waiting for her,'' said an impatient Rainbow Dash.
“Errr... raibow? It's only been twenty minutes?” said Applejack. Rainbow Dash shrugged.

Pinkie Pie interrupted, ''Oh oh oh I hoped it was a new friend for us! Because my Pinkie Sense is tingly, and if it is right I can throw a party for the new pony!!''
''Really Pinkie,'' Twilight rolled her eyes. ''I still have a hard time believe you can predict when your going to meet someone without seeing them.”
Everyone looked at Twilight for what she had said, the whole room became muffled in an awkward silence with all eyes on Twilight. But before anyone could say anything, there was a knock on the door. Due to her embarrassment, Twilight rushed to the door to answer it.

“Hello Fluttershy, come in,” said Twilight.
“Oh, thank you Twilight,” Fluttershy walked in to the library and sat down next to her purple unicorn friend.
She made herself comfortable on the couch and everyone was waiting for her to talk.
“So what is it that you want to tell us then?” Rainbow demanded.
Fluttershy smiled and blushed slightly under the gaze of all her friends. “You've probably been wondering why I’ve been so busy?...There is someone I want you to meet, I’d like everyone to be nice and gentle, he’s easily frightened.”
She got up from the couch and walked to the centre of the room, she opened her pouch and everyone just stared.

Very slowly Max popped his head out from the pouch. Everyone stared at him with wide eyes; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “Everyone meet Max, he is the little colt I’m looking after.” Her friends couldn’t believe what was in her saddlebag, they had heard the words but the message didn’t seem to connect to their brains, they were speechless.
“Shucks, was wondering why Winona was barking at you. I thought she learn her lesson the last time she barked at you after her kerfuffle with Angel,'' said Applejack.
“Oh so that is what Sweetie Belle was talking about when she said she saw a unicorn in her pouch!” said Rarity as if the last piece of a puzzle clicked into place.
As Max surveyed the room it hit him he was being watched by all these ponies. He shrieked and quickly disappeared back in the pouch.
“Now Max its ok, no one is going to harm you, so come out.” She gentle grabbed by the nap of his neck with her mouth and gently placed him on the wooden library floor. But his legs were too weak, so he stumbled a bit, he just couldn’t stand up right. Fluttershy intervened by propping him with her hooves, however once she let go he just fell down.
“Awwww, the little thing can’t even stand yet, what an adorable wittle thing!” said Rarity in a rather babyish tone.
Max felt so petrified - everypony had their eyes on him, and they were all so much bigger than him. All these unknown strangers all staring at him, his heart was a flutter with fear.
''Well shoot if he ain’t the spitting image of an adorable, you sure have a cute little colt you got there, Fluttershy, ''said Applejack softly as in hopes not to startle Max anymore than he was.
“Awwww he’s so sweet, is he yours, Fluttershy” Pinkie Pie asked quizzically. Twilight looked at Pinkie Pie in away that was all to familiar to Pinkie Pie; she then continued to reply to Pinkie, “You do know where babies come from... Right?” Pinkie Pie scoffed in response to question, “Of course I do there is the child friendly stork story, then there the adult version when a mare loves a colt....” But before pinkie Pie could get another word out Rarity covered her mouth, Pinkie was still talking but it was inaudible to other ponies.” “What our rather straight-forward Pinkie Pie is getting is what are your plans with the little one?” Rarity asked politely yet the look of curiosity was etched on her face.

Fluttershy looked down at her hoof where Max laid sprawled on the floor, she then proceeded to answer Rarity question. “Well ..I’mm not biological related or .. at least to my knowledge, but…. yeah you could say I’m his mother.”
After Fluttershy’s comment Rainbow Dash couldn’t hold back her sarcastic jeers, ''Hahah! This is so Fluttershy of you to choose the runt of the litter. To think what I thought before was a possibility makes this even more funnier. He’s so small l bet he would get mix up with a rabbit. Hahahaha he’s the size of a rabbit plush but with half the stuffing! Where you get him from Flutttershy, hahahah the bargain bin from the toy store? Couldn't you resist getting the tiniest plush?'' said Rainbow Dash laughing hysterically at her joke. Everyone was taken back by Rainbow Dash’s ludicrously unruly remarks. Rarity removed her hand from pinkie Pie mouth to gasp. Pinkie pie continued on her train of thought, “Then if she really loves you she let you go to the fifteenth level.” Just as Pinkie finished that sentence her brain finally yet her realize what had just occurred around her. So subtly Pinkie Pie said in a disappointed sombre tone, “That’s not funny, it’s just mean-spirited.”
''Now Rainbow, smarten up! Don’t poke fun at the little feller- he can’t help being the size that he is!'' said Applejack smirk, but then realized this wasn’t the time for joking around.
Rainbow Dash picked herself up, still snorting. “Oh lighten up, will you? I'm just teasing with the little guy!”

Unaware to Rainbow Dash, Max was actually quite hurt by this. He found it troubling that someone so colourful and pretty could be so harsh and depressing, it only made Max feel even more empty and useless. Max tried to quietly sob with his front hooves barely covering his face, he just wanted to cover up the tears falling from his eyes and the sobbing noises his mouth was making.

How could such a wonderful pony being such as Fluttershy actually care for me?

Max felt like he was the most worthless, feeble, stupid excuse for a pony be worth of even an ounce of love from such a loving pure creature as Fluttershy.

Max thought to himself, I wish I were dead. No, death is too good for me I should be curse to walk around in the wretched body for all of eternity, never truly being feeling love or affection. Fluttershy said they were nice ponies then why do I feels worse than when I got here, Max thought to himself stewing in his thoughts of self-loathing and pity.

No one noticed that Max was crying because they were too busy bickering about what Rainbow Dash had just said. Then there was a knock at the door they stopped arguing so Twilight could answer the door. It was Spike at the door carrying two big bags of groceries.” “Hello everypony, sorry I was late the market was super busy,” said Spike as he proceeded into the library and put the groceries down. Spike spotted Max on the floor crying; curious Spike asked, “Hey what’s with the crying colt on the floor?” Everyone then turned their attention back to Max.

Fluttershy she felt like such a fool getting over protective when she should have been more supportive; she brought her head to Max. As Fluttershy looked down at Max she did indeed see tears trickling down his face. “Max what’s wrong?” Fluttershy asked in a worried tone, hoping to find what was making him cry. Max put out his left hoof and pointed at Rainbow Dash. “So what did Rainbow Dash say?” asked Spike still confused by the whole ordeal. Twilight Sparkle leaned down and whispered what Rainbow Dash had said in Spike’s ear. As Spike was a about to burst out laugh, he saw out of the corner of his eye Twilight giving him a glare that meant he was going to regret his current action. “HahaHow horrible of you, Rainbow Dash to *snicker *say that to such a bunny-like *mphf* foal. Your .. . better than that!” said Spike before he muffled himself so he wouldn’t make a bigger fool of himself.

Fluttershy picked up Max, she cuddled him in her arms as she normally did to comfort him. Max burying his head in the comfort of Fluttershy’s flowing pink mane and continued to cry. She could feel his little body tremble as he cried, she spoke in her gentle tone, “Shhhhhhhhh, it’s alright, please don’t cry.” Unfortunately Max wasn’t cooperating, he was not calming down.
“Rainbow Dash look what you’ve done...” Fluttershy said calmly as she tended to the distressed foal in her arms.
“What?” asked the clueless blue pegasus.
“Really Rainbow, ya’ll don’t know hurtful words can be to foal of that age.?” said a sarcastic Applejack.
“No...Well I? …It was suppose to be funny? He’s just to sensitive!” Rainbow stumbled to stand up for herself not fully realizing what she said.
“Rainbow, you’ve hurt his feelings” said Twilight.
“Indeed Dash, you really shouldn’t be making fun of him for his size, now you’ve hurt him, the poor thing,” said Rarity.
“Hey! What about Spike? he was laughing at him too!” Rainbow pointed accusingly at Spike.
“We’re not talking about Spike; we’re talking about you! You hurt a young pony’s feelings, and you’re the one who said the mean joke,” scolded Rarity.
Rainbow Dash glanced over at Fluttershy, she was trying to calm down Max. At the moment he had stopped crying but he was still teary-eyed, seeing the little foal like this made Rainbow Dash feel like the biggest jerk ever.
“Oh okay, I guess I went too far with the joke,” Rainbow Dash recurrently apologized while rubbing the back of her neck.
“I think, ya’ll should be apologizing to the litt---“Applejack paused as she realised what she was about to say,” I mean you should be apologizing to the max.”
Rainbow Dash walked over to Fluttershy, “Max” Rainbow Dash asked in a nervous voice. Max brought his head up from Fluttershy's hair. His little eyes were bloodshot, as he saw the big blue bully pony looking down at him he started to cry again.

“No-no wait please don’t start crying! Max, I’m sorry for what I said about you,” said Rainbow Dash recurrently to say anything in case it might set Max off even further.
Max stopped his crying as one of his ear perked up he heard the word sorry.
“I didn’t mean to make you cry. I was just making a general observation and just trying to get a laugh that’s all. I didn’t mean hurt your feeling and I didn't mean anything by that stuff anyways, please forgive me. I know now, I was being an idiot...” Rainbow Dash dreaded that Max would never forgive her and hate her forever.
Max was hesitant in what he should do. He didn’t know whether he should accept her apology or not, Rainbow was getting nervous; while awaiting Max’s answer.
Max looked up at Fluttershy who could tell what he was thinking. She nodded at him with a smile on her face, he look up at Rainbow Dash. He gave a weak smile and nodded. A noticeable wave relief washed across Rainbow Dash’s face.
“Are you going to be alright now?” asked Fluttershy, Max nodded, and she then placed him down on the floor where he struggled to stand upright at first but he eventually was able to stand by himself.
“Why doesn’t everyone come up and introduce themselves to him?” suggested Fluttershy relaxed now that Max wasn’t upset.
''Sure, that sounds like a good idea, I’ll go first if that’s alright Fluttershy?” Fluttershy nodded at Twilight. As Twilight approached, Max was weary of her. He moved behind Fluttershy’s legs as she came closer, she brought herself down so that she was now eye level with him.
“Hello there, I’m Twilight Sparkle; this place is my library. It’s where a pony can read and learn about many great things, you’re welcome to borrow some books for Fluttershy to read to you. What do you think about that?”

Max didn't utter a word, he just stared at the purple unicorn.
“What’s wrong little guy, I’m not that scary, am I?” Twilight joked.
“Oh, he doesn’t talk yet, although he can answer yes or no questions....I was the one who named him max, he seems to like that name, that’s really how far I’ve gotten with him because he dosen’t remember anything of his past .”
“Awwwweeee you can’t talk yet! Could I please see one of your hooves?” Twilight wanted to examine Max as she was wondering as to why he was quite small in his size.
Max was a bit nervous to let some stranger touch him, on the other hoof he didn’t think she would hurt him. Max lifted his right hoof up for Twilight inspect, who gently took it hoof and inspected it from every angle.
“Peculiar indeed,” Twilight muttered.
“What is it, what so peculiar?” asked Fluttershy.
“His hooves, they're not like a normal ponies, they seem much more like Applejack's but still different from her,” Twilight was surprised at his hooves, but Max was getting too frightened of Twilight and pulled his hoof away from her. “Hey wait I wasn’t finished looking.”
“Twilight I think he's had enough of you, someone else come up.” Twilight Sparkle stood up and walked back to her place.
“I’ll go next” said Rarity as she walked towards Max, he squeaked and hid again.
“Max don’t be rude, come out and meet Rarity,” Fluttershy tried to coax Max to come out but his whole body was in lockdown, he wasn’t moving an inch.
Rarity brought her face down so she could see him but he didn't look at her. ”Hello there Max, my name is Rarity. I make all sorts of designer clothes and accessories for all sorts of ponies, I bet I could make you an adorable little outfit!”
How this white unicorn carried herself reminded Max of something or someone in his past. He didn’t know if it was positive or negative, all he knew was it was painful to remember.
Max just tightened his grip on Fluttershy’s leg, Fluttershy could start to feel the pressure of him digging into her leg.
“Errr.....Rarity....I think some else should come up now” Rarity was disheartened by his response to her but she respected Fluttershy’s concern in not wanting to agitating him again. Twilight whisper to rarity, “hey do you think he might be afraid of you rarity”, rarity frown at twilight unhappily.
“Why would he have any reason to be scare of me, he’s probably had some of fluttershy’s shyness rub off on him that’s all” rarity whisper back at twilight, who in return just rolled her eyes at her friend. You may not know fear when you see it rarity but I can see fear from a mile away, that unicorn was scare of you, twilight thought to herself.
Next to come up to Max was Applejack, as soon as Rarity was some distance from Max he trotted forward to Applejack.
“Howdy there Max, my name is Applejack, my family owns Sweet Apple Acres, and it’s one of the biggest and best apple farm in all of Equestria if I do say so myself.” Max found Applejack to be nice, he liked the hat she was wearing, but he found her accent was intriguing to the speed she talked was at times hard to understand.

Next to approach Max was Pinkie Pie, she bounced over to Fluttershy excitedly, she couldn't wait to meet Max, she took a deep breath then began to sing her greetings, “Welcome, welcome to Ponyville! It's such a good pleasure to finally meet you, my name is Pinkie Pie and soon you will see that you and me we’ll be the very best of friends!!” after she finished her little song she lowered her head to Max’s level, his face was a one of surprise.
How did she make up a song on the spot like that Max thought to hime, little did the foal realize that was the same question everyone asks themselves when they first meet infamous Pinkie Pie.

Then it was finally Rainbow Dash's turn, she had already planned out in her head what she was going to say to him. ''So hey...there....I’m Rainbow Dash, or you can call me by my title as the fastest flyer in all Equestria!” Rainbow loves boasting about her flying skills but she was just a show off, which really didn’t impress Max that much and proceeded to go back under Fluttershy’s legs. Rainbow Dash realized that she was going to have to really try her best to make up for those comments she made earlier to even try to get back on Max’s good graces.

And last but not least it was Spike's turn, no one was sure how Max would react to Spike. Spike sauntered over to Max, “Hi, I'm Spike, Twilight Sparkle’s number one assistant. Spike put emphasis on the word one. Unlike the other ponies Max didn’t feel scared of Spike, he came out from Fluttershy’s legs to take a closer looked at the purple dragon.
Max tilted his head to one side as he examined Spike. Everyone looked at Max as they found his curiosity to be adorable. So this is a dragon, huh? It’s not as scary as Fluttershy made them out to be, so exotic compared to a pony. Max thought. Suddenly he tripped losing his balance because of how lost he was in his own thoughts. Luckily Spike thought fast and caught him, helping him back up on his hooves.

“There you are, careful where your walking or you could have hurt yourself next time” said Spike. Max smiled at Spike and came over to the little dragon to give him a hug. Due to max’s height he could only reach spike’s stomach which wasn’t a problem as such, it just made spike feel so what good about himself, normally he was the smallest of his friends, now max took that spot, and he was being hugged by someone smaller than him.

Everyone aaaaw'ed, they found it so sweet that Max was giving Spike a hug for helping him. Everyone gazed happily at the scene, everyone except Spike who found the whole thing to be childish and annoying. “ Awww come on guys stop looking at me like that. Hey Max could you maybe stop hugging me it was really nothing,” said Spike embarrassed at all the attention he was getting. ”Looks like you've made a new friend, Spike” said Twilight in an over-sentimental tone.
Spike blushed,” It was nothing anybody else would have done the same, I just stopped him from falling over.”
“Oh but it wasn’t just that, you helped the little thing find it’s feet , your so kind my little Spikey wikey” said Rarity feeling proud of Spike, which only caused Spike to blush more hearing Rarity say this.

After Max finished hugging Spike he when back to Fluttershy's side, “Max you’ve met all my friends, is there anything you want to say to them?” asked Fluttershy
Max looked around, they were all looking at him, he opened his mouth a little, everyone was on the edge of their seat leaning forward, curious at what Max would say. “Aaaachooo!” Max sneezed.
“Bless you!” said Fluttershy.
The others felt disappointed, it was just a false alarm.
“So you’re going to be looking after him like a parent or something” asked Spike.
“I’m hoping so, I really love Max with all my heart and he really seems to love me, don’t you Max” Fluttershy brought her head down to Max who nuzzled her face.

''What about your animals, what are you going to do after they wake up from their winter hibernation?” asked Twilight.
Fluttershy brought her face back up from nuzzling Max to answer Twilight, “I guess I'm going to have to look after less of them now.”
“What about Angel, isn’t he going to be jealous of Max?” replied Twilight.
“Angel is just going to have to accept him, Max is more important to me now.”
Her friends couldn’t believe what they were hearing, this whole thing was like some bizarre dream, Fluttershy was caring for a foal, she was thinking of getting rid of some of her animals, animals were her life she had always loved them. Fluttershy had been known for her tenderness towards animals. She was even being less shy, Max had really started to change her. But is it for better or for worse, Twilight Sparkle pondered it for a moment before snapping back to reality.

“So Sweetie Belle wasn’t lying earlier, Fluttershy” said Rarity, looking angry at Fluttershy.
''I’m sorry...but I didn’t think he was really ready to meet you all yet...'' said a defeated Fluttershy,
Rarity sighed, ''It’s ok Fluttershy,'' she could never stay mad at Fluttershy.

Then suddenly Max was snatched up by Pinkie Pie who hugged him tight. “Oh my gosh he's so cute and small like a teddy bear. I just never want to let him go, oh we’re going to throw you a big party just for you!!' said Pinkie Pie.
Max tried to break her grip but she was too strong. She's hugging me too tight - I can barely breathe! “He’s so soft ,like a big soft marshmallow” huuuuu I think the marshmallow you’re talking about are my organs. Max felt like she was squishing his entire innards out. “Pinkie Pie! Put him down, he doesn’t like being picked up,” said Fluttershy worryingly.
“But he sooooooooo cute I just want to hug him for like forever!” said Pinkie Pie. Please, just do what she said you pink idiot or I think I’m going to pass out.
“PUT HIM DOWN NOW! YOU'RE CRUSHING HIM!” Fluttershy shouted.
Pinkie Pie quickly did what Fluttershy said, Max shrieked as he got released from the bone crushing grip, he crawled over to Fluttershy and hid behind her legs.

“Pinkie Pie, look what you’ve done! You've really scared him” Fluttershy wasn’t very happy, she came here so Max could see how nice her friends were, but already she was proven wrong by rainbow dash and Pinkie Pie.
''Sorry Fluttershy, but I can’t help myself, his just too cute,'' said Pinkie Pie.
“Look, he is not a toy Pinkie, so be careful,” said Twilight Sparkle.
“Pinkie, just look at Max” Pinkie looked down at the little colt she had just hugged, he was quivering nervously, and when Pinkie tried get close to him Max kept moving away from her.
''Sorry little Maxie, I don’t mean to hurt you..'' she said, looking a bit sad for what she had done.
''It’s ok Pinkie, just be careful,'' said Fluttershy.

“Okay dokay Fluttershy” said Pinkie becoming her happy self again..
Max was too scared to do anything now, so he just stood there. Fluttershy brought her head down to max, he quickly rushed to her fluttershy, “there there now max calm down she didn’t mean to hurt you” she nuzzled him to calm him from his ordeal with pinkie pie.
Applejack couldn’t wait any longer and asked the question they all had been thinking. ''So Fluttershy...how on earth did ya find him anyway?'' asked Applejack. “Yeah where you get max from and why is he bandaged up like that” asked an impetuous Rainbow Dash. "It’s kind of a long story, I haven’t told max yet how I found”, fluttershy thought if she should say it in front of max, although he probably wouldn’t hurt him, “well alright I’ll tell you.”
"It all started about...8 days ago. I remember it was night time. I was really tired after Pinkie's party, so I made my way to my house by taking a shortcut across Sweet Apple Acres. As I was leaving the farm grounds, I thought I heard something rustling in the bushes. I was about to strike it up as the wind and continue on my way home. Then all of a sudden it started to snow and as the wind picked up, I started running so I would get got in the freak storm. After a while, I heard the same noise again - it was somewhere close by. Then something caught the corner of my eye, so, simply thinking it was a bird or a rabbit I went to investigate. What I saw was horrifying!”
It was a small blue colt, lying in a pool of his own blood, shivering from the cold, unconscious and bleeding heavily, and was barely breathing! His wings were twitching mindlessly as if they were trying to fly, I could he was still alive but he would be for much long if I didn’t do something. I had to do something quick or he wouldn't survive. Since Ponyville's hospital was too far away, I had to take him to my cottage to treat his wounds. I decided to take him home as fast as I could, knowing that if I didn’t he wouldn’t live to see the morning.
When I got home I rush to my first aid kit I cleaned his cut and also stopped the bleeding. Then I bandaged him up, and I gave him a bed in the spare room. I stayed by his bed the whole night; I was so worried about him. He was in a deep sleep for about a week. I kept checking on him every hour of the week. I was so worried that he would die. And then yesterday at about three pm I came to his room and he’d moved. He was awake! I was so happy that he made it, and that's why you're all meeting him today.''

After Fluttershy had finished everyone in the room was in tears, even Rainbow was crying a bit.
''Wow Fluttershy, that really is amazing how such a small thing is still alive.'' said Twilight, with tear still running down her face.
''But wait did you say wings?'' asked a befuddled Rainbow, peering curiously at the foal.
“Uh-huh.” Fluttershy picked Max up, she started to remove his bandages from his chest, and sure as day there were wings, little dark blue wings at his sides.
''Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh Fluttershy! Do You know what this?!'' said an ecstatic Twilight.
“Err....what” said Fluttershy, a little confused, she didn’t realise how special max was but she would soon find out.
“He’s not a unicorn, he’s an alicorn! Only the rarest pony type you can get! The only alicorns are Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance!'' said Twilight.

“Really?” Fluttershy suddenly felt proud that she was looking after a rare alicorn foal. Rainbow flew up in the air,”Wooo-whooo arrr-yeah score one for the Pegasus ponies!” she happily cheered.
Everyone chattered excitedly about how they could help him, and the whole time Max just stood behind Fluttershy, too scared to move.
Rainbow Dash was saying that she could teach him how to fly; Rarity was saying that she needed someone to model for her new foal range of clothes but Max didn’t like the sound of that at all. Applejack was saying that her sister may have a new friend...meaning more trouble from the Crusaders, and Pinkie was just bouncing around thinking about the party she had planned for him.
Fluttershy was happy her friends were showing some interest in max.

''..So Fluttershy....Max has no memory at all?'' asked Twilight.
''No, he doesn't seem to remember anything . ..'' said Fluttershy.
''Well, I have a spell that might just help...''
''Errr... Twilight, I don’t think that's such a good idea... I-I mean he’s not so strong, and it could hurt him more.''
''Ohhh come on it won’t do anything bad! I promise, what's the worst thing that could happen?'' said Twilight as her know-all self.
''Well I just don’t know that it's safe that’s all,'' said Fluttershy unsure of what she was saying herself.
''Oh come now dear. It's just a spell to help Max to get his memory back, nothing bad could happen'' comforted Rarity.
Fluttershy let out a sigh of defeat. ''Fine, you can try the memory spell as long as you say its safe'' said Fluttershy.

''Ok girls stand back, let's get started then, shall we?'' said Twilight. 'Now, Max, come here,'' said Twilight playfully calling out to Max.
But he didn’t move, he didn’t want to leave Fluttershy’s side. “Oh Max, you need to go to Twilight so she can help you.” Max shook his head. I’m not moving. But before Fluttershy could say anything, Twilight used her magic to levitate him over to her. He tries to move, but his hoofs didn’t touch the ground. She brought him over to her face.
“Now,'' said twilight “we can get started.”

Twilight lowered her head, and her eyes scrunched up with the look of concentration on her face. Her horn started to glow, giving off a deep purple light that lit up the room and cast long black shadows around the library. As she gathered the magical energy needed for the spell, she looked back up at Max, and her eyes were shining with the magic’s crackling purple light.
Max looked at his own forehead, and watched as his horn started to glow faintly. Suddenly, he felt himself slipping away and his vision went white as snow. He felt an odd sensation in his head. That must be Twilight...looking for my memories...
Suddenly he felt a big CRACK in his head. What is she doing?! What’s happening to me?! CRACK - he felt another shockwave.

Wait, what’s wrong? I can't seem to find anything in his mind! No! I’ve got to look harder, there must be something, Twilight thought to herself. Max shrieked as a sharp pain enter his head. Everyone watched in horror as the scene unfolded, Fluttershy could see Max crying out in pain, she knew something was going to go horribly wrong.
Fluttershy shouted, “TWILIGHT! STOP IT QUICK!”
But it was too late; there was a big bang as an explosion of purple magic flung Twilight Sparkle back into one of her bookshelves. She hit the bookshelves hard, and an avalanche of books fell on top of her.
Applejack and Rarity rushed over to Twilight.
''Ya’ll alright Twilight?'' asked a concerned Applejack.
“Yes....I think I’m alright, but...that's never happen before...” replied Twilight.
But Max was far from fine, Max was screaming in pain. An array of pictures, words, voices were flooding through his head, he felt like he was going completely insane. Max was on the floor huddled in a ball, crying and shaking like mad.
“MAX!” shouted Fluttershy as she rushed over to him. She gasped when she saw what was wrong. There was a massive crack going down the centre of his horn. Little tendrils of crimson blood were running down from the horn onto his forehead.
Fluttershy shook with fear and anger as she turned around to face her friends.

“TWILIGHT!” shouted Fluttershy angrily. ”What have you done, he’s hurt and bleeding!”
“Sorry Fluttershy, I didn't mean to hurt him....” mumbled a distraught Twilight Sparkle still shaken by what had just unfolded.
Fluttershy was furious, she didn’t wait for Twilight to finish her sentence before ripping into Twilight.
''It's a bit late for that! I asked you that it wasn’t a good idea but no – miss know-it-all always know what's best, don't you!'' She walked over to Max without even missing a beat. ''I mean you always know what to do because you just sit and read books all day. You've never truly experienced the real world as much as you should have, Nooooo, you' haven’t cared for injured animals like I have Twilight. You’re always held up in your library reading most of the time, but with all that reading your still clueless.''

Tears dotted at Twilight's face; she’d never seen Fluttershy so enraged like this. Nobody had really got Fluttershy so riled up before.
Fluttershy turned to pick the little broken alicorn up but she scared him, by reflex his little hoof swung out and hit her in the face.
''Ow Max, you hit me!'' said Fluttershy shocked.
Max had given a bruise beneath her eye. She tried to pick him up but he screamed in pain as his mind was preoccupied with chaotic torment that was going on in his head. She persisted and very gently lifted him back into the pouch.
Everypony else was silent watching this scene occur in front of them until Twilight spoke up, “Fluttershy, are you sure you can even look after Max all on your own? It might be better if he goes into foster care with a family who can handle him.”
“What are you trying to say - that I can’t look after a foal is that it? No. I’m not going to give him up like that, I promised him that I would never abandon him!”
”Fluttershy, please you’re not being reasonable here. He could go to someponys who could really help him through, it would mean you wouldn’t see him that much anymore” Twilight pleaded to Fluttershy’s reasonable side.
Fluttershy kept going on her angry frustrated rant, “No, now you listen here, why should I have to abandon him, I’m the one who found him. I took him into my home and named him. I took care of him while he was recovering and now you just want me to give him up. Just let him think that I don’t love him, that I abandon him. No I’m not going to do that, if you think I should just abandon him then I guess you’re not really my friends.”
And with that, Fluttershy stormed out of the library whisking Max away in her saddlebag.

“What’s with her? I don't think I've ever seen her like that,” said Rarity. Applejack went to twilight’s side and put a hoof on her shoulder, she was still quite upset with how one of her best friends just treated her, “it’s ok twilight, you won’t to know that the little feller would react like that.”
“But twilight was the one who wanted to use the spell on max, so isn’t it technically twilight’s f----“ applejack shot spike an angry look, spike instantly shut his mouth in fear of applejack applebucking him. “I know it was my fault but why did she have to be so mean, she’s suppose to the element of kindness” said the twilight still sobbing. “Yes it was most unlike fluttershy to be angry with us like that” said rarity.
Rainbow Dash sigh “You guys I've known Fluttershy for a long time, but I’m her oldest friend. Something once happened that she still blames herself for what happened....Flutt....Fluttershy lost her foal...” said Rainbow Dash, barely holding back her tears.
“What...Fluttershy....lost....her...foal” said Twilight Sparkle in a surprised tone of voice.
“Yes... I was there when it happened...'' Rainbow Dash rehashed what happened on that dreadful day.
It was a few years ago. Fluttershy was six months pregnant and very happy with her boyfriend, her life couldn’t be better. I was in the Ponyville Park with Fluttershy, she was happy, we were talking about names for the foal. I was talking to her about my Wonderbolts tryout a little later that day. Time went on and before I knew it, it was time the tryout, I said goodbye ready to wow the judges with my amazing tricks. But as I flew off, I heard her scream. Then it happened - Fluttershy collapsed to the ground. There was a lot of blood and she was in lots of pain, I panicked at that moment, what was I to do, I then quickly realised what to do, I picked Fluttershy up, I placed her on my back and rushed her to the hospital as fast as I could. When I got there the doctors tried everything to her save her.
The usually brave pony's voice was breaking. When she came to I was able to go in to her room and see her. She looked so weak, so pale. She could barely talk a word. Then the doctor came and gave the bad news, the news that broke Fluttershy’s heart.

Rainbow Dash was finding it hard to speak, what she had to say next wasn’t easy. “Fluttershy had a........” the rainbow pony couldn’t hold her tears back any longer, “fluttershy has a miscarriage, her body wasn’t able to keep the pregnancy. At that moment she just broke down crying, a-and I cried with her too. I missed my Wonderbolts tryout because being with my friend when she really needed me was more important to me than anything else. She was never the same since that day. She broke up with her boyfriend and he left town. Just seeing him reminded her of what had happened, it was the best decision for both of them. It still broke her heart to make that decision. I tried so hard to help Fluttershy after the miscarriage.... except she became depressed and.... she d-didn’t want to live any more. I spent so much time with her, I almost had to be her bodyguard against herself. It took months for her to recover, even when she did recover she was never the same. I never brought this up, so please nopony say anything about this to her.”

Actual tears were running down Rainbow’s face at having to recall these memories, she promised herself she would never relive that moment. Pinkie Pie and Rarity were bawling their eyes out nobody in the room could barely make what they were saying if anything at all.
''Poor darlin'...why ever didn’t she think about adoption? She'd make a great mother...'' asked Applejack.
“She didn’t like that - she felt that it was wrong taking a child that wasn't hers” said Rainbow Dash.
“So is that why she’s so shy” said Pinkie Pie in between wiping tears from her face.

“Oh Celestia, what have I done? I’ve hurt our friend's feelings..'' said Twilight. She felt so guilty for using her memory spell on Max. “Our friend came to us with an ill pony and we made him even worse, what sorry excuse for friends are we?”

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