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My Little Hope: Caring is Magic - batman0889

fluttershy finds an abandoned colt and try to help him but is fluttershy capable of being a mother

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chapter 2 A small day out

Chapter 2 - A Small Day Out

The next morning, Max awoke with the beautiful morning sun beaming on him. He was still lying down in Fluttershy’s arms. She was still deeply asleep, holding Max just as she did all night. For the moment, he just laid there in her arms peacefully, her body heat keeping him warm. That was one of those moments where it just felt great to be alive. Where your outlook on the world is really beautiful for what you have, when you can appreciate life for what it truly is, and yet Max felt happy for what he had in this world. He still didn’t know what it’s like outside, in the real world, and he wanted to see it, but right now he was happy where he was, with Fluttershy. For about an hour, he just laid there, relaxed and snuggling with Fluttershy. His whole mind was at ease just watching her sleep. Just in the arms of his mommy, who, he loved more than anything.
Then, as if somepony pressed the start button, Fluttershy started to wake up and the day could begin. She sleepily yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as her mind started coming to realisation of the past events. She smiled happily at Max, still a bit sleepy.

“Good moooooooooorning, my sweet little Max. Did you sleep alright?” she asked with a sleepy yawn.
Max nodded. It was one of the most peaceful nights of my life, Max thought to himself.
“Oh good, I was so glad you kept me company last night, you sweet little thing”. As she looked at Max, she suddenly realised that she was still holding him in her arms.

“Oh. I guess I slept with you in my arms all night Hehe, silly me”. She let go of Max and sat up in her bed.
Fluttershy looked outside the window “Well, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day today, what should we do today, Max?”
Max didn’t really know how to answer this question, so he just did what he normally did at questions like this, shrugged his shoulders.
”Oh well, I’ll need to go into town get some things. Since I wasn’t really expecting you, I didn’t stock up enough food for the both of us, so I’ve got to go get some more. Do you want to come with me?”
Max nodded, he didn’t like being on his own.
Well, of course I’m not leaving Max on his own, Fluttershy thought to herself.
“Ok then we’re going into town, but first we should have some breakfast, don’t you think?”Max nodded. I could really go for something to eat right about now, he thought to himself.
“Ok Max, I’ll go make us some breakfast. I’ll be back in a sec.”
Fluttershy jumped out of bed and landed softly on the floor. She had a quick stretch of her legs and headed downstairs. So now Max was all on his own, just lying there in the soft bed with Mr. Button Brown. This gave him some time with his thoughts. His mind started to wonder off on its own, as all minds do, but soon his mind came back to last night’s dream.
He remembered every single detail of the horrible dream. He felt all the fear he felt in his dream, striking his heart like a silver arrow. Just thinking of it made his spine shiver.
The white unicorn who was she? How could anypony enjoy butchering someone like that? I remember her laugh as she cut into my flesh, she really enjoyed my pain and there was a lot of it. But the face of the pony, it seemed somewhat familiar to me in some way. Maybe my mind is trying to tell me something, but what is it trying to tell me? Max sighed. Maybe I should just forget about it after all, I mean it’s just a dream, they don’t always make sense, he thought to himself. So Max tries to think about something less morbid, anything to get his mind off that dream. So what are Fluttershy’s friends like? Are they like her? Nice, sweet, kind and caring, or are they different?Max wonders this for a while.
Soon after that, Fluttershy finished cooking breakfast and was coming up the stairs. Max could hear the sound of humming. Fluttershy was in such a good mood that morning, she just felt like humming to herself. She came back into the room with two bowls of oatmeal, some more bandages and a glass of medicine. As soon as Max saw that glass and what it was containing, he felt a lump in his throat and a bad feeling in his stomach. Max looked at Fluttershy with an unhappy look on his face knowing of the pain that was to come.

“Yes I know, Max, you don’t like the medicine, but I only want what’s best for you and this will help you get through the day.” She looks at Max with the big, blue eyed look again. For some reason Max couldn’t say no to her. It must be the eyes. That have to be it, Max thought to himself. So Max gave in and nodded in agreement. She walked over and placed the two bowls on the table, then over to Max. She helps Max up and brings the drink to him. Max took a deep breath for the horror that he was about to receive. Then, like lightning, he gulps the whole drink not missing a single drop, trying not to throw up from the gut wrenching taste. Max let out a sigh of relief after the feeling of being sick had gone.
“See Max? It’s not that bad” Fluttershy said trying hard not to laugh at Max’s face, the look on his face was just priceless.
Max looked at Fluttershy with anger in his eyes. You're enjoying this aren’t you? Max thought to himself.
“Well, now that you had your medicine, you can have some breakfast” Fluttershy giggled.
She brought a bowl over to Max and started feeding him the yummy oatmeal. She started to talk to him while she fed him.
“Ok, first we’re going to see my friend, Rarity. I haven’t seen any of my friends in a while, and Rarity might be able to help with some clothes. See, Rarity is a famous dress designer and if anyone can help with clothes, it’s her! Then we’re going to Sweet Apple Acres to get some food from my friend, Applejack. During the winter, she helps me with the food. And maybe if you’re lucky we can go get something from Sugarcube Corner. One of my best friends, Pinkie Pie, works there.” Max looked at Fluttershy, a little confused as to what she was going on about.
“All my best friends are special. We share a very strong and unique bond.”
Max looked at her, confused again. Hmm, maybe I should tell Max about my friends so he can understand, Fluttershy thought to herself, but where to start?

Fluttershy started to tell Max everything, her six friends, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, and Discord. By the time she had finished talking; Max had already finished his oatmeal.

“Ok, now I’m going to eat, and then we’re going to get ready to go in town, ok?” Max nodded she gave him a lot to think about. Like what is a dragon? And what does a Sonic Rainboom look like? Really, she ate a whole cake in one bite? Max understood some of what Fluttershy said but he was still felt confused with some things.
When she finished eating her oatmeal, she picked the bowls and glasses up. She went downstairs and put them in the sink.
Today is going to be great, I just know it! Fluttershy thought to herself as she came back upstairs into her room.

She went to her dresser and got a brush from one of the drawers. She gently brushes her long pink mane, and then put some makeup on. She went to her closet and brought out some things. A jacket, two pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes, ears muffs, a saddle bag and a blanket. She put the socks and shoes on first, then the jacket and the ear muffs. She then straps on the saddle bag. She wrapped Max up the blanket and gently places him in the right pouch with Mr. Button Brown. He was small, he fit right in the pouch with no problem.
“Read to go, Max?” He nodded with his head sticking out the pouch. “Ok then, let’s go”. She went downstairs. She got to the door and stop. She reaches for something on the small table and put it in the left pouch.
“Can’t forget the bits to pay!” she said.

She opened the door stepped outside into the world. Max stared in awe, seeing the outside world for the first time, everything was cover in white snow, from tops of the forest trees to the snow cover hills everything was cover in the snow.

“Max this is winter, this is when it gets colder and then it snow, that white stuff is snow, just be careful it really cold snow, you could froze bit if you get too cold” fluttershy was talking in a lower tone to try and tech max about winter”.

Cooool the snow looks fun, ooooo what’s that oh and that and that max had a curious mind and like all curious minds, he was amazed by new things.

Fluttershy walked through the snow in her casual way, her hooves crunching softly on the soft snow. Max was just looked around at everything he could see. The snow was beautiful; it covered everything in a thin layer of frost, making the world glitter. Everything was so beautiful and peaceful .Max could see his own small breaths as they twisted in the air making snowflakes dance. It was all relaxing and silent aside from the birds singing their morning song. But the silence and peace was intruded by the sound of someone shouting.
Followed by a loud TUMP as if somepony had hit the ground. Fluttershy went over to the crash site that was a pile of snow. Suddenly, Max saw a large grey pony with wings.
“Oh hey, Derpy....umm....Are you alright ?”Fluttershy asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. It's nothing new, I’m always crashing into things.”

Derpy stood up and shook all the snow off of her face and wings. Her mane was yellow and she had some grey bubbles on her flanks. Once she opened her eyes, Max shrieked in fear and quickly pulled the lid down of the pouch of saddle bags. Derpy's eyes were yellow and creepily off-center.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare the little foal.”Derpy said “Is he going to be ok?” Derpy said in a sad, derpy way.

“Don’t worry; Max is just a very shy pony. You just surprised him, that’s all” Fluttershy said. Max slowly pops his head out of the pouch.
“Hey there Max, I’m Derpy Hooves! I’m the mail pony. I didn’t mean to scare you, sorry about that.” Max just stared at her.
“Oh, I guess you noticed my silly eyes. Don’t worry; I won’t hurt you, Max. My silly little eyes may look weird, but I’m your average, happy-go-lucky mail pony!”
Huh what, was she saying something? I was too busy staring at her weird eyes to pay any attention to what she was saying .Max thought to himself.
“What’s the matter, little foal? Did one of Fluttershy’s cats get your tongue?”
“Oh sorry, Max doesn’t talk yet” said Fluttershy.
Actually I was too busy staring at her eyes but either is fine, Max thought to himself.
“Oh okay then, just as long as he’s alright. He sure is small, even smaller than my daughter, Dinky.” “Yeah I know, but he’s very intelligent for his age.”

“Oh that max is extremely curious, he wants to know all he can” derpy chuckled, "Yeah reminds he of young pony I once knew." Fluttershy replying slightly surprised, "You know Twilight when she was young?"
Derpy laughed, "Fluttershy always were a bit clueless in certain areas. I was talking about you, silly filly. You saying you don't remember all the times you came to me and Rainbow Dash to regale us stories about the different species of animals you saw when visiting the ground.
so anyway, what brings you here?” asked Fluttershy. “Oh yeah, your mail” remembered Derpy. The mail pony searched into her bag, brought out some mail and handed it to Fluttershy. Fluttershy then put it in the left pouch of the saddle bag.
“Sorry but I’ve got to get going. I’m on thin ice with my boss since that accident when I dropped the piano on Twilight, I swear it was a accident!”.
“Oh that’s ok. See you later then” Fluttershy said.
Fluttershy waved goodbye to Derpy as she started to fly away. Derpy waved back hitting several trees.
“That’s Derpy, she's always bumping into things, but at least she’s a good mother for Dinky.”
Fluttershy continued to walk toward town. On the way through the snowy paths to Ponyville, there were young ponies everywhere, playing in the snow and having snowball fights. Max kept the lid of the pouch down tightly, just in case a snowball came his way. Fluttershy stopped for a minute and watched all the young ponies play. As she watched the ponies play in the snow she thought of all the moment like this she could have with Max. She thought of when she could play with Max in the snow ,when he would say his first word, and what it would be, getting to help him with his life , she felt the joy of what having a child is like and she was going to enjoy it. After her quick day dream she continued to walk through the snowy path once more.
After a few minutes they both finally arrived at Ponyville which was a busy place with everypony busy with something to do. There are shops, homes, food stands, market stands flower stands and many, many more wonderful things. Max was amazed by what he saw, he had never seen something like this before in his life. There where unicorn ponies, Pegasus ponies, earth ponies, and young ponies everywhere. Strange, Max thought. There aren’t any ponies with horn and wings?Max just kept the lid of the pouch down and poked out a hole in the pouch to see. Fluttershy kept walking through Ponyville until she finally reaches her destination.
Carousel Boutique. It was a very tall building like a tower and so beautifully designed.
“Ok Max this is Rarity’s home. We're going in to talk to her, but I don’t think you’re ready to meet my friends yet, so if you could keep your head down that might be the best thing to do, ok?”. Max nodded and put the lied down in the pouch. Fluttershy opens the door of the boutique and went in. As she went in, Max could not believe his eyes. It was such a beautiful place with so many wonderful colours he had never seen before. Fluttershy was met by a “Hello!” from somepony coming downstairs.
As the pony came downstairs Max’s heart stood still. She was beautiful white unicorn, with a purple mane and tail. She had beautiful dark blue eye with long eyelashes and three blue dots on her flanks.

“Oh hello Fluttershy dear, I haven’t seen you in a while! We really should meet up more!” said Rarity.
That was the pony in Max’s dream. Max felt really scared of Rarity. Maybe it was a sight to keep clear of this pony, Max thought to himself.
“Oh I’m sorry... I’ve just been a little busy with the errr.... animals lately” Fluttershy answered quietly.
Rarity raises an eyebrow. It's winter, most of her animals are hibernating, how could she be so busy? Something doesn’t fit with her story, Rarity thought to herself. It’s probably nothing I mean Fluttershy wouldn’t lie to one of her best friends
“So Fluttershy dear, what brings you to my Boutique, anyway?” Rarity asked.
“Oh, well a friend of mine just had a foal and I want to give her some foal clothes as a gift” said Fluttershy, followed by a squeak.
“Well dear, you came to the best place for clothes. Hmmm, foal clothes… they're on the top floor. Ok then, let’s go look for some clothes” said Rarity feeling excited that she could finally do some clothes shopping with Fluttershy. Normally, Fluttershy was not the type of pony to indulge them with clothes. Fluttershy was quite shy about her body especially when Fluttershy did modeling for Photo Finish.
“Ok then, let me just put my saddle bags down first”.
She carefully unstrapped the pouches and lay them down gently. She whispers to Max,
“I’m just going upstairs with Rarity to look for some clothes for you, ok? I'll be back in a minute”. With that, Fluttershy went upstairs with Rarity to look for some foal clothes.
For several minutes he waited, then got bored and decided to have a look around. He jumped out the pouch and started to look around. There were many things to look at. There were coloured stones that shined in the sunlight, fabric with weird patterns on them and a creepy modelling pony. Then something caught the corner of his eye, something moving. It was a mirror. He came towards it. He hadn’t seen what he looked like and became curious. He was very small but didn’t realize how small he was. He had a small body with a slightly larger head. He was very skinny. His eyes were blue. His mane and ponytail were dark blue. But for some reason, didn’t have anything on his flanks. Why don't I have any marks on my flanks? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening.
“Hey Rarity, I’m home!”
He quickly jumped back into the pouch and closed the lid, hoping that the pony didn’t see him.
“Hey Rarity, where are you?” said Sweetie Belle.
Sweetie Belle suddenly stopped and stared at the pouch. She saw something moving. Now, any normal pony would have just ignored it, but Sweetie Belle was a Cutie mark Crusader and she and her friends were always being nosey. She came over to the pouch and lifted the lid.
There was a shriek from Max and Sweetie Belle was in shock.
“Hey, you’re really small. You’re even smaller the Pipsqueak, and he is really small. So who are you?” she asked.
Max said nothing. He wasn’t going to start talking to a pony he had just met. Sweetie Belle was a white unicorn. Her mane and ponytail were a light purple and pink. Her eyes were green and she had no marks on her flanks. She really scared Max.
“What the matter? Can’t talk or something?”She said.
He nodded.
“Well, my name’s Sweetie Belle, and Rarity is my big sister. My mom and dad are on holiday and she's been looking after me. Do you have a mom and dad?”, she asked
He shrugged his shoulders.
“What? You don’t know if you have a mom and dad?” She said.
He nodded.
“What the matter? You got no memory or something?”
He nodded. For a filly, she sure asked a lot of questions. But what do you get if you can’t talk and you’re facing a young filly who doesn’t know the fact of life yet.
So Max just stayed quiet and stared at her. She gave up and asked him a different question.
“So you got your Cutie Mark yet?” she asked.
Max look at her confused. What was a Cutie Mark? He thought to himself…
“What? You don’t know what a Cutie Mark is?”
He nodded.
“Well, a Cutie Mark is a unique mark you get when you find out what you’re good at. My friends and I are always trying to find out what our's are!”
Ohhh, so THAT’s what those marks on Fluttershy’s flank are,he thought.
He shook his head at her question.
“Ok, so how did you get here then?”
He looked at her with an angry look on his face. Ahhh…Hello? What part of 'I don’t talk' don’t you understand silly filly?, Max thought to himself.
“Well, if you’re not going to talk...”she said as she left to go upstairs to find Rarity.

Oh dear, what is that filly getting herself into? Max thought to himself.

Upstairs, Fluttershy and Rarity were picking out clothes and talking. Then Sweetie Belle came rushing up stairs and came to Fluttershy and Rarity.
“So how’s life, Fluttershy?” the white unicorn asked.
“Errr things are ---“Suddenly Fluttershy was interrupted by Sweetie Belle.
“Rarity!”,shouted Sweetie Belle.
“Not now, Sweetie Belle. I’m talking to Fluttershy!” Rarity said, a bit annoyed by Sweetie Belle interrupting her talk with Fluttershy.
“But Rarity---“
“No! Now, go to your room”
“But Rarity, why is there a unicorn in a pouch downstairs?”
“What are you talking about?”
“There's a unicorn in a pouch downstairs!” Sweetie Belle said.
“No, don’t be silly Sweetie Belle. Why would there be a unicorn in Fluttershy’s pouch? Now stop goofing around and go to your room.”

Sweetie Belle looked at Fluttershy with a sad look on her face.
Fluttershy winked at Sweetie Belle.
Sweetie Belle smiled and went to her room.
“What was that all about?” Rarity said to Fluttershy
“Oh, you know children and their imagination.” Fluttershy said, followed by a squeak.
“Oh, you're probably right” Rarity said.
After ten minutes, Rarity and Fluttershy came downstairs with a bunch of clothes.
“Ok dear, that will be ten bits, and that’s with a discount for friends” Rarity said.
Fluttershy came over to pouch and got the right amount of money from the left pouch. She handed Rarity the bits and placed the clothes in the left pouch then strapped it back on. She then said her goodbye to Rarity and left the Boutique. Fluttershy started walking to Sweet Apple Acres.
“Well, we got you some nice new clothes so you don’t get cold”, she said.
Good. Now I won’t feel naked amongst the other ponies, he thought to himself.
She walked for 30 minutes until they finally arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. The place was massive. Trees as far as the eye could see.
Suddenly there was a barking sound come toward them and Max shrieked and quickly hid in pouch.
“Oh, hello Winona. What are you doing?”
Max peaked out the pouch and saw a small brown dog. Winona came to the pouch and started barking at it. It scared Max a lot. “WINONA! STOP!” a voice said from somewhere.
“Oh, howdy Fluttershy! Sorry about Winona, she normally doesn’t bark at anypony, probably something in that bag of yours” Applejack said as she arrived. Applejack was a strong, light brilliant gamboge coloured pony. She had moderate sap green coloured eyes, pale, light grayish yellow coloured mane and ponytail and three red apples for her Cutie mark.
“Oh, that’s ok. She didn’t mean any harm” said Fluttershy
“Yeah, I reckon I haven’t seen you for a while” said Applejack
“Oh, I’m sorry... I’ve just been a little busy with my animals” Fluttershy replied quietly.
“Ah, shucks! It doesn’t matter, much. So anyway, what brings you here?”
“Eeeerrr, I came here to get some food.... if that’s ok with you. I mean if it’s not I can come some other time”
“No no, that’s ok Fluttershy! You’re always welcome to be fed from the Apple family! So what ya’ll need then?”
“Uhh, let me see...I need some carrots, apples, lettuce, and some hay....ummm...If that’s ok with you....I mean, if you don’t have any, I can go somewhere else for some food, I mean, if you’re too busy with something more Important to do, I understand” Fluttershy said in a very shy tone that Max hadn’t really seen before.

“Oh, don't you fret, Fluttershy. Any friend of mine is a friend of the Apple family! Come on, follow me and we’ll sort you out some food”
“Oh, ok then, thanks”
Fluttershy followed Applejack into a giant red barn. The barn was quite old, one of the oldest thing in Ponyville. It was a dry dusty place but over the years, the roof had been damaged and they had to it covered in hay. Still, it was the best place to keep the food in the winter. Applejack called out to somepony.
“ALRIGHTY, GIMME A SEC!” the red stallion replied
Then out of the hay stack came the biggest stallion he'd ever seen. Big Mac was a large red stallion with a very muscular body. He had moderate sap green eyes, light gamboge mane and ponytail, light yellowish gray hooves and his Cutie mark was of a Green apple sliced in half. He really did make Max feel small, even more than usual. He could feel the floor move slightly with every step he took. The smell of body sweat was strong in the air as Big Mac approached them.
“Howdy, miss Fluttershy!” bellowed big Mac.
“Oh .....ummm ....howdy Big Macintosh” said Fluttershy blushing a bit.
“So what can I help ya’ll with, then?” asked big Mac.
“Errrrr.....we need some food, please” Fluttershy said quietly.
“Pardon I didn’t hear you”
“Errr..... Some food please” Fluttershy said quietly again.
“Sorry, speak up a bit”
“She came for some food. She wanted some carrots, apples, lettuce, and some hay” said Applejack, getting a little impatient with Fluttershy's shyness.
“Ok then, I’ll go get them for you“, replied Big Mac, going off to get the food.
This gave Applejack a little more time to catch up with Fluttershy.
“So Fluttershy how ya’ll been this winter? Not getting lonely?”

“N-No....I’m alright.”

“Are ya’ll sure? Ah mean ya’ll are normally all on your own in winter”

“I’ll be fine, really. I'm okay at my cottage”

“I'm worry 'bout ya, Fluttershy. If ya’ll need anything, please come see me”

“Don’t worry Applejack, I will, but I’m perfectly fine”

“Fluttershy, have ya ever thought 'bout getting into a relationship with some stallion? Ya’ll know some you might like to spend yer life with?”

“Errrr....I...I don’t know if I'm pretty enough to meet someone”

“Fluttershy, ya got to stop putting yerself down like that. Yer a beautiful mare, and one day ya'll'll make a stallion really happy. You could even started a family”

“I just don't think I’m ready to be in a relationship, yet, ” Fluttershy was getting a bit angry at Applejack. She had came across a really sensitive subject for Fluttershy. She had a few bad relationships, none of which had ever ended well. Normally, she was the one left heartbroken.

There was an awkward silence as they both waited for Big Mac. After a few minutes the red stallion came back with the requested supplies.

“Here ya go, Ms. Fluttershy. All the stuff ya wanted. Here, let me help you put the food in your saddle bag” He approached Fluttershy, but the second he put his hooves near her bag , she quickly backed away from him.

“Don’t touch my saddle bag!” she shouted. Applejack and Big Mac looked at Fluttershy in shock. She was normally such a quiet pony.

“Fluttershy, what's wrong with ya? Big Mac was just trying to help”

“Oh......I'm....so sorry....I didn’t mean to shout. I just don’t like other ponies touching my saddle bags” The two ponies stared at her. She just shouted angrily at Big Macintosh, and now she quickly turned back to her normal, shy self.

“Here, let me just pay for my stuff and I'll let you get on to your important stuff”

Fluttershy quickly put her food in her left pouch. She paid Applejack and left the farm in a rush. The two farmers watched as Fluttershy became a yellow dot in the distance.

“I worry 'bout her, Mac. I really do”


Fluttershy kept flying for some time until she knew she was out of Sweet Apple Acres. When she knew for sure that she was alone, she stopped flying. She landed on the ground and looked around for anypony. She took a deep breath, she suddenly felt her anger start to leave her. Max popped his head out the pouch and looked at her with confusion in his eyes. He hadn’t seen anyone act like this before, but as she looked at him, she feet all her fear and anger melt away. She couldn’t stay mad looking at his cute little face, so young and clueless.

“Sorry you had to see that, Max. I just feel a little angry but I’m alright now” If only max could understand me, it would make me feel all the better in some way. She felt a little strange talking to such a little colt like Max.

Max placed his left hoof on her side. It’s alright Fluttershy. I don’t blame for what you did. I just wish I could tell you this, Max thought to himself.

Fluttershy looked at Max, giving him a small smile “You’re the sweetest little thing, aren’t you?” She patted him on the head.

I hate being so small everyone keeps reminding me of this. Why can’t I just be big like a normal pony? Max thought to himself.

“Come on, Max, let’s go to Sugarcube Corner” Max popped his head back into the pouch. Fluttershy started heading back to town. It had gotten a bit busier than earlier. Fluttershy flew up in the air to get to Sugarcube Corner, she didn’t want Max getting hurt by some pony bumping into her.

She carefully flew down to Sugarcube. As she entered, Max was amazed by what he could see and smell.

There were cakes, cupcake, muffins, doughnuts, small chocolate candies, and other sugary treats. Max was starting to get hungry. He'd never seen such delicious treats in all his life.

Fluttershy came over to the counter but there was some pony in front of her. That pony was pink with blue hair, blue eyes, and grey bird for her cutie mark. She was talking to Pinkie Pie, who was working at the counter.

“So that will be five bits Misses Cock....” Miss Peacock gave Pinkie Pie a unhappy look. She wasn’t happy with her jokes.“Oops, I mean Misses Peacock”

“Yes I should say so myself young lady. Now here is your money. I shall leaving now. Good day Miss Pinkie Pie”. Miss Peacock was a Canterlot pony with a fanys Canterlot accent, she wasn’t really the one for Pinkie Pie’s jokes or humor.

“Fluttershy!” Pinkie Pie came bouncing over to Fluttershy.

“Oh.....err....hi...Pinkie,” Fluttershy said in her normal shy way.

“Oh my gosh! I have seen you since that party about a week ago and I really, really wanted to see you, but you're normally kept inside your house in the winter because all your animal friends are sleeping. I never understood why they need to sleep for so long. I mean, a pony doesn't need to sleep for that long and if we did we would probably become fat or lazy. Isn’t that weird?”

Fluttershy was getting lost in Pinkie Pie's fast talking. Max found Pinkie Pie to be so strange. This must be the pony Fluttershy was talking about earlier. Well, she wasn’t lying about her. She's mad! And why is there smell the of candy floss? Mmmmmmm, candy floss. How do I know what that is if I can’t remember a thing? Maybe I had it before in the past but just don’t remember, Max thought to himself

“So....errr...how have you been Pinkie Pie?”

“I’ve been great! I feel like super-duper great! But my Pinkie sense is going. It’s telling me that there is going to be a new pony here. I got to throw the new pony a welcome party! Whoooo! I have to see the new pony! I just can’t wait, wait, wait to throw a welcome party!”

Fluttershy could feel her body sweating. She wasn’t ready to reveal Max yet, but if Pinkie Pie knew there was a new pony in Ponyville it was just a matter of time before she would find out; and this is Pinkie Pie we’re talking about!

“Umm, I haven’t seen a new pony in Ponyville,” She was hoping that the pony wouldn’t noticed her saddle bag or the game was up.

“Oh, where is that new pony? I just want to throw a party,” Pinkie moaned “So anyway, what brings you here, Fluttershy, huh, huh, huh?”.

“Errr.....I came to get some cupcakes......If you don’t mind”

“Sure what kind of cupcakes?” Pinkie Pie bounced back to the counter. She started showing Fluttershy what types of cupcakes they had. “We have chocolate cupcakes, banana cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, white chocolate cupcakes, dark chocolate cupcakes, cherry cupcakes, rainbow cupcakes (which don't sell very well for some reason), vanilla cupcakes, super chocolate cupcakes, mint cupcakes, all freshly baked this morning. What would you like?”

Fluttershy was having trouble deciding. There were so many to choose from, and she wasn’t really the one who could make up her mind easily.

“I’ll have the....no wait, the mint....no wait, the chocolate....no....errr, I don’t really know what to pick. What do you think Pinkie Pie?”

“Oooh, oooh! The super chocolate ones are the best cupcakes”

“Well ok. Then two super chocolate cupcakes, please”

“Okey dokey!” Pinkie bounced into the kitchen and brought out the chocolate cupcakes. “That will be four bits, please”

Fluttershy when into her left pouch, looking for the right amount of money. She put the bits on the counter. Pinkie Pie handed her the cupcakes and she put them in her pouch.

“Well I better be off. See you later” Fluttershy turned around and started heading out of Sugarcube Corner but Pinkie Pie quickly stopped her.

“Wait Fluttershy! You’re leaving already? But I’ve only just seen you. I haven’t seen you since my last party. Why don't you stay and talk?”

Fluttershy felt a little guilty now that she hadn’t been seeing her friends much lately, but she has to look after Max for now.

“Sorry, Pinkie Pie. Maybe some other time. I’m just a little busy, today.”

Pinkie’s ears fell down in a sad way hearing this. She wasn’t really good with disappointment and had a tendency to go a bit crazy.

“Alrighty. I’ll see you later.”

Fluttershy went out of Sugarcube Corner and start flying away. But as she looked back she saw a sad looking Pinkie Pie waving goodbye to her. But Fluttershy didn’t wave back, but just kept flying. As she flew, the thought of her friend kept sticking in her mind.

I really haven’t seen much of my friends. I’m starting to miss them a bit, but I should be looking after Max. Oh what should I do?

And like a cross eyed bird flying in the sky, an idea hit her.

I’ve got it! Maybe it’s time for me to show Max to my friends. That way, my friends could support me and still know I'm doing alright.

Fluttershy landed near Twilight’s library “Max, I’m just going to stop to talk to my friend, Twilight”

“Twilight....Twilight.... Oh yeah, you mean the smart know-it-all pony you told me about earlier?”

Fluttershy knocked at the door. There was the sound of hooves at the door as some was opening the it. Out popped Twilight. The brains of the Mane 6, happy to see Fluttershy.

“Hey Fluttershy! What brings you here. You’re normally at home during winter”

“Errr....Twilight are you doing anything tonight? I mean, if you are I don’t want to bother you. I could come back later if you like, or I could come another time if you're too busy.”.

“Fluttershy, I’m not doing anything tonight and I always have time for friends. So, what do you want?”

“I wanted to have a meeting tonight with Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie and you sometime around five, if you don’t mind”

“Sure I’m free for tonight, but what’s the meeting about?”

“It’s a surprise. Could you tell everypony to meet here at five and tell them it's a surprise?”

“Ooooh, sounds good. Alright then, I'll get everyone together. See you at five!”

Fluttershy went home to get Max ready for tonight. She bathed him, fed him, and let him have a little nap before it was to finally time to reveal Max.

She gently woke him up after he had been sleeping for three hours. “Max, it’s time to go.” Max nodded. She gently picked Max up in her arm and place him in the pouch.

She made her way downstairs, stopping as she reaches for the front door and looking down at Max.

“You ready to met my friends?” Max nodded “Alright Max, let's go.” And with that she made her way to the library.


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