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Twilight was reading a book.
So why is someone knocking on her window at this hour?

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash has been so horrendously busy with the recent coming of Autumn that she hasn't had any time for her friends. Would a late night visit really be all that bad?

A short friend-shipping one-shot for the fun of it. Please note that this is set during Season 2, and is not technically Romance Shipping, but Platonic Friendshipping.

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D'aww, very sweet. I think you meant to say "Season 2" version of Twilight in the description, because that was when RD discovered Daring Do.

Meh. Just didn't want Alicorn Twilight.

Good story but there is a terrible, illogic flare in it!

Rainbow Dash over working.... Isn't she thhe one who spend more time sleeping that anything else and who can clear the sky in 10 seconds flat?

Anyway, keep going!

Not when there's actual work to do, like preparing for the fall, which means more rain, leaves falling off the trees, colder air. She'd have a much harder time and actually be working.

A very nice bit of fluff there. Snuggly Rainbow is best Rainbow, and it's always nice to see friendshipping. :rainbowkiss:

Adorable. I like simple happy stories like this. All too often people feel like there has to be more (especially more drama) when this is all you really need.
Also I'm totally reading more into this than just friend-shipping and you can't stop me. :twilightsmile::rainbowwild:

Late Night Reading Buddy made it into the popular box, Wooh!

The D'awww is strong with this one

Very heartwarming and cute. Nicely done.

Oh yes, another one of your stories,
Here we go!

I love it. It's simple, it's not overly long, it's utterly adorable, and it has a sense of completion about it.

Lovely little fanfic! These are my favourite kind! And thank you for actually making a friendship story rather than a romance for a change!
Really well written, I loved it. ;)

Very nice little vignette. I've only got one thing to say....


It has nostalgic and sentimental value, because I used to love reading together at home, and I do sometimes wish I could visit a friend for the sole purpose of company, and we'd just do this. At the same time, it appears to have little purpose to it. It's literally just a scene of “Rainbow Dash came over and they read books next to each other and then cuddled.” Obviously such is a slice of life story, but while there's nothing particularly bad about it, there's nothing exceptional either. The story is simply ordinary. 7/10

Sparkly does have a point though: It's nice to see a friendship rather than a romance for a change.

That was really sweet!

:twilightsmile: Great first impression on me I like it.:pinkiehappy:


I wasn't really planning on reading this... but this looks just so god damn cute. I can't help it. This is going on top of the stack.:moustache:

Good friends, Good books, and a sleepy conscience:this is the ideal life
- Mark Twain

I'm glad I spotted this story! It's short and sweet, very cute, and somehow just gives me a warm and cozy feeling. I'd say it feels almost like the effect of a nice warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter's night. Well gone!

4837246 You also chose that time because there actually WAS a library back then, right...?:ajsmug:

4837246 Heh. 20% cooler... but still it felt more like a break-in and a slumber party than a late night reading buddy. I think Dash would have insisted that at least she would read the latest Daring Do, as that is the only book series I've ever heard her express any interest in. In fact, I think that's about the only time she ever expressed an interest in reading... well, anything. I suppose it would be like calling someone who had one cigarette once a smoker. Or perhaps I'm just reading too much into that. Good story. Thumbs up.

Mayy the cute ponies be with you.

Friendship is best ship!

I'm glad you like it! After writing a story with such complicated emotions like Adolescence, it was very gratifying to write something so simple and joyful.

I'm afraid I simply can't take credit. The cuteness of ponies practically write itself!

Prepare yourself! There'll be plenty more!

That's the beauty of the one - shot!

I'm glad it helped fill your cuteness quota for the day!


Aww! You're too kind!

That'd be due to the lack of a story arch. I'm still learning a lot about writing, and this was really little more than a writing exercise as I said. For a piece of fluff, I think it turned out okay.
And I think I'm falling into the habit of writing one shots for the sake of seeing if I develop it into a story. With this one, mos likely not.

Ponies will do that!

I'm glad I impressed you! Stay tuned for more!


Don't forget cute ponies. I think he said something about that, too.

Well, thanks! It certainly was enjoyable to write!

That, too!

First off, Dash was reading Daring Do, so I'm not sure the point you were trying to make there. Secondly, after Read it and Weep servers episodes established that Dash is in fact someone who reads occasionally. But it wasn't really about reading in this case; it was more about desperately needing contact with one of her friends after being so busy, so she connected with Twilight in the one thing they have in common.

Phew! Finally got all the comments. Not going to let it get so out of hand ever again :$

Set during or shortly after season 2? Either way, sweet story.

Any time after Read it and Weep and before The Season Three Finale Which Shall Not Be Named.

Sorry... I don't know what that word means :/

Gawd, that was cute :rainbowwild::twilightblush:

Ponies will do that. It's not my fault!

Before you only had a one word reply. I guess you edited it.

I did. It said 'ambiguous', which would refer to the story being vague in terms of its alignment with the show. It could take place anywhere between season 2 after Read it and Weep, and Season 3's finale, so therefore it's ambiguous in it's timeline. I didn't decide on any one point in time.

Comment posted by ocbaker deleted Aug 15th, 2014

Awww, that was pretty adorable!

Ponies are guilty of that. :scootangel:

I liked this.

It was warm, fluffy, cute, and ended well. Considering I was led to this from the TwiDash group and was expecting this to end is TwiDash shipping cuddle times, I was quite satisfied with the end there. It didn't need to be any more than it was. Rainbow Dash was just looking for a friend, and Twilight happened to be around. Rainbow got to show her vulnerable side without it leading to romance, which is kind of refreshing in a way. I think it was a little tell-y in places, but it didn't take away from the story.

So, have a like and a fave for adorable TwiDash friendshipping :twilightsmile:


Is this because you hate alicorn Twilight, or because of story reasons?

Anyway, this story has the minor problem of not actually going anywhere- it's a cute little short story, don't get me wrong, but even those need a 'point', a lesson learned, a problem resolved... anything. If Rainbow has been more reluctant to explain her problem, and Twilight had said something more meaningful than 'you know you can talk to me', sure, but we had half a second of hesitation, and a single sentance. If I were you, I'd expand that interaction a bit, then streamline Rainbow and Twilight falling asleep a bit. It would give the story a bit more pop, a proper arc, and more effectively address the 'theme' the story is about.

... well, that's my opinion atleast.

Twilight's character after the season 3 finale suffers the unfortunate fate of not really being very interesting anymore. She doesn't struggle to learn lessons about friendship, and she's not her same old clumsy, socially awkward adorkable self that she was in the first two seasons.

I actually already addressed the second part in a previous comment.

This story is meant to be little more than a writing exercise and a little piece of fluff. What you're referring to is a story arch; this has none. I more or less had no intention of giving it one.

The reoccurring theme here appears to be that people really appreciate Friend-shipping! I appreciate that.

You know what goes great with peanut butter? Fluff. Partially toasted bread with peanutbutter and fluff with some milk or coffee go exellent together when reading. At least for me, always use a napkin people so as not to get crumbs or gooey PB or Fluff on your book or mouse.

That said, this story was much like a quick little PB& Fluff sandwich. Not quite filling, but satisfyingly good enough. I could see this as being part of a "I feel us all growing apart" Rainbow Dash anxiety attack from being overworked and lonely and maybe Twilight reflecting on the night to try and make a more conscious effort to put her books down and visit friends she hasn't seen in awhile.

I really miss her pre-Hasbro forced ascension days when she was still a fun and lovingly adorable character not forced to be some stereotypical mother figure at such a young age. Anyone whose ever adored Twilight can see she not just different, she's been stripped of all her old characteristic charms and left only with the core ideas that made up the old Twilight.

That said, you struck a nice balance between her old character and her more regal collected persona. Even if she isn't a princess in this one, she's certainly less dorky and excitable. She reacted much how S4 Twilight would if put into such a situation. And if they still had their library home.

I'm just rambling at this point, but as far as fluffy stuff goes, this one felt like it could of set for a great friendshipping lesson on growing up. How friendships either drift away or adapt.

I'd like to see more of that in the show. They skimmed over such a prospect like it was all too easily explained away with sappy promises as if they could control their own destinies so easily without consequence.

Have a like. And if anything, though I normally wouldn't for something like this, a fav for bringing out that slice of life moment between friends that many try all too hard to turn into a comedy or a lead to a steamy romance. Sometimes, moments like these are just what they are. Simple. Loving. Friendshipping.

EDIT: P.S. What is the Random tag mean here btw? RD just randomly crashing into Twi's place? That seems to be all too common in my book between these two. But I'd be genuinely pleased to hear what warranted the random tag as FimFic's definition still alludes me at times.

Thanks for that!

Although, I'm a little sad that Twilight came across as something combined with S4 and S1. Certainly wasn't what I was going for.

As a S1 Twilight fan, I also agree with your point on her forced character.

I think the random tag isn't very well defined. I put it in here because the story serves no real purpose. It's a random scene in the middle of the night for no real reason other than a gratifying moment between friends.

Yay for Friendship! :yay:

Haven't read yet buuut...
Friendzone is magic!

I can't believe that you wrote that so spontaneously, with just starting from a single sentence.
I have always problems to start with a story and ask myself in which way I should write it and then, a long time passes by where I just sit there and think about it, without typing a single word.
And you just have a sentence in your head, put it at the beginning of the story and write from there.
You're starting to make me jealous, bro. :pinkiegasp:

You make it sound so glamorous!

It's not that rare a skill, nor would I even quantify it as a talent. I merely let the scene flow out and start forming ideas from there. It's very natural that way.

I don't care what anyone else says. I liked it.

That's the general consensus, actually.

5037855 Good, it's a well deserved consensus.

Would there me more to this story? I find this story very relaxing.

That's a nice story! Great job! :twilightsmile:

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