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He was just out there, minding his own business, when he had first been summoned.
Big day for any imp. First summoning. Yep... time for a new 'master' to learn the ropes.
It would mean weeks (if not years) of service, slaving away, being beaten and abused while doing his new master's dirty work. It would be horrible. It would be agonizing. It would be unbearable. And in the end, it would be worth every moment of it. For, while he would be 'serving' his 'master', he would be slowly tainting them until they could be turned to the demon lords dark purposes.
And then.... then he had been banished, unexpectedly, in a battle and ended up............ here.
This was so not in his contract.

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While I love the idea of a Warcraft imp getting its shit wrecked by Twilight, what's with everything being in italics? Kinda annoying.

Since I normally write everything from a third person point of view, I tend to use italics (improperly) for emphasis and personal thought.

Since everything is from his immediate point of view, it's a very backward story (in a lot of ways) so I figured that I should be consistent. The horrid downside is the slow mutation of reader's vision to make escalators appear vertical and skyscrapers all squiggly.

lolz we already knew twi was damn nigh indestructible :P:twilightsheepish:

<chuckles> Agreed... Between fire, flower pots, random explosions, rocks, stairwells, doors, unexpected falls, and gravitationally complicit pianos, Twilight has shown a level of durability similar to Applejack (think about the Rainbow Dash 'quick launch') and approaching Pinkie Pie levels.

Add paranoia and.... poof... Imp terror doom.

What an entertaining comedy of errors.:rainbowlaugh:

<chuckles> Ain't it though? I truly do love imagining my characters interactions (in whatever venue or forum) and sometimes they just seem to be made for mistakes.

Heck, the imps from WoW are a great example. They're always snarky, complaining, destructive little curse-words... and yet, they're loyal to the point of self-sacrifice. They jump at any opportunity to inflict pain or suffering, yet at the same time, their most potent ability is to protect their masters... their abusive enslavers... from imminent death.

Mix that in with Equestria's happy happy fun fun toddler town (no, I don't think of it that way, but it's funny to say it) and you have to think that their past experiences would drive them up the wall in paranoid anticipation.

Comedy of Errors indeed..... Well said!

Interesting, the stakes just increased.

Wait, last chapter Applejack was complaining about the fact that Twilight had enslaved some creature, now she's paying Twilight for the use of her slave? C'mon Applejack, stick to your guns!

AJ: "Hey! Who you callin' a slave?!? That lil' thing's a dangerous critter 'n just needs a bit a discipline. <mutter mutter>"
TS: "What was that Aj?"
AJ: "Oh...heh heh... ya heard that?"
TS: "Not very clearly...but yes."
Aj: "Ah.... right.... so, way I figure it, since we can't buck the little varmint, on account of you keeping it.... er....him, as a pet 'r something, then if he's going to be workin'.... even if it's just to train 'im up a bit, he ought to get paid. But, on account of 'im being an untrustworthy, violent, psychotic, murderous-"
TS: <stern glare>
Aj: "..... um... right. On account of him bein'.... a bit too like New Fluttershy"
FS: <GASP.... hides... soft crying>
Aj: "Consarnit!"
Spike: "Oh! Hey AJ. How'd things go with Gakham? Pretty good right? He seems like a really responsible little guy."
TW & Aj: "Not helping."

Narrator: "Frieeeeeends" <credits music>

5834405 Wait, so who gets to eat the apples, Gakham or Twilight?

<chuckles> Heh.... The apples were for them both, we all know AJ would never only feed one person in a house.

But to Gakham.... to Gakham, they are the physical proof of a psychological weapon. <dun dun DAAAAAAAAAH>

Besides, I'm pretty sure Gakham has developed a near Pavlovian reflex to them at this point.

5876425 Fair enough, I guess Twilight deserves a finder's fee.

ok, I got a notice that you updated. Was that accidental, or summat?

Sorry... I was working on the chapter and went to save an update on my tablet. Blasted screen jumped.
I tried to take it down before anyone saw it... apparently clicking the button to unpublish within 5 seconds still sends out the notice.

Rest assured, the next chapter will be up in a day or two (I finally get a day off work to play around with pastel pony prose and digital demonic descriptors)

Sorry for the confusion.

Um... if it helps, it's a Gakham/Spike chapter?

6294830 meh, no big deal. I was just wondering what happened there.

There you go.
Chapter PROPERLY (and intentionally) posted now.

....I don't... just...

Sigh...Godammit Gakham....Godammit.

Oh man, I can totally see being covered in sand and put in a fire hot enough to turn the sand to glass as a fancy high end spa treatment for dragons. It's their version of a mud bath!

It's a shame that Griffon Cookbook wasn't titled To Serve Pony.

I swear I thought you stole my bloody imp for a moment. Mine is named Gaknam.

and the fun shall be doubled! I want a luna smiley!

Another great chapter. Fluttershy the assassin is just adorable and oddly plausible. I also liked just how brutal Rainbow Dash was. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

Glad you enjoyed. I'm actually writing this on sundays at a little dash event. I'll see about getting the next 'chapter' out in a few weeks rather than months.

Yes that is exactly what happened in that episode with no bias whatsoever.

<chuckles> Gotta remember, this is from Gakham's perspective. He's paranoid, abused, and certifiably evil. He's viewing EVERYTHING through the assumption that the Master is evil, corrupting, domineering, and duplicitous. It's like stockholme syndrome mixed with ptsd and hedonism.... he's expecting abuse, sees anything that's less than horrible as a boon, and paranoid of everything.

From another way of thinking about it, he's coping with a lifetime (and for an imp, that's a LOOOOOOONG time) of torture and abuse that's been touted as a way of life, and the paranoia was a way to avoid more abuse. He expects it and when he can't figure it out, he makes it up to feel less vulnerable and stressed.

So, yheah! That's exactly what happened.... from the view of an imp who twists facts to make his world make sense.

Hope you enjoyed.

Really great and amusing story, and I look forward to reading more. I really love that your getting into the Episodes now.

Will we see more povs from other characters besides our favorite Imp, more often as the story goes on?

Cheers! Glad you're enjoying it.
To answer your question, the story was originally going to be strictly from Gakham's POV... the one chapter with AJ/Twilight was kind of an experiment that slipped a bit from where I had been intending. So, the short answer is: no, it will continue to be Gakham's POV for the remaining chapters.
The longer answer is that I liked this idea enough that it's become my weekly writing dash project... so the next few chapters are already done and the final arc is started.
The upside to this is twofold. One, this little thing will no longer be months and months between updates and two, there's plenty of room for bonus material... which could very well include other POVs.
Hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

There's no way Discord doesn't recognize a Burning Legion Imp for what it is.

While the story is still fun I think it's spinning its wheels a bit.

My story has wheels! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I wondered when our little Imp would meet Discord, and how he would react.

This is one of the funniest takes on mlp I've seen.

Wait, this is the tirek story line. oh crap! *🍿*:raritystarry:

Remarkably unclear, that comment.
I mean, yes, on a boolean matrix, Crossovers would resolve to "true" (or "1"), but without context, it's kind of like saying "Feldspar."
Additionally, I find it funny that after just posting this latest chapter, the story gets its first dislike. Almost as if someone clicked it, didn't read it, and then disliked it on principle. <shrugs> Could just be coincidence though.
Edit: Also, if it's an issue, ie, you don't like crossovers, it is (and has been) tagged as a crossover. It's that big black tag with white lettering to let people know it's a crossover. So folks can avoid it if it's not something they want to read.

I'm really loving the Imp's twisted viewpoint on the events of MLP, as well as his apparent hero worship of his master Twilight Sparkle.

Well... an Imp HAS to be loyal... it's in his contract! <chuckles>

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