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Shadowed Song

Life is Magic


This is my story. It's not some fairy tale where i get all the mares. Nor is it some incredible adventure where I return with fame and fortune. This is simply a story about how one pony changed my life.

Thank you Shanawolf, for pre-reading and editing.

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Comments ( 5 )

Good story! I enjoyed it, even though there were a few errors in spelling. Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Well, the pacing in this story is a bit crazy, and could definitely use some transitions, and some development of part 2...but you probably wrote this story with emotions on high, which makes things like keeping pacing regular difficult, if not impossible.

Anyways, congratulations on getting this story out there. I know that takes work.

2 thing to maybe edit -

What she noticed what much worse.

Should be "was."

we survived in our cart.

Did you mean "car?"

4838887 thanks for pointing that out. and cart was intentional, along with the rest of the ponified words

and thanks:pinkiesad2:

Ah, I got confused about the "cart" thing because just a few sentences earlier you have

So, we slept in our car for the next 4 years

4843991 :facehoof: I totally missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out.

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