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The Unknown Sanctuary - fan fantastic

A crack has appeared in the sky and a strange city floating has come out of it? and Twilight gets pony naped [it is not a clop story]

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Ch2 What is this Crack

at the everfree castle Twilight, Spike and Pinky pie where going over the stacks of books they where about to move.

"now Pinky are you shore that you can get those books back? that's a lot of books"

the pink party pony was hooked up to a small cart with a unbelievable amount of books stacked in and on top of her cart!

"yep a roony Twilight I can hop these books right into a new home!"

"OK if you are shore about it..."

and with that the pink earth pony hopped out the door with the cart jutting along behind her? Twilight didn't even think to question it.

"ok Spike we have our set of books...in another week Spike and we will have all the books in the new library in the castle. are you set Spike?"

"all most just gotta..."
at that moment Spike had puffed up his cheeks and then let out a loud belch like (Berp!) with green flame and with a twirl of smoke out popped a sealed scroll!

"a letter from the princess? go on Spike read it please"

"Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle

I am in need of you and your friends help.
if you have not seen the sky if you look you can see a large crack in the sky and it is getting bigger.
meet me here at Cantalot as soon as you can!

Spike looked up from the letter to see Twilight start to worry!

"err Twilight are you ok?"

Twilights horn lit up and before he new it he Spike was in the pony vills new castles throne room!?...
some how Pinky was there he did know how but she was there?

"Pinky how did you-"

"know... easy my pinky sense!"

just then Rainbow dash flew through the window and hovered around and over to Spike!?

"Spike do you know where Twilight is! its about the-"

"crack we know we got a letter from the princess. we just haven't seen it yet"

and with that Spikes eyes buged out and then he ran over to the window and looked out into the sky!


the little dragon looked down into pony vill to see the streets empty and Twilight on top of town hall looking at the sky.
she then telaported away in a perpel flash to some where!? then a few seconds later Twilight, Flutter shy, Rarity and Applejack appeared in the throne room with the same perpel flash"

"Twilight please tell ma ya not gona do that again I know ya in a hurry but ma lunch mite just come back out if ya do!..."AJ groaned

Flutter shy had passed out and Rarity looked like she had been strucked by lightning!

"I am sorry girls but this is an emergency after this we are all telaporting Straight to cantalot!"

a few seconds later Twilight gave them all an icy stair making shore that they where all ready to go and looking to see if any where trying to escape this long distance grupe telaport!

"I don't know about this Twilight I don't want to-"
"Rainbow we don't have time we have to get there now! right is every pony ready!"
before any could answer they all disappeared and reappeared in Cantalot castle's throne room in a purple flash!
this teleport had effected all the ponies and dragon this time. Flutter shy was out cold, Rarity, Pinky pie, Spike and Rainbow dash where in a tangle of limbs, Applejake ran strait over to a potted plant and let out her lunch and Twilight was standing upside down on the ceiling with her mane and tale frizzed!?

The sight of this to Luna and Celestea was so odd the look on there faces would make any pony or any thing else stop in its tracks step back and stear? they had there jaws tuching the floor...

Celestea was the first to recover "Twilight you got... here fast..." she said.

now Luna had recovered "yes in deed" the sister said after that.

there was an orcword pause in the Throne room...
Twilight flouted down to the ground,Pinky had jumped out of the pony pile with one dragon and was patting Flutter shy, Applejack's face went back to orange and she was now helping the others and Rainbow got back in the air.

"you wanted to see us Princess"

"Twilight just. Celestea will do and yes I did Luna would you"

"yes sister as you can see by the sky a crack has appeared we think it may be a portal"

"a portal. to what or where?"

"we don't know the last time we saw this was when Star swirl made the mirror. the same mirror in the Crystal Empire."Celestea said

"so its some sort of unstable worm hole?"

Outside there was a flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder! all the ponies ran over to the window to see what was going on!?

"yes Twilight and I was hoping you would know how and why so we could close it before something bad might happen!"Celestea said as she looked up into the sky

Twilight sat down and started doing the math in her head as she muttered on.
"lets see here its a vortex through time and space and there's no suckshon on our side and see the storms by that means object is pulled in not out"

"can we have that in not egghead please!?"Rainbow said a bit annoyed by her friend going all eggheady on her and her friend's!?

"oh sorry it means that its going to get bigger until some thing comes through and we can't fix it untill it does! what ever is coming through is big and fast!"

"let's hope it's friendly" Flutter shy said on a whimper.

Author's Note:

same as before

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Please just capitalize the beginning of a sentence! Also:

can we have that in not egghead please

This makes absolutely no sense.

So in conclusion, fix your grammar problems. Then you have a better chance at getting some likes. :twilightsmile:

we know be did bad

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