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Well im happy someone likes it my first story I never put out cause I didnt feel like it was good. The second got a lot of dislikers. Now this.is my third one and I feel happy that someone is interested in it. Im probably gonna work on the second chapter more scince I thought of the idea in one day and wrote it in one day too. Im just so happy that someone likes what I did that my mind wont let me stop typing.

2nd chapter
(Fan girl squee)
So aswome :rainbowkiss:

Y am I getting so many dislikes now?:facehoof:

Dude you have 6-2 likes I can't wait for more also I would added more on to the second chapter there's a bit of a White gap at the end maybe fix that.

4883936 yea I know the 2nd one wasnt my best but im trying to gather ideas on the next chapter. And I will fix that later. But yea considering how many storys about daring do there are and how im just you average leisurely writer 1 or 2 is a lot in my eyes


5069805 cause i do everything myself and have no editor.

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