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Daring Do: I Work Alone - TheEPICpony

Ever wondered why Daring Do works alone? After some convinving from Dash Daring decides to reveal the secret

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Pilot (Revised)

Author's Note:

I haven't really been too into the fandom as of now. I will try to write, but I will not garuntee it.
Edit: After a long time of thinking I realized that it's challenging to write the story in 2nd person the way I want it to go. I am making it 3rd person. I also realize that the name I chose does not sound right. I should not think of anything and I cannot change it, or it might get confusing.


Rainbow Dash

The hasty knocking startles Rainbow Dash as she wasn't expecting any visitors. "Coming!" She yell as she pick up the plate that had dropped. As Dash cautiously open the door a familiar figure stands at the doorway. With her grayscale hair and tan fur she couldn't mistake it for anybody else but, Daring Do.

Daring gives a heavy sigh as she mumbles, “I’m ready to tell you why I have worked alone for all this time, Dash.” Full of delight Dash quickly invites Daring in.

“Make yourself at home,” she says going after some refreshments in your refrigerator.

Daring sighs as she plants herself onto the cloud sofa. “What I’m about to tell you, I have never told anyone else. So you must promise to keep this a secret.”

"Yes siree!" She squeals as she plants yourself onto the chair across from Daring, handing her a glass of water.

" It all started when I was a Filly, after the last day of elementary school-" Daring began.


Burning Shield groans as he are shaken by the ungodly forces, waking you from your slumber. “Someone’s here to visit you,” the voice says, continuing to shake him.

He groggily mumbles to the unknown pony, " Five more minutes."

“I’ll leave you to get him up,” it states leaving the room. He sits up violently when a large object lands on his stomach. " Daring?” He sayslooking at the figure, “What are you doing? How did you get here?"

Daring responds with a sigh, rolling to the side, " Your mom let me in. Come on let's go outside! You promised we would do this." He looks Daring into daring's face for a couple of seconds before responding.

"Fine Daring, you know I keep my promises," he says getting up.

"Sometimes you take too long," she says with a playful punch, " come on let's go already!"

"Fine," he mumbles with a sigh "let's go and do this." He gets out of your bed, fixing his fluorescent orange hair with an electric cyan line chopping its way through the center, back to its normal, aggressive but messy, style and checks that his light grey coat and golden yellow eyes are still intact. Soon after, they both trot out of the house you telling your mom you're going out.

"Have fun," your mom says happily "and be careful."

"We will," they both reply in harmony, resulting in a chuckle from his mom.

After a couple minutes walk they both end up at the entrance of the everfree forest. Burning hesitate knowing that dangers could be right around the corner. Yet Daring waltzes in without a second thought resulting in Burning sticking with her. " So what are we looking for?" you sigh as you catch up to daring.

"I heard this old mare's tale of there being an old abandoned castle around here," She giggles excitedly " there's probably some treasure hidden somewhere in here!"

"Well there probably is," he exclaims remembering the tale of two sisters and their castle "this is going to be our best adventure yet!" They both walk in silence as Burning remembers the times he's had with her. They both loved adventuring, finding new things and feeling like a storybook, and were not the strongest flyers. She was there for him since you moved to the outskirts of Ponyville. They both always did everything with each other and he would do anything for her.

" There it is," She exclaims, startling him, " the castle of the two sisters," As they both trot across the bridge to the castle they can suddenly hear growling coming from behind. They both turn to see three massive timberwolves advancing towards them.

“Run!” He says as they both bolt for the castle, as the timberwolves start closing the distance. You both panic as they come close to eating distance, " Untie the ropes for the bridge!" He yells. Daring nods and both reach the end of the bridge and start untying the ropes. Daring finishes untying her side of the rope first as the Timberwolves quickly close the distance.

Daring shouts at Blazing, panic clearly in her voice, " What are you doing untie it already!"

Through his muffled teeth you manage to get out, "I hant do dis aph wew aph you." You start to panick more as the Timberwolves get closer, at the last second he finally gets the rope untied. The Timberwolves yelp as they fall to their doom but not until they get a last swipe out. The swipe manages to come in contact with his muzzle and causes him to yelp. As a small amount of blood trickles down from the cut he notices Daring straining at him. "What?" you finally say breaking the silence, "it's just a flesh wound, now let's go find the treasure!"

"Okay." She says thankfully, " I thought we were done for a second." giving you a small hug.

"No, I'll be there for you, I’m not going anywhere." He says cheerfully.

After a long while, the sun starts to go down and they both still haven't found anything of worth. "Well," Daring says as they both regroup, "I guess that was a bust. Still, that was a fun adventure, wasn't it?" She says nudging you.

" Yeah," he pauses for a second going over what happened, " that was pretty awesome." Causing him think about what you said to Daring. Can I really be there for her? he thinks, knowing that he needs to keep his promise he decide to try your best. They both stumble into a clearing and realize that they are lost

"Oh now you've done it now we're totally and utterly lo-" Daring is suddenly cut off by a low growling. You turn to see Daring frozen in place staring at an animal you've both heard. With its lion’s head and vody, bat wings and scorpion stinger.

"It's a Manticore." He squeaks. Seeing that it was ready to attack Daring he yells, "look out!" Jumping out and covering her to protect her from the venemous spines. Suddenly the pain hits him like a runaway train. He looks to see a small amount of spines peppered on him. Everything gets dizzy as he trys to hold onto consiousness.

Daring gets up,looks at him, and panicks, "Can you get up?”.

He nods your head no and manage to croak "I think it hit me," you chuckle as you collapse to the floor. Daring gasps, puts him on her back and runs as fast as she can away from the manticore. The last thing he remembers is daring yelling for him to stay with her and figures coming out to fight the manticore.

Rainbow gasps, "Is that why you don't take anyone with you on adventures?"

Daring glares at Rainbow, " no," she sighs "there is a lot more to the story, luckily we were able to escape from the Manticore, so when we got back-”

Burning mumbles groggily as he wakes to a bright ceiling light. He remembers what last happened and crys out "Great, I’m dead." I hope Daring made it he think as you try to sit up and situate yourself. He turns to see a red eyed Daring crying into her hooves. Then looks to next to her to see his parents and sigh with relief. Suddenly the monitors go off and he thinks well if I wasn't dead before now I am.

Everyone panics and shoots up to see him sitting there. He soon realizes from his moving and turning he pulled the wires off. Everyone looks at you with anger and happiness, but Daring seemed the happiest to see him, seeing that she gave him the biggest and longest hug of them all. "You're alive, thank celestia."

He perks up, "So wait," he says embracing Daring "What happened?" Everyone looks at him with confusion until you say "Oh, i'm sorry I didn't mean to..." He turns as his mom looks at you nicely and then her happiness turns to anger as she scoldes him for going into the forest and how lucky they were that they both came out alive. He sighs as she continues to scold him and he turns to daring. "I told you I’d be here for you." smiling they both embrace again-.

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