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Years ago, a lone human found his way into Equestria with nothing but the clothes on his back and a watch in his pocket. Sheltered by Princess Celestia herself, Harold Saxon learned of this magical new land alongside her bright young pupil, Twilight Sparkle.

Fast-forward to now, Mr. Saxon and Twilight are closer than ever in the little town of Ponyville. But when a certain spirit of chaos gives him a push in the right direction, he discovers the watch isn't quite what it seems, and he isn't quite human.

"Harold, please...why are you doing this? What did we do?"

"Hush, now...listen to your Master."

Chapters (5)
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4832909 I'm glad you think so!

With all possible respect...

> he discovers the watch isn't quite what it seems, and he isn't quite human.

For some unknown reason, I hate this type of stories. Readable exceptions IMO are very rare. If this story is an exception or not is yet unknown, there is not enough text published to judge.

4833074 It is a crossover with a certain show whose main characters real name isn't known. This has happened in the show itself, of course in a different setting.

Mah interests, you has em. :eeyup:

Eh hem, one freshly baked internet point for you sir! :moustache:

*googled it, read it, disgusted by it*
I see. Well, not my cup of coffee then.

4833506 I meant Doctor Who, not anything fucked up.

Yes. I don't like it, unfortunately. At all.

Want auto-matic thumbs-up? Doctor Who references and crossovers! :ajbemused:

4833637 That's too bad. Well, bye bye!

Meh, maybe. Not enough input for an accurate assessment as of right now.

HERE COME THE DRUMS!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Just saw the pic and the title, and I already love it. :pinkiehappy:

4833686 Want people to automatically think you're a douche? Bitch about the subject instead of critiquing the strengths and weaknesses of the story itself.

Can you hear it doctor? The drums of war. =P

Before I read comments, desc, story, or anything whatsoever, this is a story about The Master.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

4836394 There you go.

4835536 Send meek nerdy human to Equestria.

Is actually a genocidal alien mastermind.

I rEAlly really wish that in this story nobody ever acknowledges that the drums are real. That was a major plot point in the show, that he wasn't even sure if it was real or not.

"Can't you hear them? The drums?" The Master asked, pleading.
The Doctor looked into his eyes and shook his head. "It's only you," he said sincerely.
It was the cruelest thing he could say.
"But can't you hear them...?" The Master rambled, reaching out and placing his hands on the Doctor's temples. "Can't you hear....the drums..." He touched his forehead to the Doctor's.
Bu-bu-de-dum. Bu-bu-de-dum.
The Doctor recoiled in horror. "What...?!" He shouted.
A maniacal grin spread across the Master's face.
"What's...what's in your head?" The Doctor gasped
The Master cackled like a madman, "IT'S REAL!!" he screamed to the heavens.

The Master realizing the drums were real was a major turning point in his development as a character. And when he realized it had been the timelords who planted it all along, that's when he turned against them and trapped them in the timelocked last day of the last great time war.
I'm nerding out so much :twilightsheepish:

And not oNLy that, but i love how you made the Master slightly older than the Doctor. I don't know if that was already established by the show, but it really juxtaposes how the Master acts less mature than the Doctor- even naive in one point.
And not just with how the Master makes snarky jokes to the president and gay jokes to the Doctor, but how he also didn't realize why the Doctor didn't want the timelords to return.

"Well, this is great! Right?" The Master reasoned. "The timelords restored!"
The Doctor struggled to raise his head towards the Master and explained darkly, "You weren't there, in the final days of the war. You never saw what was born. If the timelords come back, then it's not just them but the Skaro Degradations,"
The Master listened quietly.
"The Horde of Travesties,"
The Master glanced up curiously at Rassilon.
"The Nightmare child. The Could've-Been-King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-Were's. The War turned into Hell! And that's what you've just opened up right over the Earth." The Doctor stared intensely at the Master and warned him furiously: "Hell is descending!"

I just love the character development of the Master, and how he contrasts with the Doctor. :twilightsheepish:

4837801 In this story, the Master fled far before the Doctor did. Mere years after being exposed to the Untempered Schism. The Doctor was just under two-hundred fifty years old when he stole his TARDIS.

4837801 Also, the Master remembers the Doctor better. Remember, the Doctor was only a toddler when they met. And he would've been barely a teenager in human-years when the Master ran away. The Master ran away just a couple years after becoming a Time Lord, probably fifteen or so. After that, he would've explored much as the Doctor did. Trying to find someone who could take away the drums so he could go back for his friend. But no one could. And he started to lose hope. Centuries of isolation with only the drums.

And then he meets the Doctor. Sees he ran away without him. Sees that the young boy he swore to protect from the Time Lords moved on without him. Abandoned him.

So the Master, who never grew in mind beyond a Gallifreyan child, lashes out. He tries to get the Doctor's attention in the only way he can. And he makes himself an enemy.

But after centuries more of bitter rivalry, the Master learns to hate the Doctor. He wants to hurt him. Bring him down to the Master's level.

That face...that face...why does that face look familiar...

Great read, by the way, well done.

4837894 The Master and Davros are probably the only two, aside from the Great Intelligence, who can really get under the Doctor's skin. Granted, the GI is Yog-Sothoth I believe, so yea.....

4837801 C I knew the Master secretly had feelings for the Doctor! That's why he strapped him into a chair! Unresolved sexual tension, I mean, for as far as we know, the Master is still a virgin....


4844253 Tsk.That face again. This is going to bother me.
While I contemplate this face, you should write more of DOW. ;)

4844257 It's from Dr. Who, if that helps. (And of course I'm not going to come right out and tell you)

4844605 Never seen doctor who

4844617 Ah :twilightblush:. Well then, he's The Master, a character from the show.

Mr. Saxon and Twilight are closer than ever


didn't see that friendship coming....

my interest is now peaked. These fics always drive me nuts.

silence until we were all in the library

why does this sentence fragment sound familiar...

silence until we were all in the library


i have no idea whether that was coincidence or yo meant to have those EXACT WORDS in the same sentence

BTW... already i am thrilled to read more.

you have my attention

4845783 i'm a master at spotting references



haha, but seriously... i like where this is going.

expect more comments from me as you post chapters.

you have my moustache:moustache:

4833358 That profile picture...

Comment posted by Clocklike deleted Sep 2nd, 2014

Bu-bu-de-dum, bu-bu-de-dum, bu-bu-de-dum...

I'm sorry. On audio, it sounds stressful, but here it's just funny.

There's only one word I can remember, but it doesn't even mean anything!

Time Lord = 2 words! Tsk, tsk! :trollestia:

4850356 Just because you're a genius evil mastermind from a civilization so advanced it makes humans look like cows doesn't mean you're good at math. :derpytongue2:

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