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This story is a sequel to Mass Effect: Shepard and the Rainbows

It has been ten years since Equestria was attacked by a race of aliens known as the Batarians. The galaxy has moved on, but not everyone has forgotten. Octavia Melody can never forget the day that her wife died in the raid. Now one of the most successful musicians on the Citadel, a space station that serves as the heart of all governments in the galaxy, she spends her days trying to forget what she has lost... until a simple arrest turns into an earth shattering discovery that could change the balance of power in Citadel space.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Octavia/Vinyl Scratch

A Mass Effect/My Little Pony Crossover, the Second Story in the First Meetings Universe

1. Mass Effect: Shepard and the Rainbows
2. Mass Effect: Shattered Record, Broken Wings
3. Mass Effect: Gathering Storm (Mass Effect One)
4. Mass Effect: One Wrong Step (Equestria Girls Side Story)
5. Mass Effect: Harmony Lost
6. Mass Effect: Fight for the Lost (Mass Effect Two)
7. Mass Effect: The Darkness Breached (Mass Effect Three)
A. Mass Effect: Side Stories

Alternate Universe, on both sides of the crossover.

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I find this enjoyable.

I can't really give any criticism in either direction because I haven't actually played mass effect, so this is all new to me.

Comment posted by Meluch deleted Aug 11th, 2014

4831694 Knowledge of Mass Effect will hopefully be unneeded. I am writing this series with the hope that anybody will be able to pick it up and start reading with no prior knowledge of either series. I am glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

4832108 The entire story is complete in screenplay form, and I have the first five chapters written out in novel form. The second chapter should be up shortly, and after that, this story will be switching to a weekly update format. Thanks for the comment! :raritystarry::twilightsmile:

At least another week until we get the payoff in the description!?:pinkiegasp:
I call a party foul. :twilightangry2:

please continue, i wish to read more :twilightsmile:

4833191 You should be happy to know that the entire story is complete, in a certain sense. Chapters will be released ever Sunday. I'm glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy:

Love it! Please more salarians going crasy about the alicorn's powers!
Also, is Twilight an alicorn here? You said that there were only 3 of them.

4835031 I'm glad you liked it! Twilight is categorically NOT an Alicorn here, mostly for the reason that this is set pre-Season One. :pinkiegasp: Just remember, this is an AU on both sides of the crossover, so things are going to get different, really fast. Hopefully in a way that everyone can enjoy! This is just the beginning of a wild ride.

Yeah Twilight! Not a alicorn but a OP unicorn is god too. (and cutter)
Celestia in the Citadelle, it's going to be good! But please tell me that the unicorn slave isn't Rarity, i have a very seek felling about that...
Good story, keep going!

4838056 Rest assured that all of your questions will be touched up in the coming chapters.

This is so weird... I found this right after I finished playing Mass Effect 3. But anyway, can't wait to read more :D

I approve. Again, this person has no knowledge of the game, and I'm still getting most of the story. That's good.


Hmm. Equestria's got a Dyson sphere, huh? How'd THAT happen?
And Celestia's coming. So...does this mean the Batarian homeworld is soon to be destroyed by a supernova?

4852561 That question, and many more mysteries to come will be answered as we travel deeper into this universe! Thanks for the review!:pinkiehappy:


4852636 Well, I look forward to seeing more. And learning how Equestria and Earth already knew each other before First Contact.

Not Rarity but... I don't feel very happy... Poor Vinyl.
I know the power of love is very powerful but here she has suffer one or two YEARS of starvation, brutality, drogs maybe and rap...
I guess we won't follow them very closly because after the operation is complete and the scene of "you're alive!" passed,, there will only be a longgggg recovery.
Don't worry for your change of schedule. For me, the ore you write, the happier I get.

4853923 Actually, its pretty clear its more like nine years, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

EDIT: Due to a retcon, it has actually turned into twelve years.

Nine years!!!
Well, I really hope Celestia a some good magic under her wings because I don't see Vinyl recover of that in less than a few years...

Also the Dyson sphere!? Are the pony very different from the ones of the show with a huge advantage in technologie or it's just the power of the alicorns and the magic of the pony that are use at their maximum?
Because daim!

4854904 Neither. Reasons will become more apparent as the story goes on. Possibly as soon as the next chapter. Can't remember what comes next in the script. There are reasons for everything, and Equestria wasn't even aware of the sphere until about forty or fifty years ago... so... there ya go. :trollestia:

I had to look up The Treaty of Firaxan, but other than that the non-fan understood everything.

Looking forward to more.

4858721 Actually, the next chapter goes a bit more in depth with that. But, I'm glad it didn't detract from the story for you! :ajsmug:


Do actually care about how it reads to the small contingent of readers who didn't play Mass Effect?

If you don't I'll stop with the commentary on understandability.

4858926 I do. I thought that my last comment was addressing the concern that you saw. Wasn't trying to incite anything.:fluttershysad:

As a Mass Effect veteran: Holy mother of Shepard tattooed on a krogan's back, what just happen? The ramifications will be changing the universe...


But when did Udina became so friendly? Did he receive a a dose of the elements of harmony?
The emotional train of Octavia is well done, following her is heartbreaking/warming.

i can't wait for the next chapters!


Those Batarians sure did a number of Vinyl. Is there no way for her to get magic back?


Huh, so they took Gilda. Poor thing.
Oh, and Vinyl's awake! Isn't that nice.

Soooooooo Equestria will have a fleat?

It could work but there is one problem... Is there enough pony? I'm mean, there are juste one of the nine species on Equestria and a fleat demands a lot of personnel. How will Celestia make it works, lots of I.A?

4868789 Equestria is a planet... It has a population numbering in the hundreds of millions, and that's just the ponies... why wouldn't they have enough to crew a fleet? :rainbowhuh:

Well let's take the earth as an exemple and for the sake of the exemple, there are 9 000 000 000 humans living on it. So, assuming than the pony are one of the 9 species of the planet, we have 1 000 000 000 left. We must no forget that 50 to 60 % of the population are to hold/ young/ unable to serve/ ect... We have only 500 000 000 at best. And that if we force them because if we ask the ponies who have never lived a situation which ask for a permanent army to volonter, only the bravest will go. A call from the princesses will surely give some motivation to the ponies but unlike on heart who the living conditions aren't always the best ( sometime just awful), the life in Equestria is nice and don't push to the ouside. If you take in compt that the ponies like to stay together and are paceful, there won't be a lot to go.So if you take only the volonters, you finish with someting between 10 000 000 and 20 000 000. I assume it would be enough but this number is the one of a earth over populated. In equestria (if we assume the different races have the same populations), the number will drop to something along the 900 000. Rather short don't you think?

4869818 First, a lot of problems that you are mentioning would be pretty much eliminated in a post-scarcity society, which Equestria at this point has either reached, or is incredibly close. The Mass Effect codex states that only 3% of humanity volunteers for military service, and taking your number of 9 Billion, that is 270 million soldiers/marines/sailors. They are considered a small force, but they make up for their lack of numbers with Virtual Intelligences, machines, and military doctrine.

Equestria, thanks to its lucky situation of being more technologically advanced than Earth has an even greater advantage. More systems can be automated, while their ships can be even bigger. They have a population that is more than big enough to support a military, especially as this Equestria is not limited to just a pony kingdom. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the sovereigns of the entire planet, with the other races still being ruled over by a regional governor. It isn't one race out of nine. It is one planet in its entirety. This is one of the things that makes it an AU that will be explored and explained later, possibly in different stories.

The issue of age is actually something we can pretty much wave away at this point. It is stated in the codex that all of humanity has received the gene-mods to at least double their life-spans, if not more. Equestria is simply beyond humanity technologically. They have the age thing figured out, at least on the too old part. Looking at the way that Applejack was let free to go to manehatten (i believe, could be baltimare) on her own, and the way that getting their cutie mark seems to be the age where ponies are allowed to go off and start their lives free from their parents, I don't see a problem there as well (aside from moral and ethical, which I believe Ponies would also recognize and be quick to find solutions to).

I don't really see a problem with Equestria gathering together a military to defend themselves. They more than have the numbers, and the populace is more than willing.

I see, I see, i didn't know about the 3% thing, interessting!
Also the Princesses rule the whole planet!? It explained why the council is so afraid of Celestia. She co-rule a whole planet with more advance technology and a different energy ( magic) which let her controles the freaking sun! Oh and she is immortal too.


4870052 Equestria is more advanced than Earth? How'd that happen? There is so much more I wish to learn.
How long can the average Equestrian live, exactly?

4870926 At the moment, humans in first world countries live on average around 80 years. With the gene mods of Mass Effect, it is stated that most reach at least 120, if not more. I do not have a clue where to start with the ages of Equestrians, so I'm going to say that I'm leaving that up to your own headcanon.

Equestria managed to not only get ahead of Earth, but also the Asari as well. The reason for this is the rather fortunate discovery that they were locked away in a highly advanced dyson sphere for far longer than anyone really wishes to think about. The purpose that anyone had for doing that, or even WHO exactly put the sphere there in the first place is a subject of much debate among scholars across the galaxy.

To put it in perspective, the Protheans, who created the Citadel and the Mass Relays, would be several tiers below the Forerunners (Halo, and not a part of this story, just an example) on the Kardashev scale. The Reapers are several steps above the Forerunners. Equestria was encased in a dyson sphere not unlike Onyx or the technology level of the Halo Array.

... And no, it wasn't the Doctor, despite the capitalized WHO above.


4870979 My knowledge of Halo isn't that deep, but I thought Dyson Spheres were just supposed to be built around suns. But you're saying Equestria and its entire SYSTEM are inside one? That...must be a really big sphere. Wow. Does that explain why the planet's orbited by a sun? Is the whole system artificial? Oh my. How big are we talking here?
If it's inside a sphere, how did they get to the galaxy outside? Blow a hole in it? Pull it apart? Did an exit already exist? (I don't know that much about Dyson Spheres, as you can probably tell.) And I wonder how they even discovered it. Must have been one weird space program...does that mean the night sky Luna controls is just like the painted interior of the sphere? Does she somehow have some measure of power over the sphere itself, or at least half of it?
What's the Kardashev scale? Sounds familiar.
And of course this brings up all sorts of other questions. Equestria has many species, as you pointed out...so why is it ponykind that has immortal god-rulers and supremacy? Not complaining, just wondering how that could come to pass. Evolution? Selection by whatever made the sphere?
So many questions...

4871754 I can only answer so much before treading into spoilerish areas. Yes, the Dyson Sphere is incredibly massive, encompassing both Equestria's sun, moon, and the planet itself. How they discovered the fact they lived within it is something that I cannot answer because of the next story, but I can definitely tell you it was surprise for everyone involved.

As to how Equestria broke free from their rather large gilded cage... well, there wasn't a sun-sized hole there before the realization. Let's just put it that way.

If I had to guess, the radius of the Equestrian Sphere is probably a little under a light-hour across. Don't ask me for how big that actually is, because I cannot wrap my head around the number. It completely encircled Equestria for an INCREDIBLY long amount of time, and from what scientists can tell, it was placed there on purpose (the star system, not just the sphere).

Kardashev Scale Wikipedia Link

As to why Equestria has three immortal god ponies ruling over them (even if one of them is only twenty-something at this point [looking at you Cadance]), that is something we can leave up to speculation. The same reason why they are like that in the show, I guess. The other races (Minotaurs, Griffins, etc) are better suited to being the apex species on Equestria, but because of their lack of a god like ruler, things progressed differently. Kind of an extreme example of what happens if you ignore the Prime Directive, I guess...


4871812 Ah, I see. Very informative. Thank you for answering my questions.
For some reason I find the idea of Celestia flinging her Sun like a wrecking ball hilarious. Though I wonder what sort of effect that has on the planet.
As for lifespan...I dunno, I like the idea of ponies living from human-max to centuries. It's probably just a continuity error, but Twilight did mention once Ponyville's hundreds of years old, and yet Granny Smith was around to found it...

4871833 And I have no problem with that (the age thing). :ajsmug: Headcanon away, cause I'm not touching that barrel of monkeys.

part of me wonders if twilight is going to push for spector status after seeing this, too prevent it form happening agian.

Really liking this so far. Huge fan of Mass Effect; I am particularly interested in what Gilda said about Dash being attached to the Alliance with a spec ops trainer....I'm predicting N7, if not *the* N7 him/herself.

Good foreshadowing. Color me very interested.

"There i no need to be nervous, Octavia Melody,"

I found a mistake


You know what should be done to those Batarians? Banishment to the Sun.
No, not death. That's too good for them. They shall live, even as they are burned endlessly in the raging hellfire of the solar inferno, forever and ever and ever. Well, maybe one lifetime for each they ruined. That's…at least a thousand years, probably more, right?

is ther enothing the asari cna do for the gryphons wings?

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