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When Fox goes away, Foxy comes out to play.


An ageless fox, residing in the forest next to a town dubbed "Ponyville" by its inhabitants, has an odd dream, telling him to seek out a resident of the town called "Twilight Sparkle". He had no plans of doing so. But life had other plans for him.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 41 )

Timberwolves, fluttershy and those bullies?

good but it needs a little more description. also update please

4830235 Little more description as in... describing the area and such, or the description?

4830228 Yes, yes, and what? There's another pony that's living with Fluttershy.

4830295 Nope. Doctor Whooves doesn't have broken legs. Starts with a Stellar

More chapters please

4830323 Negative. It's an OC, but it's not mine. It actually appeared in the show. Talking role and everything. Begins with Stellar.

4830327 oc that showed up on the show hum
Is it the wheel stallion from trade ya

Is it Stellar Eclipse?

4830592 4830340 4830295 4830235
Do you guys think that I should add a gore tag?

4830974 if it's a little blood no
Detailed guts and stuff yes

4830596 it is steller eclipse

Comment posted by texanpony deleted Aug 11th, 2014

Does anybody want more of this story, or is it a lost cause?

I like it and would like more please.:heart::trollestia:

4887474 Will do. I've hit point where I don't really have any idea what to do. I thought much to far ahead, and now I'm not sure how to get there.

4887877 ok. you can figure it out. if you want I might be able to help. I have not had much experience coming up with stories though. if not though I can wait for however long you need.

4890799 Thank you for the offer. I've kinda got a direction, other than to Twilight's, in which I'm going to take this, but I don't want to goof it and Mary Sue my character... again.

So is thy story about thou stellarshy?

4959271 Nope. They'll pop up a couple times, but they're not the main focus. Actually, eventually this story is going to crossover with my other one.

What's your 'other one' called?

4961742 ... A New Star in the Sky?

:pinkiegasp: This is an incrediable story...

5076570 Eh, I prefer my other one.

5076860 the New Star in the sky... eah its also another great story... but i seem to havea love of foxes

5076869 *squints at you* But that's my thing.

5078662 Yes, but I am the immortal fox. That's my thing.

5946598 This story is going to be on hiatus for a long while. A New Star in the Sky is going to get an update really soon though.

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