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Told in second person, "You" are the main character in this story. After living in Equestria for a bit, you decide to take a vacation to a prestigious city known as: "Las Pegasus." After a bit of sight seeing, you come across a mare who may very well change your life and make it... interesting, to say the least. And upon meeting her, you learn that sometimes things aren't what they seem on the outside and that image of any individual can be very deceptive. Anyone can put on a clown nose and pretend everything is okay while hiding behind a fake smile. But what are they really hiding behind the fake smile? And what will they do to keep it hidden?

The idea for this story originally came from an episode of an old TV show called M*A*S*H. Not gonna give the synopsis of the episode because it'll spoil it. Also, story's a one shot. So if you're expecting an update or further chapters, the end result MIGHT (most likely) disappoint you, so don't get your hopes up.

Even if this story is told in 2nd person I gave a name to the main char for the reason of making it flow a little smoother and a little easier to write. It's the name I'd use if I was a reader rather than the writer. Don't like the name? That's okay! Use someone else's name or even your own! You don't need my permission.

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is this your first story EVER? :pinkiesmile:

Its a great start! Hopefully he will get her to start to living like a normal person.


Nah. I write every now and then. I usually post elsewhere.

I am think i know what episode you are tlking about i am not going to say anything :pinkiehappy:

Okay, the butchering of Fancy Pants' personality was a bit much, but other than that I'm more than entertained by my antics in this story. If you can think of any way to continue the shenanigans with my new sla... er, companion, then I will be more than happy to live them out for you. :rainbowwild:


"Yes Sir, Sergeant Wilko!"

I hope this story of yours will continue on since I have a few ideas about whats to come between "you", Fleur, and the mane six.:trollestia:

4826323 Well I love your story Its's the best :twilightsmile:

Very Good Sir! :twilightsmile:

Do more WE NEED MORE! :trollestia:

Every "p0ny" made me want to punch something with increasing urgency.

....We wish to see the sequel please.

The could have made a rsther nice multi-chapter story, so it's a bit of a shame that it's a one shot. Also, the whole replacing the o with a 0 everytime it said pony pissed me off a little.

Very great fic, curious to see a chapter 2

2nd person tag needed

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