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One world is inhabited by creatures of flesh. The other, by giants of metal. For all time they have been unaware of one another...until now.

Cover art by Raikoh-illust

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 49 )

The moment the character sounds like their canon self you know that you have done well in capturing them right. Optimus and Celestia... it could work

For someone who doesn't know a lot about Optimus's history this could help a little.

Good story, even fitting in a running joke from one of the best Transformers cartoons to date. Muy bueno, mi amigo. :eeyup:

4828581 Does Optimus Prime even have a penis?

Optimus Prime is GOD. :raritystarry: And seeing him and Celestia together? Even better! :rainbowkiss:

4828866 Uh, this is not the kind of place to wonder that. No offense. :twilightoops:

4828866 LOADING.....LOADING.......
I'm going to have nightmares now.



Edit: And bumblebee peed on someone in the first Michael Bay film.

4829412 i laughed so hard from the comment
and bumblebee didn't pee on that guy, i'm pretty sure that was the gas tank, soooooo yeah

Go watch the scene again. It was oil, and he did unzip himself, and it was from the crotch.

4829790 well he didn't unzip, a can popped off his crotch and some kind of fluid flew on his back. and optimus told him to stop lubricating on him

4829362 I'm just saying that things are going to get a little stale in the bedroom.

You know you have a conflict of interest when Prime's voice fluctuates between Peter Cullen and Gary Chalk.

Optimus Prime and Celestia would make an interesting platonic couple, but anything beyond would be weird.

Now I'll need to comb the site, looking for other Transformers crossovers.

Makes sense.

Being one with the sun, Celestia goes into a much more intensive heat than most.

And it's been what, 20, 30,000 years since the last time she was gettin' it on?

I mean, it sucks he got thrown in prison, but Celestia might like it rough...


Celestia X Tirek all the way.

Here it is. Took me ten seconds to find this group:

That can was his oil filter.

This REALLY deserves a sequel...and you captured perfectly the Optimus Prime char, even with just a little dialog.

Celestia keeps referring to "people" instead of "ponies". Otherwise, good fun, and perhaps there will be another visit someday.

I do know for a fact that Celestia and Optimus if they were to ever meet, would be the best of friends.
Great fic, i was kinda hoping for a series but what can you do.

No joke, but I actually started thinking in Optimus Prime's voice by the time I'd finished writing this story.

I heard it as soon as he spoke.

I love imagining Optimus' voice, it's just glorious, as was Celestia and Optimus meeting!



Gary > Peter, though that may just be because Armada optimus was my favorite. *shrugs*

4840535 I get that. I grew up with the Unicron trilogy, but TF: Prime is my favorite series so far. You can't deny that Peter Cullen's voice is freaking magical.

So yeah, now we just need the rebuttal story wherein Celestia appears either on Cybertron or a related Earth. It's probably found in that group page Nacho posted.

4840579 I was a Beast Wars follower, later turned onto Armada. At the same time Armada was airing on CN, I was also into Toonami which, if recalled correctly, had promo voiced by Peter Cullen. My cartoon viewing years as an early teenage were good.
And now I have a stack of Transformer, MLP, and Samurai Jack comic books all produced by IDW. Kinda funny how that turned out. :twistnerd:

4830142 They're both really good actors and voices of Optimus Prime. Peter Cullen works better for an older, more experienced Optimus, while Gary Chalk works for a younger, more brash Optimus.

*reads A/N* so I'm not the only one with a problem like that! :moustache:

4830142 Or David Kaye. Or heck, even Neil Kaplan.

It seems that his stay in Equeastria would

Spelling derp.

This was actually a pretty unique story. Some might be disappointed that Optimus showed up for just a few minutes, but I thought you made the most of it with the quick timeframe. Props to you, man.

A good story, do you think you might make a multi-chapter sequel?

5489760 I agree, there needs to be more of this, maybe have it start off where optimus gives his life to reawaken to core of cybertron/well of sparks and have it go from there.

This was a nice, short little story. Both Optimus Prime and Celestia are very much in character, and it's interesting seeing them interact, for however short a time. I could actually see a romantic relationship developing between the two. I kinda want to see a similar story with Bumblebee and Twilight Sparkle, given that they've both grown into leadership roles of their own in recent years.
4828866 According to the IDW Transformers comics, Transformers like Optimus either come from fields of sparks created by pulse-waves from Cybertron's core (forged), or have their sparks created from energy harnessed from the Matrix (constructed cold).

Okay, THIS story I call canon for a Hasbro crossover!

This seems about right. Just, the sheer confusion of the fairly straight laced Decepticons dealing with Pinkie who is anything but.

i think there should have been more fun withs megatron and pinkie pie

Now imagine if Shockwave was there.

I know this comment is almost a week late, but here it is anyway. Happy 10th Anniversary to Transformers Prime.

Well nothing to say but great work.

PS, Cadance is playing shipping match maker.

So... Optimus will become a pony? Is Tia going to marry him?


I'd love to see a continuation of this story darn it! :raritydespair:

How many read Optimus's lines in Peter Cullen's voice? /)

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