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In the process of an EXTENSIVE rewrite. Will be updated in the coming months.

This isn't the story of the heroic crusade against tryany. The good guys don't win. One year After The Fall of the Atlantis Confederation, Omni Soldier Dax 007 is still on the run. He has a few advantages, his skills as a super soldier, his A.I. caretaker, AJAX , and the most advaced ship in the galaxy.

While fleeing an Earth cruiser, Dax makes his way into a nebula and finds something he never expects to find. A planet inhabited by humans. Only these humans are different. Some can fly with angel wings and walk on clouds and control the weather, Others can do magic like feats, possibly even real magic, And others still have strength to rival his.

Vinyl Scratch is dealing with loneliness when a stranger saves her life. He has the strength of the Earth people, but the powers of the Unicorn people. He can even fly like the Pegasus people but he has no wings.

What will happen when this last remnent of a war long lost lands in a place that looks like paradise? A more trusting place, a free place, a place that survived The Fall.

Note: All Characters are Humanized.
None of the names are Changed.
None of the places' names are Changed.
All characters are their same old selves.

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YES.YES.TRIPLE YES.AND MOAR YES.This is amazing!I believe i speak for all the readers for when i say I NEED MOAR!:flutterrage:

this is great!! when is the next chapter? i eagerly awaitt moar!:pinkiehappy:

Pretty good! I am really glad i am watching you. *Stalker Stare* Also, just like Spueakypip said, When is the next chapter, All of your stories leave me wanting MORE!

PS: Pure Awesome. Keep Going.


please sir, can I have some moar?

All silliness aside, good read so far. Can't wait for this story to really pick up. I'll be watching.

Another great chapter but one part made me giggle. They ask the computer to scan for life and it gave them a shit ton of unrelated facts. I mean I get it's advance and what not but really? It knew their god damn language.
Look VERY forward to another update and one last thing


458336 The computer scanned alot more than just the planet... :pinkiehappy:

Slightly confusing, are the robbers "men" as your story states, or are they stallion?

461020 Same characters, everyone is in human form.

461028 Ah so the ponies are humanized then?
May I ask why? Usually situations like this wouldnt be classified as "first contact". While extra terrestrial, these aliens are hardly xenomorphic

461032 Yup. Don't worry though, Rainbow Dash will still have her wings, Twilight will still do magic, Applejack will still be stronger than Rocky Balboa, and Spike will still breath fire.

461036 To me, the story loses its "flair" when the story is humanized ESPECIALLY if its a first contact scenario like this, I'll keep tracking though, keep up the good work!

Ok I'm a little confused. How is it that he gets taken out so easily. He's a super soldier:unsuresweetie:. He comes from a high tech age with lasers and junk but his suit can't stop a bullet. Please elaborate my brain hurts :fluttershyouch:

462101 a flight suit isnt a suit of armor. It cant stop a bullet but can repair itself if it gets rips or tears. He wasn't expecting to get shot at with a twelve gauge shot gun when he went down there.

I hope this clarifies :pinkiehappy:


If you remember he left all his actual armor back on his ship, he only took a flight suit and a helmet. I'm guessing his wounds closing are part of his "super" soldier advances or also part of the flight suit. Advanced or not I'm sure hes still made of flesh and blood and ballistics are made to go through such things.

Also it is still considered first contact and they are still considered aliens, or rather he's currently the alien. The term alien is pretty loose in definition. The fact that they are humanized shouldn't matter that much really, they are still the same characters and if this story is going in the direction I'm almost certain it will, a human/pony romance is, while it doesn't both me any, less acceptable for some people. If I was to venture a guess I'd say the humanization is because either the author isn't comfortable with human/pony, he doesn't want to have to write about overcoming the species difference, or he wants it to be generalized for the readers.

I have one question for the author though, do the "unicorns" still have horns? Because they totally should, and I'm totally not just saying that cause I roll that way or would find that attractive. Something also related to that topic, you said Twilight would still use magic and you said all the characters are still who they are in the show. So why didn't Vinyl pick up the knife with magic instead of trying to reach for it? She is a unicorn after all. First story issue I've noticed so far.

462377 First, i figured that horns would make it a bit awkward and difficult to write, couldn't really find a good work around for that. I had that they used their hands and other apendages for use of their magic. Being bound to a chair made it a bit difficult grab a knife.

Second, not to sound angry or anything because you bring up a valid point, i did try to generatize it for most audiences. I am perfectly fine with human/pony relationships. One of my other stories in fact centralizes one in fact.

Thanks alot for the feedback. I appreciate it tremendously :pinkiehappy:


Fair enough, using hands for magic and those being tied up is a fine reason, it just wasn't in the story and I wanted a little clarification.

Also I wasn't judging you at all nor did I think you had a problem with human/pony, was just taking a few guesses as to why you did it so others might understand and not think you did it for no reason. And I take no offense to it either way. Pony or human, the characters are still who they are as long as they are...well...in character, it shouldn't matter what form they take. It honestly doesn't make a difference to me, an intelligent being is about WHO they are not what they are.

BTW, looking forward to more and I'm loving it so far. :twilightsmile:


Hmmm.....Red eyes?I immideitly think discord.But i may be wrong..

465069 Nope :pinkiehappy:

Who else has red eyes that we know of?

Hint hint

465078Hmmmm.......*sound of century year old cogs turning for the first time*I....i dont know.....I dont pay attenchion to eye color very much.

465088 Lol at the 'sound of century year old cogs turning for the first time' :rainbowlaugh:

A certain blue haired, red eyed DJ. :pinkiehappy:

465095Ohhhh.....*sound of cogs turning into dust and somehow catching fire*..........Im so stupid.....

462307 My head is less cloudy so thanks :derpyderp2::yay:

lol for a while i forgot this was humanized
"Not to military or he would stick out like a sore thumb."
Yeah, military clothing will make him stick out in a land full of magical ponies
*5 minutes later*
waitaminute, these aren't ponies. i feel like an idiot :derpytongue2:

good song choices, I'm a fan of TSFH myself and listen to it almost all the time

I could be jumping to conclusions here, but that last monologue with Vinyl came off as very sexual to me. Considering June has the longest days in the year and is used as a breeding period for a lot of things.....it just might be oh so good...

If going into heat translates over to this fic...hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they’re rapin’ everybody out here. :derpytongue2:

For the record I'm not saying it would be a bad thing, it would be hilarious to me.

497090 Would be hilarious but no. She's got something else planned but not that lol :pinkiehappy:


Hah I was almost hoping for it at that point, I'm terrible I know. You can't blame me though, reread it with that thought in mind and tell me I'm wrong :applecry:

497325 Lol i suppose not. And i guess you're right but that's not gonna happen then :pinkiehappy:

Maybe later though :rainbowderp:

Well, this is certainly a cool HiE fic. Keep up the good work! Or ill abduct you! hahahaha

This is really good. This is also my first time reading a DJ-Pon3 love story keep it up.

538132 Noticed that there weren't many of those so i thought i'd write one. :pinkiehappy:
Need DJ Pon-3 emoticon :flutterrage:

BAR FIGHTS! Great writing a having asskicking in it just makes it all that much better!

oh shit... Dax is in for some fun.

dax get all the bitches

ALL THE BITCHES :heart::flutterrage:

The top deck was mostly open accept for where another eating area was situated.
you mean to put except.

I've seen this at least twice now probably more, so I thought I should point it out.
Accept: to take or receive (something offered)
Except: with the exclusion of; excluding
Same sounding, totally different in every way. English is a bitch.

Shit did indeed get real. I like this so far and am eagerly awaiting more. Overall kinda of vague of what's going on at the moment with the time transition in the middle and the sudden appearance of three different military forces. I'll be waiting to see where all this goes and I'm sure it will be interesting. I'm assuming the part with Spitfire is present time but it doesn't specify, just something to think about adding to clear it up.

585043 noticed that too after I published it but didn't get the chance to fix it. Normally I pick up on those things.

Also to clairify, the part with spitfire is in the present.

Why is this not more popular!?