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Spike is best pony.


Human Flash Sentry visits pony Twilight Sparkle and they continue their romance.

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4816939 Fixed but the description... seriously?

4817063 well thanks for the advice about the description

Just thought I'd let you know, you are likely getting so many dislikes due to the story being about a FlashLight relationship. That's nearly as bad of a sin around here as having a self-insert OC.

4817347 That, and the story is barely a thousand words long. Given that Flash Sentry was a cardboard cutout in EqG, the author would need to devote much more time and effort into developing both his character and the relationships.

The length reminds me of the fanfics from 2011, when there was no word requirement and people would write 500 word "romances" that basically were "I've loved you all this time but could never say it until now! Me too! smoochy smoochy smoochy..."


I think you're being a bit harsh ... on cardboard cutouts. At least they have a definable purpose.

4817347 yeah I didn't expect the pairing to be one that people would go for, writing shipfiction will usually get you hated in and of itself, but on top of that a pairing that a lot of people already hate

This was great...
I don't care what others say, so I'll give you a like and a favorite...

The reason why nobody likes this story is because of Flash Sentry and how he got closer to Twilight then anybody else will ever get.:trollestia: I still gave it a like and fav though.:pinkiehappy:

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4915896 np I try to look at things from a different point of view especially characters. I could go on and tell you my point of view on the characters but it would probably get me a lot of flak.

4915934 people like and displike what characters they want, I like Flash Sentry and that alone gets me flak, I talk to some people that like King Sombra and while I don't see how that's possible, they're entitled to their opinion, I had a co-worker that hates Pinkie Pie

4915951 HAHA, interesting, Honestly I seem to like all the characters that people hate before I even know that they hate them. Example Prince BlueBlood I like him:pinkiehappy:

4916006 I can't stand Gilda, Blueblood, and Sombra lol but people like what they like :)

This doesn't deserve all the thumbs down, it's harmless and I can understand it just fine, some people and their weird vendettas against flash. Well in any case, glad you wrote this up, hats off to you .

Except Spike.

Ouch. What's with all the dislikes? This story seems perfectly harmless. Well... as harmless a veteran reader like myself could say. The hatred for the famed waifu stealer is strong here. But understandable. A good story to read now and then. :rainbowlaugh:
Good job though.

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