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The Delirium

I've always enjoyed reading other great fan fictions and I've always had great ideas for ones of my own. Now I write to share those ides with every other fan of mlp,


After waking up in prison with amnesia, Caramel has many questions to how he got there. Before the jailor can reveal all to the stallion, the grey mare, Octavia, comes to visit him. She volunteers to explain how he ended up in prison. As the story goes on, Caramel begins to recall old feelings for the mare.

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Straight Braeburn and Octavia not in a relationship with Vinyl?
Glad to see someone take risks. Seriously though, it's frighteningly rare to see fics that break the self imposed barriers of shipping.

A few typos here and there, but over all, not bad for a short story. Well done.

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