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Stories in 2nd person, Stories about feet, Stories about tickling, and stories about you tickling feet. Probably better known as 2ShyShy.

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Next chapter please this is really funny.:rainbowlaugh::yay::ajsmug::pinkiegasp::twilightsheepish::raritystarry:

I love this!

I sincerely hope you continue writing this; it´s simply a perfect story!

MikaLtubeyou from Derpybooru here...
I'm in freaking love with your writing, such amazing description of the tickling and laughing, caring of the ticklers for the tickled, anticipation and emotions can be felt through the words you write.

I loved love potion 9, but i'm also loving this fic.
I hope to see the next chapters/story filled with aftercare, hugs and more devilish ways for tickles.

You have such imagination for these... my god can't wait for the rest of the mane 6 to get a turn... maybe even some background ponies ?
Can't wait.

Haha, thanks!
I'm definitely planning for a lot more characters to be in the story. I have over 15 more stories planned for this right now, so I'm glad you're a fan!

This is one of my favorite fanfics out there. Are yo planning on continuing? I would be really grateful.

Great story! Can't wait for next chapter

I swear the next chapter won't take two years to make.

ill be here in 2019

8351539 That was what I thought after my latest chapter of War Criminals. Which was over two years ago

In all seriousness, thank you for the update :rainbowlaugh:


Well, glad you two remembered this story, at least.

8353795 It's a good story. Your first chapter with Pinkie's my favorite.

hehe I havent read a single chapter yet, ill wait for the whole thing to come out. think of it as incentive to finish.

You're gonna be waiting a very long time, because I don't think this'll ever be finished.

There are way too many characters and scenes I can do.

It's probably best if you just start reading now.

Woo, that new chapter. I don't know what it is about this particular story. I usually go for unusually depraved, but the cuteness of Fluttershy adds a sort of heart melting aura to it. And the fact her friends accept her fetish helps hammer that fact home.

Haha, I must be doing something right if my writing has that effect on you.

Yes, joyous update!

Tickling stories are easy to write. Its the hook thats difficult. So carry on, and never let that hook dull

Whens the next chapter?

Soon. Hopefully before January is over.

Welp, guess it's right now.

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Sure. What are we gonna have? We could all go to the kitchen and make something together-”

“Or we could order pizza,” Spike immediately suggested.

“But we could also do something as a group and make something great together,” Twilight said, shooting Spike a glare.

“Yeah, or we could order pizza.” Spike said, pointing to his growling belly.

“Actually, pizza sounds pretty good right now,” Starlight added.

Spike was great there. You can't have a sleepover without pizza.

Very interesting chapter. Managed to be just as hot as the Pedicure (New favorite after the Lie)

Aw, thanks! I'm hoping to get someone hooked on each new chapter.

Whose the other main character? Discord? Sunset shimmer?

There's a reason the next chapter is The Mirror.

It's the only way I can bring that specific character in.

An adorasexy read. This was such a surprise today.

Thanks! I was worried that it'd get a bit confusion, but I'm glad you like it!

Starky, you always know how to deliver. Good scenes, good set ups, and my favorite kind of Lee.

Aw, thanks! Glad I'm doing well so far

With the same old inconsistent upload schedule!

Wooopie! There's more.

Oohhh I wonder if there will be one with celestia and Luna any time soon? Can't wait for for more.

Thank you!

Oh those two are definitely in line for a future story, don't worry.

Glad to see you’re back to updating the story! I do enjoy the tickle headcanon you have with Fluttershy; I actually have the same headcanon with Thorax.

Heh, I could definitely see me using Thorax and the other reformed changelings in the future, maybe add in the stuff from Caroo's other changeling pictures.

Comment posted by BezierBallad deleted Dec 31st, 2021

I remember seeing it copy-pasted in an archived forum some time ago. A shame I can't have found it ever since, so it surprised me, as I stumbled upon it here.

Nice work capturing Fluttershy's feeling... well, of feverish excitement, I suppose :scootangel:! You do value the ticklish laughter and the ticklish suffering! One may only wish for such works nowadays...

Well, glad to see that you found it again! Hopefully you enjoy the other chapters I've done while you've been searching.

The further I read, the more exciting it got.

But "Mature", and "Sex", and "Fetish" were there for a reason, after all :eeyup:. Though it would have easily done even without "Sex"...

I would love to add it to "Favourites"... but... you know: one doesn't simply add something like that to the public "Favourites" :twilightblush:... On the other hoof, you know I've been about to add... On the third hoof, this comment is public anyway...

Oh, in the name of :twilightangry2:!..

Try to stay in one tense, by the way: it must be either present, or past :twilightsmile:.

"T-time"... I see what you did there.

All in all, I don't know, if this can get any more intense... What can match Discord's fantasies :twilightoops:?

Come to think of it, your profile icon matches this story quite well.
...Huh. Coincidence?

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