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This is a story about Twilight Sparkle going nightgazing. She really wants to look at the night sky, but the stars keep getting in her way. Meanwhile, her friends are arguing violently with each other and everypony is acting very strangely. After seeing a Changeling in Ponyville, Twilight rushes off to find her friends and find out exactly what is going on.

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And for the record, the whole thing is just a dream.

That makes much more sense, as I was thinking WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??
Anyhow, it's a good story, even it doesn't make sense


Haha, yeah, I tried to bring it all together by having Luna pop up near the end and cause Twilight to wake up by dropping her from a huge height. I'm sorry you were so confused but I'm glad you liked it!

Sometimes it can work well to be confused. I know I tried that in my first story.

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