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Following the time honored tradition of "Learning by Immersion", Rainbow has just the thing in mind to teach Twilight how to fly. Namely throwing her off a cliff.

A short oneshot inspired by the cover art commissioned by me during Bronycon. Thanks to the artist for his amazing work so go check his stuff out.

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Should actually change that since this is my main account now


Story's marked as complete. Pinkie is tagged as a main character. Pinkie does not appear in the story.


how the hell did she get there? fixed

4809167 Pinkie's breaking the fourth wall again. :trollestia:

A good one-shot as far as they go. Had an easily understandable plot and the characterizations was just detailed enough that it did not feel like a drag on the fun of the story. You're right, it didn't need to be TwiDash but seeing as TwiDash auto makes every fic 10x more awesome, you won't hear me complaining (I am well aware that isn't actually true).

You could use a decent editor though. There were plenty of spots where the sentence structure just fell apart and left me confused. I had to substitute my own interpretations of what I thought you were meaning at least twice through the fic.

A solid 6.5/10 from me, well done!

I kinda just wrote this quickly to get back into my writing groove. Would you mind telling me which parts were confusing?

was multiple ways

Were multiple ways.

I wrote a review of this story here.

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