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I am Static Reverb. I am a writer and musician. No matter what you do, you can not get me to change. I am who I am and I will stay that way.


Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are slowly growing apart, but Vinyl does her best to keep their relationship alive. One day, Vinyl has her heart crushed and refuses to go on.

Chapters (1)
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It's tragic that this is so beautiful

Wow...sad...just...wow I'm at a loss for words...that was just depressing...I know a friend who is...kinda like Vinyl in this story and...God that better not happen...

Before reading: phhf, what's the worst that could happen? its rated teen! Death by skull crushing baseline?

After: I hate everything and I want to die...

Just thought I'd give a little feedback on your writing.

All in all, it was pretty good, the main problem I had with this story is that it felt really rushed. I feel like I didn't have time create a connection to the characters enough to understand why they did certain actions. This made Vinyl's suicide seem very irrational(Although that's a whole other argument that I won't even begin to get into) to me.

It seems to me that Vinyl's emotions weren't fully explained, and Octavias were even less explained. I think some sort of device to tell past events could have helped tremendously. For instance, a flashback or two detailing a great moment they had in their relationship and how it strengthened their relationship. Then detail the events that caused emotional turmoil between the two, and discuss how each character felt, giving both sides to the story.

Other than the speed, it was well written. I just didn't feel enough of a connection to Vinyl to understand why she wanted to do. I mean obviously the reason was there, but it wasn't explained.

Anyways, thumbed up and favorited for an otherwise good story.

Plz do another chapter I really want to see what Tavi did when vinyl killed herself :scootangel::scootangel:

For a first effort, it's a pretty solid story. Granted, it would've been better if it were longer, and gave us more time to develop the characters, but for what it is, it's a decent story. Might review it in my random fanfic reviews blog. Either way, have a like. Cheers:pinkiesmile:

Pretty good. Gotta wonder what Octavia did when she saw Vinyl just hanging there..... she was still conscious when the door opened so did she try to call for help only for it to come too late, try to take her down only to fail miserably, or anything else?

anyways, you got yourself a new follower! for a first story: this is fantastic!:trollestia::eeyup::heart:

I played the saddest song i knew while reading this, it didn't bode to well. Now unto the rant my 2 formally favorite ponies those backstabbing Jews! Their can be no mercy only retribution! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCEfqj9pDAI&list=LL4_tKxMHs5SPmAmSkSM5iAg&index=130

I just now noticed that there's potential for a Cry Of Fear crossover here.

Well I'm crying now :raritycry:

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