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Bass Canon

Greetings, fellow bronies! My alias for writing is Bass Canon, and she is my own creation. I tend to go from the family friendly slice-of-life stories to very fetishy adult stories.

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any website where I could find the first sequence?:rainbowhuh:

4789126 As I said I can't link it. But if you were to find a tumblr blog of one Stranger Danger artist... well have fun :pinkiecrazy: (there be monsters out there!)

Do a reverse Google Image Search on the cover pic, and it's the second result.

found it thanks for the help guy's:twilightsmile:

4789348 Anytime. Hope you enjoy the story!

4789421 Loved it so here's hoping there is actual sex scenes with pony's getting raped by maniac before turning them into power ponies.:twilightsmile:

Oh, so much to analyze this is a cornucopia of things I can't even begin to explore.
This is interesting, I wounder what's going to happen next.
thanks for writing this.

Good luck in the future with this flick.

Friggen Dhey. Dude is EVERYWHERE.

Hmmmmm, Okay, I'll bite....

Well okay then, this seems like a fun read. I shall venture forth in my need to read another chapter of this since the kinks it portrays seem to be... well.. fun.

4793172 Hm... seen a shiny red pony around? I'm sure we can find out where she stalks together.

4793653 A red shiny one? Elaborate.:trixieshiftright:

I have an idea for mistress marevelous, why not try :eeyup:?

Will the other characters get the comic sequences?

Also!... when is your next review chapter?! :raritycry:

4798023 Since I am not responsible for the creation of the photos, who knows? If the Power Ponies will appear in the story, that is a very strong possibility.

I am the person who commissioned the pictures :p
ATM I'm not sure,as usually it's Dhey that gets transformed and not others, beings as I am paying for them. There are other series of images like this that I have gotten though.

Soon enough I might do marevalous, for now I am awaiting if I can get another series, as they take about a month or 2 to fully complete.

There is a whole seqeunce for the first act, but since it is NSFW, I can't link it. You can find it, if you want to...)

I demand links!

(Via Pm, of course.)

Comment posted by Kidmerc deleted Aug 5th, 2014

There is a whole seqeunce for the first act, but since it is NSFW, I can't link it. You can find it, if you want to..

can i get the link in Pm's :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Rubiks_Err0R deleted Aug 12th, 2014

What does MC, TF, and TG stand for?

5076087 Mind Control, TransFormation and TransGender.

...I like this story, but I really hope there is some back-lash from the heroes going forward.

You know, since they're supposed to be HEROES.

5176302 Do not worry about that. They are not heroes yet, but merely Maneiac's idea of said heroes. :raritywink:


Do not worry about that. They are not heroes yet, but merely Maneiac's idea of said heroes. :raritywink:


Now THAT sounds as if it will be interesting.

5176659 I try to keep my readers guessing.


Does the Power Ponies gonna looks like this?:
And are we going to see more of stallion to mare transformations in the future? And maybe some little Hypnosis like have some the stallions strip into the Power Ponies's tight suits but they're still male(like a stallion wearing a small tight costume made for a mare.) Or maybe some mare to a stallion transformation like a mare transform into Pharaoh Phetlock from the MLP comics.

I can see great potential in this story, please do not disappoint.

5493632 I am going for that look, yes.

wow you updated this. i wasnt expecting that

6748520 Neither did I, yet here we are.

6749838 We'll see, once inspiration strikes.

6749842 Inspiration. You know, the act of getting an idea.

Holy fuck, update! Good to see you're still kicking.

6749872 Glad you enjoy me coming back. :pinkiehappy:

Does this mean maybe we'll get Mistress Butterfly as well or just this for now? :pinkiehappy:

6750117 Don't know, honestly. I have half a chapter done on MB, have to get to that. I will try today, who knows.

That's great. One thing I usually regret is that most of the Power Ponies fanarts are just the mane 6 wearing their costumes.

Curious, you used Zapp's actual colors in the previous chapter, yet here you use Rarity's colors instead of Radiance's (yellow fur and green eyes). Any particular reason for that? (I guess the obvious one must pertain to Spike's crush on Rarity)

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