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This story is a sequel to You Are My Sunshine...

Noteworthy struggles with his self-esteem, still hoping for his own happiness.

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the fuck just happened.

This is so sad. I can't stop reading it, it's like watching a tragedy happen before my eyes. I hate it, I want it stop, I want it to get better, but I can't look away.

I still wish there was a sequel where he gets his mare.

5186484 There's two more verses from the song. One more, okay? :fluttercry: Then it'll be over.


It better be, I was in such a good mood tonight. Now I'm all sad and depressed. You're too good at writing this sort of thing

5186537 Seems that way, doesn't it? Sometimes, you gotta experience sadness before you can write it.

The mare knew that she was constantly on his mind whenever he came to work, or whenever she even saw him out and about.

This now sounds like obsession.
5186522 how long until we can expect the next chapter?

5187828 The next story? I'm planning sometime around Christmas.

5188312 Not gonna lie, I'm reading because I like the song. I did not care about Noteworthy or Octavia, but that has changed now. Good work.
Where does this leave Noteworthy? Accepting that Octavia will not love him? Does he try to find someone else to love? Someone to return his affections? How are Sparrow and Roseluck so certain she will love him someday?

5190246 It leaves Noteworthy where it leaves him. Sparrow and Roseluck? They just do. I hate to be that author who's all vague about stuff, but that's just how it is. I honestly don't know. Did you like the story though? :ajsmug:

5190359 It's hard to read(I was distracted last night and pressed for time this morning), and rather depressing, but I do enjoy it.

5190750 That's good to hear. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed writing it nevertheless, despite bumming the hell out of myself while doing so. :raritydespair:

5190767 Can I ask who your editor is? Do you edit yourself? I am looking for someone and the search is going rather slow.

5190870 I edited this myself. In fact, I edit all of my fics. I don't have time to look for one, and I believe I usually do a good job on my own... which tends to lead to some errors once in awhile.

Greatest joy, GREATEST JOY!!! All this frickin' mare does is make him feel sorrow and pain and yet hes still persists

5198761 Love can really drive someone to do anything.

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