• Published 1st Aug 2014
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Little Bits - Loganberry

A collection of writings too short to be published in their own right.

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Out of Darkness Cometh Light (poetry; Adventure; Mane Six)

Once there was no sunlight,
Darkness covered all,
For the curse of midnight
Held the world in thrall.

Blackness in the woodland,
Shadows in the town,
Once there had been farmland:
Now no crops were found.

Ponies heard the death-knell;
Felt despair and gloom:
But to six brave mares fell
Victory or doom.

All as one, they ventured
Into Everfree,
Far from home and orchard,
Still they would not flee.

As they journeyed onward,
Through the fear and dark,
Each of them looked inward,
Kindling a spark.

These were bound together
By their common foe,
Lighting up each other;
Burning never low.

Closeness like no other,
Every danger met,
Each was faced together:
Brought them closer yet.

Serpents were befriended,
Manticores made tame.
Soon it would be ended:
To the ruins they came.

Inside lurked the Nightmare
They had come to fight,
Spark ignited five's flare:
Friendship's purest light.

Heart-lit Elements burned:
Soon the day was won.
From Sun Princess they learned:
Luna's exile done.

Author's Note:

This poem placed second in the the Weekly Contests group's contest #16, which had the prompt "Spark". I chose to do the extra-credit thing and write a poem about the S1 premiere.

"Out of Darkness Cometh Light" is the civic motto of Wolverhampton, the city of my birth.