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The princesses of Equestria are imprisoned and their land sealed. A librarian discovers a book that transports him to their world and it is up to him to discover why they were imprisoned, who imprisoned them and ultimately, free them.

This is an alternate universe of Mister Citadel's “The Mare Who Wants a Human Child”. This is another what-if scenario. Thanks to Flint Sparks for suggesting changes.

Due to Mystquestria being unpublished, this story will be on hiatus until further notice.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 28 )

Well now, this is going to be interesting. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Story Approver

We don't even need to bring kerosine. I'm just wondering how long it'll take.

4776571 The presentation (description, title, cover art) lacks any impact that makes me want to read it. So "eh." :unsuresweetie:

Yeah, writing descriptions isn't something I'm good at.

Thanks for the input, I'm working on changing it.

Comment posted by DoIphy BIue Drake deleted Aug 1st, 2014


Didn't you write the fic that he's basing it on? Pseudonymously?

I quite like this, but I have one question: wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Citadel created their world, rather than brought himself to it? It isn't as if Equestria existed before he created the book.

Is that what I wrote? Shoot, I'll have to change that.

So how old is Jaxxon now, I'd though that this had all happened a long time ago. Some description of him would have been nice.

Hell if I know. He wasn't given an age, or much of a background in the official story. I'll be making a SWAG later.

I thought Mormons had their own bible?

Also, it's a pity Jaxxon didn't leave him a gun to go along with the clip.


I thought Mormons had their own bible?

The Book of Mormon. :facehoof: Thanks for the catch.

Also, it's a pity Jaxxon didn't leave him a gun to go along with the clip.

The clip was empty and unless he has more on him, the gun can only be used as a club.

I'll give this a read later. I'll let you know how it is though I'm sure it will be good.:twilightsheepish:

Don't expect this to be updated any time soon. Check out some of my other works. My Diamond Tiara stories were my more popular ones.

5718466 Hate DT (Diamond Tiara) but...:ajbemused: Alright I'll give it a read. Also I read stories for fun so I'm not expecting anything like super. No offence. Did I really just say that? :facehoof:

None taken. I write for fun, so don't expect anything super.

5718485 It's nice story. Hope to see more. You get to keep the like.:scootangel: Also question:
Can you delete comments on your own blog? Just wondering is all because someone has said you can but I looked and It seems that I can't with the exception of my own.
Because someone said I did delete someone comments but I can't from what I know.:twilightoops:

Of course you can. At the top right-hand side of the comment, there are two buttons, one is the double arrow reply button, and the one right next to it is a trashcan, that one deletes comments.

5718485 Same here. Also You gain a follow.:twilightblush:

5722643 Well I didn't see the trash. On my bio/profile I can delete commets but on blogs I didn't see anything. I can only see reply to comments but I won't need to delete anything on blog.

Deleting comments works the same way regardless if it's on a story or on a blog post.

5722668 weird... I guess my account is messed up or something. Oh well I just now I don't want people to abuse the deleting and it will screw me over...

The only one who can delete comments on your stuff is you.

5722679 No I'm sure you can delete your own commets

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