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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


WARNING TO ANY NEW READERS: Sorry, I'm the least happy with this story even though it is my first. Think of it as my practice. I need some time before I can fix this story and make it worthy for reading. Thank you for your patience. Estimated time of fixing: 3 months ~1 year. Apologies for any inconvenience.

A new system is taking the modern human society by storm. Synch is a device that interfaces with your brainwaves to centralise your entire tech.

Smart phone? Internet? Computer? Heads Up Display?

All there in your personal world-view.

When Synchrony, a program compiled by a mysterious creator on the extranet, allowed people with Synch gear to live in a world built from their subconscious (or so it was postulated), it caused ripples like a pebble thrown into a pond.

Many used Synch as an escape from the real world, a break from reality.

Unfortunately for one human though he is about to have a never-ending vacation.

Set after Season 3 Episode 2

This story is also recently tagged dark due to the nature of the story progression (there is exploration into death and such).

This is also one of my first attempts at making a proper story and I'd definitely would welcome any feedback and improvements will definitely show up in future chapter releases. Please, please, please if you're thinking about down voting this story, give a reason in the comments so I can make adjustments if it is something I can fix.

It's also a bit of a slow start. Forgive me for that.

Also I have planned this story to be ~150k words that may change but that should give an idea of how fast this story will move.

Also as a side note to new viewers, there will be active editing of the story as I write it. Tags in stories with (rev1) (rev2) are meant to match up to the intended changes to the chapters, there may be discontinuities and I will strive to address them.

Also decided to put an Alternate Universe tag as this story may diverge from the main series. Also, if it was otherwise unclear this is a science fiction/fantasy match up.

My first 100 likes and faves, aww you guys are too sweet!

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On a serious note you have me interested. I've never seen a story like this therefore I will keep it in my read later list and see if it is worthy of me favouriting the story as it progresses

So more like inception then? XD

4770009 Thanks, I appreciate your comments! More content coming through and the chapters are getting beefier to get your Synch fix! Thanks for giving it a good read.

I liked the story! Keep it up!
You were inspired by Google Glass?

4775837 Both yes and no, the heads up display technology and augmented reality concepts were similar to Google Glasses but were definitely concepts that were around before. I was actually more influenced by a recent study on lucid dreaming triggered by a 50 Hz electrical current. Before that, the technology I'm basing Synch on was called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMI for short.

I think a balance of world building and action is needed for this story
P.S try and get your story added in some groups to gain more views

4778903 Thanks again for your comments, I love feedback. I'm not too sure what the process is for getting my story accepted into groups because I'm fairly new to whole fimfiction scene. I'm always happy just to let my story passively grow an audience and since this is my first I'll keep it on the down low until I feel confident with my writing to submit it in a more public forum.

Also I'll try and keep the world building and action in balance, after all that's what makes an adventure!

*Clapping* I just read through all the chapters of this story after I ran into it. Now I'm wondering how it's not been in the featured box yet.

So yeah, this is a great story. Will add it to my favorites so I may continue to get updates. Continue to be amazing!

4791395 Thank you for your comment! I will try my hardest to keep up with your expectations.

More chapters incoming!

I love how this story just draws you in from the first chapter... Being a person who is interested in technology, reading about the Synch and the Extranet was really exciting. From the way you described it, I can actually see the world, or shall I say the Internet, becoming like this! I'm really interested in the main character's back story as well as comedy that is Celestia and Luna. I can't wait to see what happens when the MC and Twilight/Pinkie finally meet (I will assume that it will be hilarious!). The only things that have me confused are the connection between the MC and what could be the end of all magic in Equestria, as well as the mysterious Knot that I believe may have something to do with somepony on Equestria's end. Anyway, this story has me at the edge of my seat, and I can't wait for more exciting chapters! Keep up the good work!

4792386 First of all, thank you for your comment! I thoroughly enjoy creating dialogue for the two royal pony sisters it makes for refreshing comedy in between otherwise slow plot movement. Whilst I like to keep the suspense, sometimes it may come off as confusing plot lines, they will be tied later on I promise! A chapter has already been typed on concerning major events that will clear a lot of confusion. This story is taking time to build up but I like to think of it as a grand plan for a mansion, which requires patience and time to complete. I estimate that the story will probably be at 150k words in length from beginning to end, although nothing is for sure as I am writing it. Once again, thanks for reading!

Things are going to be good with Twilight and Pinkie when they meet our human. Both of them are beyond comprehension.

The plot thickens as more information about Synchrony is released. I must admit, I want to hear more about Angel as well. Only getting bits and pieces about a person does that to you I guess. Also, I shake my head at the MCs funny actions during the last chapter. I was shocked after seeing him slap Twi's flank (BIG NO NO!!). Figment of your imagination (so he thinks) or not, you know you're in trouble if you do something like that to a female! That scene still didn't stop me from laughing as I thought only one thing: Dead Man Walking. I can't wait to see where this story goes from here (the lols I had gives me a good feeling though!).

Sad tag isn't really needed.

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I haven't had the time to keep up with comments, I thought you might enjoy rapid fire chapter releases instead! Thanks for reading and your honest comments, more chapters coming soon if I don't explode from IRL work.

Comment posted by ViktornovaMk2 deleted Aug 5th, 2014

Ponyville? bah! to much time is spent in that town for most human hero's no take it father see the lands shenanigans plus misfiring magic's!!


I believe the correct word here is sapient, not sentient. Humans are sapient, other animals such as chickens are merely sentient (as far as we know).

4808626 Good pick up, it has been corrected! Thanks for reading and commenting.

ah my god his boss is boss :fluttercry: he so brave so brave!

*reads short description*
Okay you just took a hammer to the geek side of my brain, I'm interested

4813554 Indeed. Magnets.

4814005 Tech is love. Tech is life.

Thanks for all your comments, they inspire me to write more and hopefully better!

Synch is getting more and more fleshed out and it has diverged slightly from the original premise (though it was just the devil in the details). I'll be sure to update the description to something still as catchy but a lot more reflective of the content as time goes by. If I'm to keep up with my breakneck updating pace I'd appreciate an experienced proofreader or editor (I'm horrible in those categories), just so I don't drown in the sorrows of my workload. If anyone is interested and would like to apply, shoot me a message and we'll work out a system.

In other news, the newest chapter has been a pleasure to write, ah the intensive dialoguing and action. Not much on the emotional side but at least there will be fun!

As always, thanks for reading!


This is an idea. Let's take a closer look...

Mate if you were a horrible writer I wouldn't read this as well as the other people who liked and faved this story

You are not a horrible writer.


Aww thanks!

I've still got room to improve like every writer and I think it's just being able to write fast and with a decent amount of quality. I don't like to keep favouriters waiting but obviously it needs to be good work. Also there has to be some reason for the dislikes, so I'm trying to get better before I release a story on Angel (or continue with Tiger Stripes). I'm tossing it up between continuing the Synch world or maybe go into different genres. What do you think?

4820774 continue expanding the sync universe

4820803 And so shall it be, here is a new update!

I love the 'Next chapter' section of your last few author notes.

He just can't seem to catch a break, huh? I'm surprised he figured out about his magic nullifying so soon.

4821118 Sometimes I write a new chapter so I can write a 'next chapter' part. Ah, the things that motivate us.

Noooo don't take a vacation we need constant updatesss!
Just kidding. You update so often that you could get away with a break.

I wonder what they shall do with our poor mane character...

Following at a more sedately pace a blonde maned, orange-coated mare and a pink maned, butter-cream coloured mare joined the mix.
They hugged in a combined group of six.
And once they had gotten their fix.
The orange-mare asked Twilight what she had been up to, what kind of tricks.
To which, Twilight recounted, while playing with sticks.
Pinkie Pie filled in the gaps, while giving a cupcake the licks.
(I still hadn't gotten used to that pink mare’s tics.)
(I had to stop rhyming after that.)
(Cat, door, bat on a mat. Oh, seems like it’s back. Cut me some slack.)

You might have a successful career as a rapper.

Hmm, what could his name be?
Is it Uncle Frank or Cousin Louie? Is it Bob or Joe or Walter? Could it be Bill or Jim or Ed or Bernie or Steve?

My only significant criticism of the fic so far is that he was very quick to come to the conclusion of magic nullification. As a man who knows of science, I could accept that being an early hypothesis, but it takes a lot more than the one apparent data point he has to develop a solid theory.

4828111 It is a hypothesis. He hasn't confirmed it yet. I think I might rewrite that more clearly but bear in mind he had limited time to test this hypothesis (he was in hostile territory) and limited experimental implementation (again hostile territory) I would posit that in that situation I'd come to conclusion of magical immunity or nullification in the sense that at least magic doesn't appear to work quite so well with the main character as an extrapolation.

Also under stress people tend to jump to conclusions no matter how logical you may be.

Looking at it from the reader's perspective, which is quite often hard to do as author, you forget sometimes that the readers do not have the background knowledge an author intimately does and I admit that the conclusion was reached quite fast. He doesn't posit a big all encompassing theory, so I'll write in something to make that more clear.

Thanks for your comment!

4828111 Oh I forgot to add, his ethnicity is Asian so it is most likely not those names. Sorry, if you were sarcastic it's hard to sense across the internet so forgive me for that. Also a hint was given in the chapter: "Silent as a Knave" (Chapter 24) about his name. If you can pick it out, try having a guess. It'll be a unique name as far as I know.

4828111 One more sorry for chain spamming you with comments. Fixed the chapter! Have a read and tell me if you think that's better. Sorry I've been working all day so there's been precious little time to edit my story and also release new chapters.

That is my backup, kind sir.
My rhymes though they are sick,
Have a strange burr,
They are flawed, take your pick.

They also don't follow a syllable pattern.
They may as well be written in Latin.

It's also got horrible structure with no reason or care,
What it needs is a touch of a mare.
Or a stallion, I'm not choosy,
I meant an editor, not partner,
Or that would end up as a doozy.

This poem makes as much sense as a lark,
Rhyming is no walk in the park.
You could try to appeal to me as writer.
Inspire me, make my day brighter.

Then we could get down to business and reason.
Sit together make a poem, try it for a season.
It'll get better, I promise you all.
Like logical log rainbows,
A minx cat balloon ball.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

4826092 Ah bup bup! That would be telling although to soothe you, there will be an update very very soon. As soon as humanely possible. (I'm thinking sacrificing to the Elder Gods might become a real option if I'm to keep this up). Anyway thanks for reading!

4828373 4828397
That works

It's okay, I was quoting Weird Al ("Everything You Know is Wrong"). I didn't expect any of my guesses to be right.

4828497 Oops I am so sorry I didn't catch that! Haha wow it's been a long time since I've listened to Weird Al.

You should give some of his latest stuff a try; 'Mandatory Fun' is his most popular album yet, which must count for something.

4828537 Thanks for the recommendation, I will certainly look into it!

And... rapid fire update, see you in the morning everyone! Yes it is quite late at night here.

I hope that you aren't telling them his name. By all the injustice they have done towards him.

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