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This needs a sequel

Sequel please

Oh god, needs a sequel, I need more cute gay Vinyl Tavi. I'm more interested in the story and romance than the clop, its a nice addition tho. seriously, it was a good read.
I'm surprised its your first story, I figured you would have had a lot more experience writing stories. It's quite well written and put together and I eagerly await to see what else you write.

This is in absolute need of a sequel. It was an excellent story and the clop tier wasn't bad either. I'm eagerly awaiting your next story.

This was a very well done story. Some aspects were a little too "sex-ed PSA" for my taste, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I support safe sex in real life, but if STDs aren't relevant to the narrative, then maybe leave the warnings out of the story.

If I can praise the dialogue for a moment, the characters sounded authentically gay. I could picture Vinyl Scratch's effeminate lisp as he spoke. Too often there's not much to distinguish the homosexual dialogue from the heterosexual dialogue. It was just the right level of camp without being an offensive stereotype.

I am quite tired of the whole "parents will disown their gay child" plot points. I realize that it happens in real life. Heck, I've even written stories dealing with gay prejudice. It would just be nice to see more stories where being gay wasn't a big deal.

Maybe switch it up where Octavian's parents are two gay unicorns who adopted him. They fully support their son's gay lifestyle, but they object to the boorish DJ their son chooses to date. I'm just throwing ideas out there. (Of course, I'd hate for anyone to use that plot line as evidence as to why gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt or else their children will turn out gay, too.)

I guess you could introduce Fiddle Faddle as Octavian's straight biological half brother to add an interesting wrinkle. Let me know what you think.

Very nice story. I'd definitely like to see a sequel.

Awesome story. Would love to see more.

Please write a sequel, you're too much of a talented writer to leave this be.

Sequel...Moar sequels please! :pinkiecrazy:

gif unto us sequel

doorbell, "Its Gotta Be Money Or A Violin"... Violin Case, "Yes I Was Right, Ok Read The Note"... Sad, "*Cries* CLOP STORY... Y U SO SAD" 9.5/10

Send Me A Message When The Sequel Is out. I'm Faving This Just In Case :ajsmug:

I've never seen a reason to comment on a fic more than here now. Pretty please may i have a sequel?

This...is...so good! Can I please do an audio reading of this?


Um I guess? Any more writing is pretty much a no go because I just don't have the time.

8110103 Just write when you can. It's not like you have to constantly post a new strory

I am looking forward for the sequel my friend.:raritywink:

So here I open fimfiction and on the right I see such a description: "Running from a mare, Octavian ends up in a gay club which may just change his life." Written by Anon_colt_cuddler. This is almost uncanny.


I never comment, but I need a sequel

I loved this I do hope you write a sequel one day

Nice read, keep it up.

More chapters, plllleleeassseee!!!

I wouldn't get my hopes up he hasn't written a story in years.

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