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Wow, suggestive puns everywhere. In the description. And title. And short description.

4770157 I believe suggestive jokes are called innuendos

Coach Harden Fast

For crying out loud. :rainbowlaugh: This story. This story.

Your title is absolutely, completely right. Ol' sunbutt should just run a few miles and lay off the bread for a month or two. The 'trainer' 's getting more of a workout than she is and even that really isn't that much.

I . . .

I'm not even sure people need to read the story. The description tells us all we need to know. :rainbowlaugh:

That description...

I'm horny as fuck and laughing like a dying hyena right now. Well done, my love. Well done. :rainbowlaugh:

Coach Harden Fast


a story inspired by a pic I alas was forbidden from using for cover art.

Links! My kingdom for a link!

4770430 how the fuck were you forbidden form using that?....

*clop clop clop* :rainbowwild:
Another to add to my clopfic collection! :pinkiehappy:


I tried to submit it with that, but it was deemed too saucy. :ajbemused: Finding good permissable clopfic cover art is difficult nowadays.

Before I clicked this page, I saw coach harden fast, so I just laughed.

Everything I want in a story is here. Excellent.

Good to see some great clop from you.

4770703 and the current cover art isn't? what a fucking sham......


Just wait until you see the second art I proposed.


4770814 holy fuck that's gorgeous , don't tell me they denied that too??....


Eeyup, they denied it. Damned prudes. :trixieshiftleft:

4770827 danmit , why do they still have to be under pressure to enforce this ridiculous no nswf posting bs?.....

Coach Harden Fast

In the words of Princess Luna, "Are you fucking me?"

4770184 Well, his parents were assholes. Geez, give a porn star name to your kid...

You had to use a different cover art for a story that was inspired by the original.
LOL. :rainbowlaugh:
Amazing story either way. :pinkiesmile:

Coach Harden Fast


You have piqued my interest. I shall put this in my 'Read it Later' queue for eventual reading and judgment.

4770430 4770814
I can kinda see both sides of the debate. I think the approvers are erring on the side of caution. Although, that second one is clearly a no-effort recolor of a NSFW version.

Because the ads provider will take away the moneys if NSFW images are posted. Without moneys, there is no fimfic. There are other ad providers that don't care about NSFW, but they're rather shady and serve up annoying noisy ads, and they also tend to not screen the ads they serve for viruses and other malware.

4771594 ah so that's what that problem was about.....

also , "clearly a no-effort recolor of a NSFW version"? happen to have proof of nswf source then?.....

I don't necessarily have a NSFW link, but just look at the image and think, "If she was naked, would it change the outline or shading in any perceivable way?" At least the first one gives the impression that the clothes actually exist and have an effect on the overall presentation.

Tast #29 · Jul 30th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Aw, Sunny Bottom doesn't need to lose weight! Extra mass is best mass. Within reason, of course. After all, the bed frame has to hold up, eh?

"The figure snuck from between the guards, whose rigid vigilance was not aroused into suspicious; " This is a bad start.

“My name is Harden Fast-

(Approximately how much I was laughing)

Coach Harden Fast... I don't know whether I want to facepalm or laugh at this joke.

Edit: Facepalm, definitely a facepalm :facehoof:

Coach Harden Fast............. :facehoof: Goddamnit.......... LOLZ

Very good story, very funny, very cloppy......... I LIKE IT! XD

You getz meh like and favorite.

I plan on checking this out this evening. :twilightsmile:

The irony of the NSFW policy is that this that you can't have pages that link to NSFW content from pages with ads, yet these stories are NSFW and are linked from the landing page.

It is a bit ironic.
(I'm not trying to spark a debate in a stores comments, that's unfair for the author. I'm just point this out.)

Ok looking at this, I haven't even read this but in my mind I am like "Eyup"

Dude, congrats on getting featured! Still laughing my ass off at this story. (Also, I would've been a proofreader for you, had you just asked.)

Okay, this was both hot and hilarious!

Think I found 3?

Not sure, I was cloping...

4771880 ok , i tried to find the image on derpibooru , was unsuccessful , all the clothing looks non existent to me , but i wanted to find out cause i know of a bit of a problem that anthro pony clop had (and may still have) where some duche was taking all the images and editing colorful 'pantyhose' over them and uploading them all as separate images , it was quite the 'cancer' as you would and i wanted to see if this was another case....

say maybe op knows something about this he can inform us with.....


maybe op knows something about this he can inform us with.


4775502 4775648
Either way, it doesn't really matter. The mods have spoken, so there's no real point bickering about it.

As for the colored-in clothes, I just based my assumption on the number of times I've seen two different versions of the same image, and except for the coloring, the safe version and the explicit version are indistinguishable (right down to the outline and shading of nipples and camel toe).

4776726 camel toe? ok now i have no idea which image you're claiming looks like what now.....

Neither, just a general pattern.


So thanks for that.

Agreed! This story was good. Like, seriously. Really excellent!


Sweaty, hard-working muscle-sex makes everything awesome. I've never seen it but I would imagine that you'd be all for super-hard-bodied muscle-mare having sex. Or some other female type.

Celery Taco's.

Celestia brought me here, but Coach Harden Fast nearly stole the show from his name alone. :rainbowlaugh:

This met my expectations more than I expected.

“Tia, what did you tell me you

Her name is Celestia. You're not a child anymore, Luna

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