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~Submission for the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest~

Spring Heart was never good at making friends. He never cared, though; he always felt more comfortable amongst the animals and trees.
However, his love for the natural world is put to the test when he is forced to live the rest of his life as a tree.

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We're talking about the same Applejack here who names every tree in Sweet Apple Acres and cares for them like children, right? Considering how she treats Bloomberg, I'd say Applejack was a bit out of character.

That being said, I do love the concept. It's original and engaging, and I appreciate the all-too-rare glimpse into Fluttershy's past. You've got a solid writing style and I'd have to dig pretty hard to find any grammar errors worth noting. I did notice that at the start, you mention a thousand years have past, but about midway through it changes to

But now, five hundred years later, I found a mare who felt the same way about nature that I did.

. That might be worth taking a look at. My only change content-wise would be to use someone a little more brash and reckless for the antagonistic spot. Rainbow Dash might fit nicely. I could see her getting up in arms in competing for Fluttershy's time with an inanimate object.

I enjoyed reading and I hope you do well in the contest.


4812516 I do have to agree with him about Applejack. Good read though nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

4812457 No need to thank me! Thank YOU for something awesome to read! I am going read some of your other stories! Good luck dude!:derpyderp1::derpyderp1::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

4812516 Yeah, I understand that Applejack is much more caring for the trees in the show than she is in my story, but I couldn't think of anypony else that would fit well into the setting. And thank you for pointing out the five-hundred-years thing; I thought I had taken care of all those! :twilightblush:

Anyways, thank you for your review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :yay:

I love this fic and have one note


4847436 Patience is a virtue, my friend :trollestia:

4847467 ok

But is there going to be one in the future right

4847554 I... I don't know...
I mean, I'd like to, but I've got some other stuff I'm working on right now.


Ponyville is not thousand years old. In show, in "Winter wrap-up" episode, Twi said that it's several hundred years old. So Sweet Apple Acres can't be more than several hundred years old. Also, Granny Smith found Zap Apple Trees in Everfree and planted them in Sweet Apple Acres later than Sweet Apple Acres was created. So I think that something in plot is missing.
(also that means that Granny Smith is older than Ponyville itself, because she was one of it's founders)
And I think that AJ is a little OOC here, 'cause I can't imagine her doing something so cruel. It's like ripping apart child's favorite teddy bear, because "you must grow up, it's unhealthy to have favorite teddy bear in your age".

But overall this story is beautiful and heartwarming, and I like it so much! Definitely upvote, in spite of it's imperfections.

Also, in MLP timeline villain defeats were Discord->Sombra->Nightmare Moon banishment->Nightmare Moon purification. Between banishment and purification - one thousand years, but before it was Sombra's defeat and Crystal Empire disappearing, and before that - stone imprisonment of Discord. So poor Spring Heart stood as a tree much more than one thousand years, and missed so much! He don't even know that Luna fell and than was redeemed! And new traditions, inventions and such things!.. Poor guy, he will have hard time adapting to changed world.

4848451 Wow. I guess I should have looked a little deeper into the history of Equestria before I started this... :twilightblush:
All the same, I'm glade you liked it!

Slap "Alternative Universe" tag on it, and you'll be good.

4847436 I didn't know this site had text that big...

I really liked this one :pinkiehappy: I especially liked that you ended it with Spring Heart "officially" introducing himself to Fluttershy :heart:
No matter what, there are going to be die-hards that aren't comfortable with a certain character or another acting in a way they feel isn't normal for him or her to act. But the truth is that even in real life there are moments when emotions take over a person and they act a little out of sorts (referring to AJ wanting to cut down the tree because she's concerned for her friend's state of mind). Often times people seem to think they know what's best for a loved one when they really don't, or they don't understand. How often has a parent told their teenager they couldn't hang out with a friend because they thought their child was acting differently, didn't like it, was worried, and instead of trying to talk and find out what was going on (because what teenager doesn't go through "stuff" and just needs someone to ask and show they care? Especially from their parents.), they blame the behavior or change on a friend? Taking the often only good and/or comfort from that person. It's a good thing Discord stepped in when he did to remind AJ of their friendship...and, that she didn't know all the details. :pinkiesmile:

Before I read through the comments' section and after I read through the story, I simply wanted to say(type) how good the story was.
Until I noticed this...
This story has a comment from someone who nicknames himself Hack. :rainbowderp:
Hahahahahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:
The best jokes are the unintentional ones.

That was soooo awesome! Great ending!:yay:

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