• Published 28th Jul 2014
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Dusk Shine's Saga - Psi-nova

In another world Twilight Sparkle is a man known as Dusk Shine. The following are his Adventures though the Saga in both good times and bad. Anthro/Humanized warning!

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Thanks for your kind words. I do dream of returning someday but atm my brain just can't handle it anymore.

Thanks for the last update

In the name of all the creations of the metaverse
Thanks for create
hopefully they will continue their lives if at least in your heart

I find it funny that he keeps updating even know it says it’s been canceled

You're back!. your update really surprised me Psi-Nova
good change of scene. it makes all the effect in real time, without slowing down that ruin the reading. have you raised Fluttershy's rage towards the cockatrice and that if I have understood correctly used what would be the 'look true? and the terror of the cockatrice was palpable and superfluously emphasized.
Also the part of Dusk is petrified, but his mind feels Luna or what could be moon and you can free.
Good part of Dash of the fight with the diamonds dog.
you have also explained very well, Luna who talked about the pony bats and their history, so then explained their future appearance in the series.
when Dusk and Fluttershy came back to the cottage and wrote them all in bold, maybe there was an oversight just to let you know.
excellent clop and the chapter in general.
although this story is in danger of extinction. and it will always be a pleasure to re-read this story.

Comment posted by Commander Darklight deleted Sep 11th, 2018

this will be a re-telling of MLP FiM with the Main Six lead by Dusk Shine

Yes, but will this story be finished? I feel like every story I see with this general premise ends failing/being cancelled. Then again, this one is already cancelled so... you'll complete it? Please? PLEASE?


Damnit. Its always the best ones that gets sacked. Worse still this is one of the VERY few and VERY rare good Dusk Shine stories.

Hope you come back to this one day. Its been a fun ride.

Not gonna lie. It’s saddening to see that the story was cancelled, but at the very least I’m happy we finally saw Dusk and afluttershy hook up. It was beautiful to see how much Fluttershy loved Dusk and the fillies to the point of getting the willpower a cockatrice. The clop scene between Fluttershy and Dusk Shine was very intimate and sensual from the way those two traded kisses and gropes to how Fluttershy was becoming ‘hungrier’ and bolder. The ending of the scene with Shy claiming Dusk after being accepted into his herd was adorable as was the morning after scene where Dusk and Shy were teased by Harry.
I’m happy to have read all of the chapters of this story. It was definitely one of, if not the best Dusk Shine stories I’ve ever read with intriguing world building that made the recreation of Season 1 feel more mature and very sensual scenes (Luna and Red Heart. God, I hoped there was more scenes between them since the pairing was unique :pinkiehappy: ) and pairings. Thanks for the wonderful story and hope we see the Sunset chapter.

Glad to see this finally go out. It really is a shame to know that all the story lines you'd been setting up will never amount to anything, especially given how well they'd all been presented. The world you created, simply put, just felt good to visit. It gave me a certain kind of peace to explore and, like everyone else, I'm sad I won't be able to see anything new.
Still, at least there's one last tid bit to look forward to. It'll be nice to get a glimpse of what could have been. Hopefully that'll give us a bit of closure. Will it be open to the editors?

Why is Dash’s Nightmare announced in the story than nothing actually done with it?

I’m saddened by the cancellation, but I hope that you’ll continue to make stories.

The next few minutes were leagues more hectic than Dusk had ever expected them to be. The moment Dusk was in the door, the Cutie Mark Crusaders swarmed him. Sweetie Belle tearfully hugged him, saying she’d been so scared when the explosion had happened and nopony knew where he was. Scootaloo and Applebloom excitedly bombarded him with questions and exclamations about the nose that had rippled through the forest, what kind of creature Fluttershy had scared off, and how amazing Fluttershy had been when she forced it to do what she wanted. Dinky was like an island of calm in the swirling storm of the quartet, seemingly content to look over Dusk. Never raising her voice, save to ask him one time if he was hurt or needed her to grab Fluttershy’s first-aid kit.

9164761 I'm thinking that the red word is intended to be different than what is there. But the misspelling did amuse me immensely, so props for the entertainment value, however unintended.

A fantastic little accident and a great jest. I have fixed it as well as the mistaken bold issue others pointed out.

I know this story is cancelled but I can at least hope that the author makes a grand return. This story is to good to let die. :twilightsmile:

That's very kind of you. 💙

Thanks Gray, you were always a good friend. It's good to gear from you again. I still want to try writing again. Hope you found some spark of inspiration in my fever dream.

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