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"If everything existed forever, then life wouldn't be so precious... It would be like a neverending winter—cold, weary and so very alone." -From 'Winter's Horizon' by DemonBrightSpirit


As the Bearer of Laughter, Pinkie D. Pie has always been upbeat and friendly. But even the most optimistic pony can reach her limit. When three bullies show up one night in Ponyville, they unwittingly give her the excuse she needs.

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Hmm, this looks interesting. I think ill stick around and see where this goes.
Also just noticed his is your first story. Its looking pretty good so far. Keep it up.

I like Porter; he seems to have a sense of morality, unlike his conceited benefactor. Now I'm curious how this whole thing will lead up to Pinkie's dilemma, Guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

Looking forward to reading more.

4761995 Thank you very much, and I'll do my best!

4762125 Thank you for the compliment, but don't get too settled with Porter just yet!

I'm looking forward to the double cross, its looking looking like its going to be good.
This story is interesting, enjoying it. As long as Pinkies Dilemma is not something ridiculously dark, this should be a really good story.

I really enjoy this story, can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

There going to kidnap Pinkie Pie arn't they or do something far worse. I just know its going to be bad.

4762610 I guess I'll have to see what Porter's really about. In the meantime, I worry what the rest of Spindle's plan entails...

UPDATE!:pinkiehappy: Caught that quickly didn't I?

4767193 LOL. yes...I'm working on this daily.

Another great chapter. :twilightsmile:

Not sure when Pinkie will actually get involved, but I'm liking this! :raritywink: I hate greedy rich-holes

If there's piece of advice I could give to a pony, it would be don't fuck with alicorn princesses

Can't wait to hear what the plan is, and the part Pinkie plays in all this.

OH wow, that double cross. Also pinkie is starting to scare me. Please dont tell me shes going all Murder crazy on us.

4771211 When hasn't Pinkie been scary?

4771846 Shes never scared me. Shes been creepy but shes never scared me. I just hope this story dose take the whole "pinkie is a psycho killer approach as I feel it would ruin what is otherwise a decent story.

4771960 I see what you mean, but some of the things she does.

Still not sure about Pinkie's role in all this.

4773187 Patience, young Padawan...all will be made clear

OK, now this.....this is interesting

You know, as I look at this fic, I think of a few things, which are the following:

1. How come this concept is brand new, and can be widely accepted?
Answer: Grammar, pacing, etc.

2. How are there no dislikes?
Answer; As far as I can tell, this fic is pretty okay. But, I did notice this:

Twilight stared at him, then at his sycophants, and said, “If you have to ask, then I don’t have an answer for you. What you are going to do is apologize to my friends, clean up this mess, pay your bill and be on the first train come morning.”

Spencer just smirked. “I don’t think so, Princess. I don’t apologize to servants, and I know my rights. We haven’t broken any laws. And as for this mess,” here he took out a small pouch of bits and dropped it at Pinkie’s feet, “this should cover it.” Turning to his companions he added, “C’mon. There’s gotta be someplace entertaining around here-HEY! Let go!” Twilight had seized him in her magic and brought him face to face with her.

“I wasn’t asking you to apologize. I was telling you. Now.”

“You can’t do this to ME!” cried Spencer as he struggled in vain to free himself. Porter and Spindle stayed silent, finally realizing who they were dealing with.

“That is an illogical statement, as clearly I can “do this to you.” Last chance,” she added.

This seems very OOC for Twilight, as she would never do something like this to anypony, no matter how much they deserved it. Twilight would scold them for their misbehavior, and would lecture them to Oblivion; Not grab them in magical holds and force them to do stuff.

That's what I thought, until I saw her do that to Rarity when she was cowering behind Twilight's tail during the episode Simple Ways. I know she did it at least one other time to Pinkie to get her to calm down in Filli Vanilli, so I thought it wasn't too much of a stretch for her to do so to an arrogant bully who sorely needed correcting.

Because those were her friends she did that to. Bullies? No, she wouldn't be comfortable around them to do that.

One typo, “Princess Twilight? Why she should believe you?” but largely, good job proofreading.

I suggest showing more through body language, more showing and less telling, and work on Pinkie's 'voice.' She doesn't sound much like herself. I realize this may be intentional in the latter chapters when she's in a frame of mind we haven't seen on the show, but I don't think a different frame of mind should mean a complete change of personality, word-choice, etc. If you do want to go that route, I'd like to see some exposition about it.

By and large it's entertaining. I hadn't read a MLP con-job story before, and it looks like you could take it in an interesting direction.

Thank you for catching that; I'll correct it immediately.

As for Pinkie's voice, I do have trouble with it, as comedy is not my fortè. I mentioned in my blog how I'm going to make sure she's more like herself in subsequent chapters, I just have to work on it. She's one of my favorites!

Also, before I forget: thanks for reading!

5379477 Writing Pinkie is as hard as you make it, really. Don't ever be afraid to make up words or jam them together if it gets her meaning across any better, since she's never afraid to do that on the show. She can be childish, sure, but then you get these glimpses through the giggling that she understands more about the basic nature of equine-kind than a baker has any right to. It's this kind of insight that allows her to be such a perfect party-planner, and a great friend, when others can get past her boundless energy.

I do like that you're trying to show us that her energy *isn't* endless, that all the work done behind the scenes doesn't happen magically. She's an earth pony after all, and if she wants something done she's using nothing but her muscle to do it. I'd like to see that angle expanded on, since it shows us more depth to the character than we get in the show.

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