• Published 29th Jul 2014
  • 670 Views, 13 Comments

Fallout Equestria: Sins of Retribution - Solowing51

What is a stallion to do when everything he knows loves and ever knew is destroyed in a matter of minutes? When all that was ever familiar is replaced with a terrifying unknown world of death and destruction? Adapt fast, survive and seek revenge.

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Is this a Ghost Rider/Fallout/My Little Pony crossover?

6656105 Just a Fallout crossover. I've actually never seen ghost rider so if there are any similarities , it is just a coincidence.

6750079 Ty for the critique! This was my first little story and i'm glad to get some advice on it! I admit i'm not the most literate person and it takes me a while to actually make the chapters but i'll be sure to go triple check them and make the edits!

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