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If a Slenderman falls in the forest, does anyone care?


Slender Man. Destroyer of worlds. Nemesis of gods. Harbinger of destruction. Really tall guy.

The Eldritch are constantly attracted to our worlds, often bringing death and chaos with them. But why do they hate us so much? Is it because we smell bad? Do we taste really good? Are they just bored? Nope. It's because they think we're all mindless pests, and are trying to get rid of the infestation known as life. Go figure.

Slender Man is one such unearthly being. One day, on his way to sow more fear and despair across the multi-verse, he gets lost and ends up in Equestria. He then proceeds to do what he does best. There's lots of screaming. But along the way, Slender finds that ponies might actually be smart. That perhaps, just maybe, the beings-from-beyond have been killing a bunch of sentient life, and not squashing cockroaches.

Will Slender be changed by this realization? Or will he decide to erradicate all life in Equestria? Not even the Ancients know the answer to that.

Contains [Dark] and [Gore], but it does get better later on. You might even find elements of [Comedy]. You have been warned.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 133 )

Really tall guy


Everypony gets an understatement!

Haven't even reached past the first chapter and I am enjoying your style :coolphoto:

Love the style, but...... his name isn't Slender. It's Slenderman.
A lot of people make that mistake, for some reason. Other than that, looking good!

I know his real name is Slenderman, but I like calling him Slender. It's a nice...nickname? Pet diminutive? Affectionate title? Something like that. Anyways, I like calling him that. Glad you like the story. Feel free to insert 'Slenderman' in your mind instead of Slender if that helps.

Poor Dashie :pinkiehappy: being messed around like that

This is THE most legit story I've ever seen make the Slender Man into a misunderstood being converted through friendship. The rest are either straight up eldritch horror stories or crack comedies about friendship, and even a crack romance here or there, but THIS is THE most seamless blending of horror, comedy, and friendshipping to make a friendly Slendy that's still true to its legend I have ever seen!

I've liked, faved, currently commenting, and even followed you, but I wish I could further give love to this story someho-

Wait, advertising blog. Be right back.

EDIT: Did it!

Oh man, I love this story! It went from horror to comedy in such a flawlessly written fashion that I'm still chuckling! This needs more likes.

Everything that other reviewer just said. Doubly so! Again just awesome.

Glad people are liking it so much! Somehow managed to get another chapter written in a day -- thank yourself for the energy boost I got from the comments. Sleeping now. 'Night.

you brought slender man to equestria
twilight you dumb ass

until the darkness reached out and consumed her.

that last line could mean so many things

Another whole-fully amusing, yet spine-chilling chapter. Keep up this amazing work!

This story doesn't get nearly enough credit. It's one of the best stories I've read on this site thus far. I eagerly await the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Twilight once again, congrats on messing it up. Oh and WHY DID YOU SAY WHATS THE WORSE THAT COULD HAPPEN!?! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?

Heh, glad to see we're on the same page. Heh. Unintentional things are unintentional.

Because of this chapter, I will never look at apples the same. Ever. And 42 is not only the answer to math but, to the universe. Great chapter all in all.

Come one, come all and see.... Rainbow dash, the flying dodo bird!

Twilight... Stop it. Just accept the fate that slender man is bringing you.

Ahhhh, the glorious pinkie pie party. I was wondering when this would happen. And it makes spence that pinkie is one of them as well.

What are you doing, you fool!? You've exposed even more innocents to that Devil-work that passes for a song! You maniac! You sick maniac!

Oh, and good chapter.

I think looking at the wall sounds great, yeah, I think I'll do that right now

AWW SHIT SON. SLENDY GONNA GET ALL SWEET ON HIS PONY FRIENDS N SHIT. But seriously this is an awesome story, keep going!

You've got me hooked, you magnificient bastard. Anypony who can reference Dr. Who, The S.C.P. Foundation, and Minecraft in a single chapter and make it work, is somepony who has garnered my undivided attention.
Plus it has Slenderman in Equestria.
Who the hell wouldn't read this?

“Oh come on Spike,” Twilight said, rolling her eyes as she left her library house. “It’s just a simply spell. What’s the worst that could happen?”

You never say that in fanfiction! Ever!

Holy what-the-fucks, Slenderman! Dis shit be mind-blowingly beautiful. That last few sections of prose nearly had me tearing. Keep. It. Up.

So slendy almost killed twi hmmm? Still trying to figure out if that's a good thing he failed or a bad thing.

All I can say about the end of this chapter.

See, this is why you don't jump to conclusions.

Hohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit'sabouttogodown. Man, I strongly dislike conflict, especially permanently damaging conflict. Let's see how this plays out.

The umanoid form of slenderman it's just the avatar of the eldritch being so the real beast is much more powerfull. Internet olso said that some of them are curious and they dont recognize the eminent danger since who even recognize an eldritch abomination attenpt to ex terminate it or kill the avatar . :trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by Twilight Kira deleted Aug 17th, 2014

In what I researched of Slender Man, he has 3 or 4 accomplices. These are:

The Rake
The Observer(possibly)

My heart beat spiked when I read the last sentence

Yes... Stuffs about to get even realer than it just got.

No. Noooooooo. Nononononononooooooooooo. Aaaahhhhaaaaaah, whyyyyyyy? Dammit. Oh, the suspense, it has killed me. You escalate with no relief, you bastard. Dammit.

Nice chapter, though.

I'm hoping that slendy wins :)

Oh, the amount of prejudice-laced friendship destroying. It breaks my heart.

And you would think Tia lerned to trust Twilight once :facehoof:

... Can I accept this? :rainbowderp:

Well at least I know you have another chapter planned because you didn't put the complete on the story yet sooooo, onto the waiting!

...Damn...just...damn man, great story, please do continue. :eeyup:

Well, there goes the neighborhood.
*Grabs a couple of suitcases and puts on a fedora before stepping onto a space shuttle.*
If anyone needs me I'll be on the moon. Later, everypony.
*Space shuttle lifts off.*

Whelp. Equestria's done for.

just as much as humans couldn’t.

Slender, YOU IDIOT!:facehoof:

*Takes off glasses in an extremely dramatic fashion.*

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