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Just a Brony trying his hoof at writing for the first time. Give me your delicious critiques! I need them to improve and stuff!

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Amazing job for the first two chapters :ajsmug:
You've earned your thumbs up along with favorite mark.
Just keep 'em coming, will you?

448291 Thank you very much!

I'll try my best to, though I'm not the fastest writer!

Well, another FO:E er. Welcome.

Join the group known as Fallout Equestria related fics. They'll help you with things relatin to Fo:E. Also, ANOTHER KILL FOR MY TALLY

Don't listen to Gary, he can be crazy sometimes. (see what I did there? *nudge nudge*)


But anyway, welcome! Oh and yeah if you haven't already join the group, we're all pretty cool people. :twilightsmile:

I'm not mad! You're the one that's mad!:pinkiecrazy:


I see! Thanks for the tip gents, I shall join the group right away!

Antoha wellcome to tha family :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! Seems like a very nice family! :derpytongue2:

Hey look it here more FoE I come from a group of writers that help edit among others we are on a live chat that get published on EqD every now and then so come join us everyone there is a editor or writer or both. So come join and open the chat we don't bite.



I actually do pop into the Compilation Gdoc on occaision to see what's going on! I need to hang out there more often.

Thanks for the link though, Scully!

477100 ya you will see me in the doc ulmost every time you go there.
Im scullyshobnob.

Ahh, I thought your name sounded familiar, I have seen you in there before!

My name in there is anthony_barron, really wishing I could have chosen a better one! :facehoof:

482050 lol I see ok and you can change it.

Great story soo far! keep up the Great work, i think i might change my OC ( Capt) from current equine times to F.o.E times, itl make my imagination have to work! :yay:

I'm working on Ch. 3 as I type this. I know I said I was a slow writer but jeez, I'm breaking records here!


Glad to hear you like the story! You could always have two versions of your OC though, one in FoE time and the other in regular time. :derpytongue2:


Glad to hear!

dang the filly died and he got shot good chapter my friend :twilightsmile:

Glad you two liked it! I'll do my best to keep future chapters coming along a taaad faster! :scootangel:

yah a fallout story, i saw it on latest updates. javascript:smilie(':pinkiehappy:'); know im going to have to read all the chapters.. :ajbemused:

On the bright side, you caught it early while there's only three chapters! :derpytongue2:

good, now just one thing bugs meh.... why did it take so long for this chapter to come out? just curious.

Over the last month or so my RL has been really hectic and it's been hard to find time to just sit down and work on the story. Things have started to calm down over the last two weeks or so though, so hopefully the next chapter(s) will come out faster!

894487 ok thanks, i just wanted to make shur no pony lost an hoof or a tail!

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